Ahmaud Arbery’s mom happy about verdict, angry at DOJ. Here’s why

Wanda Cooper-Jones, the mother of Ahmaud Arbery, said that she was thankful that a jury found Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William "Roddie" Bryan guilty of Federal hate crimes for killing Ahmaud Arbery while also taking the Department of Justice to task for offering the men a plea deal in January 2022 that was rejected by a judge. #CNN #News


  1. “It is unlikely these defendants will ever see the light of day,”

    Good. Those hate filled monsters can rot in prison.

    1. @Dean T
      Just FYI genius:

      Your is possessive. Examples:
      May i borrow YOUR car?
      How was YOUR day?

      You’re is a contraction of you are.
      YOU’RE not the sharpest tool in the shed.
      YOU’RE busy casting aspersions on others when you have not mastered second grade spelling, punctuation, or grammar.

    1. How about Quintez Brown – does he go up for ‘hate crime’ for trying to kill the Jew mayoral candidate in Kentucky last week, or has BLM privilege what got him bailed out going to succeed again like in Minnesota?

    2. @Nita Ross not very many anti-white hate crimes. I’m sure it happens, but you’re whataboutism says alot about YOU.

    3. @Mark Fiutem Whatabout whatabout whatabout. Why is it when hate crimes against black people are the topic on hand, people like you go out of your way to deflect? It’s so obvious why.

  2. Totally agree with the mother of Arbery!! I hope this is a beginning of holding Doj, prosecutors for policeman ACCOUNTABLE. And for them to grow some nuts and do what’s right all the time. Not only sometimes.

  3. If that mother hadnt stood up and fought for her son they would more than likley have got 10 years with a plea deal. What right does the doj have to accept a plea deal he wasnt their son who was murdered. Im delighted for her and her family they finally got justice. Lastly are the doj going to give trump a plea deal as well? If that is they do charge him because they are dragging their heels on charging him.

  4. And the first district attorney is also responsible for the coverup. She need to be locked up also. I mean she would lock people up for far less crap. Plus I guarantee there are numerous cases that need to be thrown out on the fact that she was bias etc..

    1. Defunded. Sorry, no raise this year, teach.

      They just let them out faster than they can write them up these days.

  5. DAMN.
    This woman is a warrior.
    Reminds me, I have to call my mother. 😊
    Good for you, MS. Wanda. 🙌
    RIP Maud. 🙏

    1. I made my peace with God since the day I was born now I’m just waiting for blue lives murder to end me in my sleep 🛌

    2. At every stop, they tried to dismiss this case and deny this victim his justice. At every stop.

      His mother fought the evils of the world and gave her son the respect and attention his loss deserves.

      Praise her!

  6. I commend this strong mother. Though this verdict won’t bring her baby back, she fought tooth and nail to bring justice for her son. I know she won’t have closure, but hopefully now, her baby can RIP 🕊️🕊️🕊️

    1. Speaking out of my opinion… but if it’s not on the record books we can pretend like this stuff don’t happen. Now, the VS Arbrey case can be referenced to bring justice to others. ⚖️

    1. She’s soon to become nouveau riche, like the Floyds of Minneapolis.

      She won’t have to worry about who her son is robbing anymore, either.

    2. @Ellis D. Trails

      Wah wah wah wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!




      “He shouted agnry spittle into myu butthurt!”


    3. @Mark Cicero …..no amount of money can ease her pain or erase the memory of the sight of her son that was shown on the video. She has dignity and class and it’s not about money, it’s about accountability and justice. AA is resting peacefully but his murderers will NEVER find peace nor rest. Fear has already taken them over. The looks on their faces say it all. It takes nothing to be kind. BE KIND!!!!!!!!

  7. The plea would’ve had them in a federal facility to serve their first 20 years easier than the state prison. Good for Cooper-Jones! Mama bear!

  8. Its so beautiful to see justice the way its suppose to work…..no false accusation, jugde is not corrupt, and the jury has not been paid off. But we must keep in mind that this would not have been possible had there not been a video of the murder….I truly believe they would of gotten a much, much lighter sentence without this evidence….just think all the other bothers and sister that have lost there lives when there were no cellular phones, and we had to rely on the white man’s word.

  9. Now it’s time to convict former District Attorney, Jackie Johnson and District Attorney, George Barnhill for their roles in this hate crime.

  10. The Justice Department underestimated her strength.

    This was about total Justice, she knew her son. She knew what they did and why from day one!

    She got. Complete Justice and alot of help from the soul of her son.

    God bless this entire family of Warrior’s.

  11. I have nothing but the utmost respect for this woman. She buried a son, sat thru two trials, and she’s still standing. I’m glad she ripped those DOJ broads to pieces. She deserves to expose anybody that didn’t want fair justice for her son.

  12. The DOJ must be reformed to pursue justice for all the people, instead of doing the minimal and avoid prosecution of people with money and power.

  13. It’s a massive overstatement to say, “These cases are successful when there are videos.” Body-cam footage just disappears, witnesses’ cameras get confiscated and “lost” or “accidentally” corrupted. The footage has to be public before it matters at all. And even then: Prosecutors still sabotage cases and juries still get corrupted.

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