Ahmaud Arbery’s killer allegedly used a racial slur, investigator testifies

William Bryan told investigators he heard Travis McMichael use a racial epithet after fatally shooting Ahmaud Arbery in Glynn County, a Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent testified Thursday at a preliminary hearing.
The hearing lasted about seven hours, with the judge ruling all three defendants — McMichael; his father, Gregory McMichael; and William "Roddie" Bryan — would stand trial on all charges.
GBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Richard Dial testified that Bryan told police Travis McMichael said "f***ing n***er" after three blasts from his shotgun left Arbery dead in the street in the Satilla Shores neighborhood in February. Body camera footage also showed a Confederate flag sticker on the toolbox of McMichael's truck, he said.
On cross-examination, Dial testified Bryan mentioned the slur in a May 13 GBI interview, and to Dial's knowledge, Bryan had not previously made the allegation, including during a May 11 interview.

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    1. …like you cared for Arbery. Praying hands. What a fake Amen crap you virtue signal.

      My question is…when will you start to think for yourself and not let the black leaders do it for you and when they need your destructive force they just need to snip their fingers and shout racism and off you go….

      Ever spent a single thought on that? I bet not. Too hard.

      I mean, even asians, who came later don’t need to be guided like the blacks.

      Again. When will you want to be free?

      The day you want that, knock on the doors of the Republican Party.

      You know, the party that freed the slaves.

      Not like the Dems, who had to be defeated back in the day because they wanted to keep ’em nice black slaves.

    2. @manoman0 Lol Stfu.
      Dem or Rep, are both two sides of the same turd 💩
      The two evil parties have switched ideologies several times throughout their inception.
      The internet has provided many All you have to do simply research history America was never meant to be a Democracy, its a Capitalist Republic.
      The information is no longer hidden
      No more lies.

  1. these men should never get out and i hope they never get to hug their children or breathe fresh air again.

    1. @Voice Of Reality i don’t think so. What i see on cnn is brave and pretty good objective journalism. It may be that people see what they want…Fox or any source that defends racism is popular in this country. Too bad for a country that has so much potential because of its diversity and constitution. So many bigots want to have some “other” to blame for their own failing. Thanks to 40 + years of reganomics and vilifying progressives. Thanks gingrich, limbaugh, tea party, and the rest that don’t want to evolve with a changing world

    2. @Joe Bidens Leg Hair How would you react to being the prey in the greatest game? You’re an idiot.

    3. @Joe Bidens Leg Hair You act like they didn’t deserve that. They tried to run down a man because he went to check out a construction site.

    4. @04 FOREVER INVINCIBLE If someone pulls a gun at you, you have a right to defend yourself and shoot the guy in self defense!!

    1. Karen Schumer

      If it was a whit guy he likely wouldn’t be stupid enough to try and grab the gun. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    1. chase ..Pls stop posting garbage.All most of y’all do is trying to justify evil deeds by pointing elsewhere. It never change the fact that what your forefathers do,you also are doing till date. You have no moral courage for equal human rights. IT’S CALLED WEAKNESS.

    2. They had no idea of him ever having done anything wrong before they hunted him down. It was a modern day lynching.

    3. @chase is people like you that is causing the USA downfall. God has a special place for you all. A special place in HELL.

    4. @jameslock1Did you watch the video closely ,you dumb idiot.He was TRYINGto get away ,he didnt want to get shot so he tried to tackle the guy. That man always intended to capture this young man,even if it meant shooting him.It wasn’t their place to chase him and trap him(especially when he did nothing to them).They were observant but malicious as they had NO right to come into any contact with him whatsoever .It was stupid of them to act without thinking. Stupid of you to just mouth off whatever in that coconut of yours.Eyes and brain ,yet you can’t see nor think.U ought to b ashamed of yourself!

    5. @chase It doesn’t matter what he was there doing.He wasn’t on their property. Why not try calling the police instead of trying to act like police. Well,now they will get time to think about their actions.

    1. What’s wrong with you people ??? N-word, negro is a race not an insult. There are white.yellow. negro, copper. etc. Ignorance prevails

    2. @Chuck Hitter I’m black and grew up with several white people. They became racist against other whites.

    3. @Chuck Hitter You’re entitle to be a racist, but you don’t need to hurt or kill anyone, your hate’s enough to hate yourself! Don’t need to hate others, who didn’t ‘ve anything to do with your failure in life.

  2. The sad takeaway is that they held the footage for months, the men faced no repercussions, and we’re only here today because of social media.

    Just think of the many other cases, like this, that will never see the light of day.

    1. @Unpopular Politics c’mon don’t act like a dumbass, I white person saying it with er has a completely meaning than black ppl saying it with an a at the end

    2. U.S.A “LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD” Practise what you preach……..When you have sports icons and artists who make America great yet you (U.S.A) discriminate based on their skin color. I wonder what would happen if you did that to Mike tyson or shaqueal o’neal????

    1. They may get off because the police referred a neighbor to call the men if there was any trouble.

    1. *_We Remember Tiananmen Square Massacre_*

    1. @Ali B You gotta have em first. Damn Yankee is a chick that works a Troll farm .. just dont try to reason,,, thats what they do is keep people busy

    2. Damn Yankee your restarted he was just jogging in the neighborhood and got gunned down by racist bigots

    3. Interesting enough you can watch the entire video and hear a gun shot but the gun is pointed to the ground. Then strangely enough with the victim having a shotgun wound from close distance keeps fighting. You figure it out.

  3. He had to run, after he couldn’t run anymore he had to fight, after he couldn’t fight anymore, he was killed…So exhausted smh

  4. I’m amazed that there is still no hate crime law in Georgia. That definitely needs to change!

    1. You’re surprised there is no hate crime law in Georgia…Georgia…🤣 I’m not surprised there isnt one.

    2. thowe624 THANK YOU! Now I wish these people would take a second to listen to a black man who has lived through apartheid. Trevor Noah’s viewpoint teaches us a lot about the psychological effects of growing up a crime.

    1. @FE Gaming no because if you felt what he said you would not have been sarcastic.Just your comment alone said a lot.I live in Georgia I’m CT.. Georgia practice slavery ( free labor ) I’m there jail system write u up and send u to the hole if u don’t work…I rest my case

    2. @D3ATH J3ST3R 13 your wrong I’m from CT I live now Georgia …here’s how racist Georgia is thet practice slavery in jail .They force inmates to work for free and if they don’t they send them or threatened to put them in the hole..they have gotten so use to this systemic racism that’s it’s a normal part of operations..that’s how racist Georgia and there court system is too My public defender quit because I wanted to help my case and he was trying to help the d.a.

  5. If you are on camera brutally murdering someone why do they need to go to court? I never get that

    1. White dude just got beat to death on cam by a bunch of joggers, where’s your outrage?

  6. Defense like: “He was not running away, he tried to run around the world to sneak up to them from behind to jump them.”
    They hunted him down to kill him. Plain and simple. Sentence them to life in prison and let them serve as an example that there will be no alternative to life in prison if you kill an unarmed, not threatening man or woman , no matter the colour of his skin.

    1. No, but the joggers that beat white guy to death the other day on cam were hunting👌

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