Al Gore: Restricting voting access is un-American 1

Al Gore: Restricting voting access is un-American


Former Vice President Al Gore talks to CNN's Don Lemon about recent efforts by state GOP lawmakers to restrict voting access.
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    1. The supreme court ruled against him and he had to do the same thing Pence had to do. At least there was a “peaceful” transition.

    2. @Grateful Fredly Certainly WASN’T peaceful transition for 4 Years following OBAMA to TRUMP … Months before he even was inaugurated they called for impeachment … They no longer hide their ways.

    3. @gacj2010 The media has been given the duty of the DOJ. They are shameful. Steven Biko…say his name.

    1. @emerald3331 You are incorrect, Gore wanted recounts in a few Dumocrat-leaning counties in FL & one of the sticking points was they all had different standards as to what was a “provisional ballot” undervote or overvote. You need to read the SCOTUS decision where Gore was slapped-down

    2. @ma pa Don Lemon should tell them to also quit having kids sans marriage & lay off the drugs too.

    3. @UTubeKookDetector When they recounted the whole state after SCUTUS stopped the count it showed that Gore had won. It was published in the NY Times right after 9/11.

    1. @RJL 518 lmao I new it was one of the insurance places wasn’t sure witch one tho is state farm with the African American fellow

    2. Farmers insurance is not the same as State Farm everybody!

      State Farm is “like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.
      Farmers Insurance is “we know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two: We are farmers. Bum badum bum bum bum BUM”

    3. OMG the world has moved on since Trump people. Get over it. Research what Biden is doing to America, current news … they keep you distracted with Trump so you don’t see what they’re doing right now.

    4. @Dementia- Joe I remember when Trump lost in a 7 million vote landslide and couldn’t even accept that he lost unlike the real man -Al Gore. Do you?

    1. @Jeff Evatt and just so u think u found someone u think u baited with ur racist trolling I’m gonna #MicDrop some knowledge on ya 2 make u look as silly as u sound! Only the original WASP(descendants of British Americans/colonists or English speaking people) were originally considered white in colonial America, WASP made up almost 85% of colonial America’s European immigrants. Which is ironic because WASP descend from Anglo-Saxons which are a result of Germanic tribes mixing with indigenous British tribes(Celtic Britons/Ancient Britons) and the WASP only accepted Germans as white only during/after 1820s. WASP eventually evolved into white during the 1700s just the same as African and Native American evolved into black as the WASP wanted to divide new European settlers and European indentured servants and African settlers between white and black to create a caste system and chattel slavery; yes there were actually African settlers that were identified as Freeman or their African heritage decades before they were identified as black. After the civil war anyone of European ancestry was classified as white as well as light skinned Hispanics, Latina, and African-Americans. Slaves, indentured servants, and immigrants built America and none of them were considered white when we were founded!

    2. Yes , The dems and extreme leftists start conflict within every chance …you are right o n that … study US history and you will see it

    1. @gacj2010 yes that explains the Trump phenomenon. Disappear like magic, you’ll get sick of winning, we have a better medical plan than the ACA, etc etc etc etc

    2. @Trapped in America Affordable Care Act ….Wait …. is that what it stands for AFFORDABLE ….. Oh Yeah ..It broke and took away 10 million of Americans plans and if not for John Mc Cain at 4 AM one night in the senate with a histrionic thumbs down , , Trump would have had his health plan in …

  1. Al Gore is still hanging in there and he sounds stronger then ever, May God continue to bless his soul he’s one of the few good, And definitely one of the true one’s which we can be extremely proud !


    1. @Satanic Microchip v2 NO , Martin Luther King was no Democrat. He knew. The Democrats have deep in their soul a racist tone. They believe people of color are like children who dont know ow to think or vote. They think we are not able to spend money we make on our own and are better to have that money designated out for food or housing or transportation vouchers … you name it . If you feed , clothe, and roof people , then you own them. This is what I do to my dog. He has no freedom except for what I allow because he fears he can not live without my gifts. I am a free man of color who makes my own salary and spends on what I chose. I need no patronizing or someone to tell me who and how to chose. Be smart brother .. there are many games being played by some evil people . Open eyes ans see. Its hard to change ..

    2. @gacj2010 tf he voted for lyndon b johnson idiot and his family has stated that he literally was independant.

    3. @Heelo yeah he was also for wealth redistribution, i mean if republicans can get behind these ideals then ill gladly vote for them

  2. I love Al Gore. I wonder how he conceded. May be that’s the beauty of him. I love u men. You are my idol. God bless you.

  3. “The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for
    breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison
    men because they are different from other men. ” — Lyndon B. Johnson

  4. Gore was actually passionate about the environment back when it wasn’t cool, popular or politically correct to do so.

    1. He was totally wrong. Like FAUCI, Birx, Biden, heels up, Piglosi, MSM, ALL OF YOU. RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA

    1. @Clevis Bernier well more than 20 people seem to agree with me, can’t say the same for your falsehoods. Appears you’re in the minority on this my friend.

    2. @c cheshire that’s not how life works. Getting some likes on a comment doesn’t make you right. Watch that documentary. It’ll help.

    3. @Clevis Bernier a documentary being made about something does not make it a fact? They’re created by people, thus some of them are true and some of them are propagandistic garbage. The consumer should be wise enough to discern the difference, though clearly that isn’t the case here.

    4. Al Gore is a real lunatic. Can’t believe the commenters that seem to adore him now. Where has all this adoration been hiding? Oh yes, he is the guru of climate change! No wonder that he is giddy. Biden has come along to destroy our energy independence. Such a good thing. Getting rid of underground clean pipelines. Let’s buy gas and oil from the Arabs and transport it by diesel trains and trucks instead. Let’s get rid of more jobs. Don’t forget most windmills and solar panels come from China where labor is cheaper. Taxes soon raised for manufacturers will send them abroad too. Just watch as our economy tanks folks. Notice the price of gas yet? Only the beginning of our woes…

    5. @Ginny Murray there’s no such thing as “clean” oil or natural gas, genius. That IS the definition of dirty energy, and it isn’t “independence” either – just look at what happened in Texas a few weeks back.

  5. Restricting voting is by definition ‘American’; they’ve been doing it their entire history.

    1. in the original constitution of 1776. women can’t vote. blacks 3/5 of a white man. landowners only etc…

  6. It`s always a pleasure to listen to this educated man. And he`s a man of integrity. Thanks for your service, Sir.

    1. @Brain Enormous
      Remember how the votes started favoring Vice-President Gore and the Republicans on the Supreme Court stopped the re-count to give Bush the Presidency.
      If Bush actually won why did they stop the re-count ? Can you imagine what the the conservative Proud Boys would do to the Supreme Court if Democrats did that ?

    2. @Brain Enormous Yes, it was stolen by Republicans knowing as voter suppression. Al Gore had the most popular votes more than George Walker Bush, but how did Bush come up with victory?

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