Two men charged in attack on Officer Sicknick killed in Capitol riot

Two men have been arrested and charged for assaulting US Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who died after responding on January 6 to hundreds of rioters who stormed the Capitol, the Justice Department announced. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

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    1. ​@Chris Coles America was founded in 1776 and abolished slavery in 1862, so not exactly 400 years, more like 86. Slavery has been illegal in America longer than it was legal. The federal and state governments DID NOT own slaves, ever. The police didn’t own slaves. Business owners living in the year 2020 didn’t own slaves. Take your ignorant statement back to the caves.

    2. What’s the prison sentence for common assault on police officers not resulting in death? A month? Maybe we should ask antifa…

  1. bear spray is meant to stop a large animals, anything over to 250 lbs – was never meant to be sprayed at humans – in this case the bear spray was used as a deadly weapon, period!

    1. @Semper Fi it is not the same – the formula was made to STOP LARGE ANIMALS aka BEAR SPRAY – mace is weak compared to that of BEAR SPRAY – mace can be deadly to humans in rare cases, but spray common mace in the face of a bear, the bear is going to laugh at you, probably take and spray you with it and go ‘mildly spicy’ before eating you

    1. @Calvin Parish That wasn’t a lie you can see someone throwing a fire extinguisher at a police officer it was just a different officer.

    2. @Calvin Parish no one thinks the spray kills people…..but the stress of being attacked in multiple ways can cause a heart attack …..smh at your density

    3. @Greg David It doesn’t and that’s why they didn’t even charge them with manslaughter. The media are in desperate search for a narrative that isn’t backed up by facts.

  2. Assault, give me a damn break it was murder. Total bull💩 Life time prison sentence at the minimum.

    1. @josh martinez no, heart attack not a coincidence… result of the assault on his body……sheesh, just stop defending the undedefendable…..smh

    2. @Elated Jade It might be true but no evidence has come out yet. Bigger question is why do you WANT it to be true? Would it not be better if it came out that this was a natural death? Sounds to me like you want it to be true so you can punish them just because you hate them. Are you really ok with prosecuting people for their political beliefs?

    3. Don’t mind Calvin here. He registered on YouTube in December, but has over 1000 comments on CNN videos, all hyperpartisan right wing conspiracy theories.

      I’m gonna go ahead and say his opinions are complete horseshit. Because they are! 🤩

  3. Trump (BLM Protesters): “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”
    Trump (Capitol Rioters): “Go home. We love you, you’re very special.”

    1. racism is the rote in the soul of america….the weaknes powerful country in the word…unable to deal with his past…he’s own population, own minority no medicare, no justice, but obssed by guns, mass shooting, and still claim GOD to bless…what an unsin reality policy…the world is watching and laughting at the sickness of america…step by step…becomming the worst place in the world!!!

    2. @Drumer16 XVI TRUMP WAS HAVE THose people THINK HE Was GOD. Some of people is lock up and where is TRUMP Some Where PLAY GOLF. Trump NOW DID A Lot of DRITY STUFF And HE Not ABOVE The LAW. TRUMP WANT to STAY AS PRESIDENT So HE WOULD Not Be HANDLE. GEORGIA South Carolina and NEW York and THIS LADY WHO WROTE A BOOK ABOUT the TRUMP FAMILY GOING To BRING TRUMP DOWN. Tax FRAUD TRUMP is In A LOT of TROUBLE. Trump did Something To TWO WOMAN ALSO. Thank God They CLOSED DOWN HIS ACCOUNT On FACE book and TWITTER ACCOUNT THANK you JESUS. AMERICAN people some of them Know that TRUMP is a Very Very DANGER MAN. TRUMP Did PRESIDENT Joe BIDEN and VICE President HARRIS A DIRTY DEAL. Trump Know HE LOST THE PRESIDENT ELECT. This the Truth. I got on the JOE BIDEN and KAMALA HARRIS SHIP And I Will VOTE for Joe Biden ANY Time HIM And KAMALA HARRIS. . DEMS ALL the Way LORD 🙏🙏 I THANK You For PUT JOE BIDEN And KAMALA HARRIS as the PRESIDENT ANd VICE President HARRIS in The white House. President Joe Biden and HARRIS CARE About The AMERICAN People THANK you JESUS

    1. @Hugh Dougall just ignore these fools, that is all they will ever deserve, the sweet fucking silence of being ignored forevermore.

    2. Dema supporters have being attacking federal buildings across the country for 200+ days and killed over 50 people…. What do you call that???

    3. @Eric Woody That’s easy. It’s called a Whataboutism. Deflecting blame for one’s own behaviour on others.
      Your ‘facts’ are incorrect. Are you another one of the traitors injuring, maiming, and killing police officers at the capitol?

      They wanted to kill the VP and members of congress. Patriots…. Not Even Close. Traitor is as Traitor does.
      The BLM protests have and will be investigated. The guilty parties of any wrongdoing will be arrested and have their day in court.

      The traitors are being rounded up and charged with Federal felonies. They too will have their days in court. Keep looking over your shoulders for the FBI coming after you. If you weren’t involved, you don’t need to be concerned with that.

    1. @Calvin Parish so a guy throws a very heavy fire extinguisher in to the head of a police and he dies and FBI think that may have caused his death and you call that fake news. You need to have your head examined, did your parents drop you head first often as a kid?

    2. @Hans Bjorkman it would even make more sense if he had died from a stroke too. Like I’m pretttty sure being fucking hit in the head with a metal fire extinguisher just MIGHT cause some brain problems lol

  4. I’m so happy that so many people recorded and posted all this stupid nonsense. It makes it so much easier to indicte them for the crimes they committed.

    1. I think, I understand where the finger points from — I made government agencies look stupid…

      …not on purpose — but I still did — be that as it may; I made a choice, to help save lives and minimize death and destruction…

      …but with the way, the government has handled the fallout and the baseless accusations…

      …I am forevermore disinclined to do any more civic duty, as an American — for fear of false-imprisonment, over professional and personal jealousy…

      …because of my academic and personal credentials — and the government wonders why, citizens don’t want to be cooperative!!!

    2. Going out to HOLLYWOOD, marrying a childhood love — and forgetting anyone in Washington exists…

      …thank you for ruining my patriotism for me!!!

    3. I literally saved people’s lives — for the sake of doing the right thing…

      …and it gets turned around on me — by incompetent and mentally ill — federal agents — and to think, I considered the FBI…

      …good God almighty — I don’t even know what to say — other than — I’m never doing anything heroic — unless it is off the grid!!!

    4. I want to finish my honorable discharge — and I want the United States Government — to know — I am never assisting you in any endeavor — EVER AGAIN!!!

      Don’t care what it is, don’t care how many lives or what destruction occurs — you are on your fucking own…

      …good luck with all that — you burned this bridge; STELLAR WORK!!!

    1. @John Tuya really police brutality in Walmart? How about all the innocent lives they took. Or the fact they murdered people because they were white or supported trump? Y’all are just like the brown coats. If you want to fight police brutality how about voting for policy changes. Instead of murdering people and robbing?

    2. @B Y lol blm didn’t try to take over the gov n by trying to kill pence n pelosi. Huge diff, that’s why these maga terrorists are facing some serious time behind prison. Those blm protesters were harassed n attacked by the cops n some were even killed. There were many instances were the protestors were kneeling n the cops came over kicked them. Imagine giving up ur life or freedom for a pathetic rich sore loser like trump 😂

    3. @Tyler Hingleton So why wouldn’t the Pennsylvania gov allow a forensic audit of the ballots, even after multiple legal requests and even though legally he is supposed to release them for this. Still no forensic audit. Nothing to see here dude, move along. Yeh, I see you

    4. @Sonia Reynolds LOL You dumbass Trumptards love to lie to justify your allegiance to 🍊Fuhrer who lost in a fair election. He lost by over 10,000 votes, which is an insurmountable outcome in Pennsylvania, and the audit for ballots was extended all the way through January of this year. A state like Georgia recounted all the ballots a grand total of 3 times to show transparency that Joe Biden was the clear, despite the Dumpster trying to overturn the Electors with his unhinged phone calls. Like your Dear Leader says, he loves “The Poorly Educated” like yourself smh

    1. @Keags O’brien Sure, I’ll give you one lie. Trump claimed, without evidence, that the election had been stolen from him.

    2. @Spencer O’Brien How about you actually watch the videos of real voter fraud on Steven Crowder’s channel. See? You won’t even take a look at the evidence!!! You keep denying that it’s even there when there has been plenty thus far!

    3. @Spencer O’Brien I already tried to send the link to the specifics in question, however my comments keep getting deleted

    4. @Spencer O’Brien Also, let me know if you get this, I’m about to send a video link to something else. If it doesn’t show up for you, then that means YouTube is deleting my comments.

  5. “Your honor, my client requests leniency based on the fact that he has no prior history of assaulting police officers.”

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