Alberta officials say ICUs only keeping up with influx of COVID-19 cases due to high death rate

Officials in Alberta say that ICUs are only able to keep up with the new influx because so many critically ill patients are dying.

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    1. @Keith D don’t jump to conclusions, I’m betting they are vaxxed , that’s the issue , doubtful they’d disclose that

    2. Every time when Kenny planned to cut the health budget, the pandemic number soared outrageously. I don’t know why.

    1. @Home Alone   “we” are going to find out soon… looks like Alberta is making so great choices right now. I hope you don’t take up space in another provinces hospital where a contributing member of society needs a bed. You absolut joke.

    1. @Nunya Biznizz she was my paediatric kidney transplant doctor
      She is not lazy nor does she have choppy English, she is one of the most caring doctors I’ve ever had…she means what she is saying

    2. Ya what an act! Hyperventilating and all hahaha. Instead of testing sights they’re just stuffing them in the hospital.

  1. A prevention and outpatient protocol might prevent hospitalization, coupled with early treatment of symptomatic patients. Protocols that some of the most published Physician’s in the world have been using since at least Nov. 2020 to reduce the impact and save lives. Check out FLCCC (USA), CCC (CAN), BIRD (UK).

    1. Also exactly. India is a great example. They are doing fantastically well. It’s too bad North American health care is so far behind the times. They are not world leaders in health care any more.

    1. that would remove emergency powers. We can’t have that!
      Go home take some Tylenol and come back to the ER when it gets worse.
      Trust the science!
      We are in this together!
      2 weeks to flatten the curve!

  2. What happened to the > 1000 ICU beds available by April 2021 that were promised by Kenney back in Sept 2020??? Also still have yet to see the AHS ICU numbers match the ones read out in these notices, seem to be around 50 cases over the AHS number every time.

    1. @Cam Bolton Hopefully you are hiding under your bed with your muzzle on just waiting for your momma to give you your soother

  3. maybe they shouldn’t have closed down the beds in the butterdome, sounds like if they didn’t would help this a lot , i would think

    1. @Faizan Malik because they fired front line workers ……there is enough staff , just they got fired , doesn’t make sense to fire nurses in the middle of a so called pandemic

    2. @Faizan Malik there’s more than enough. We just keep too many useless under qualified nurses because the union protects them.

      Get rid of overtime pay, eliminate part time options, only full time, eliminate low tier nurses who only got their job because “diversity”, and hire more nurses with qualifications for icu. Eliminate the bloat of management, and contract out non medical positions like janitors to qualified companies.

      It’s not rocket appliance

  4. Apparently there is already 8000 beds available according to a Alberta doctor but Alberta doesn’t have the staff to support it because of all the cut backs.

    1. @youpplarestupid And others walked off because of the work load. I have an ICU nurse girlfriend, I hear about what’s going on all the time. What do you think is causing the work load?

    2. @Alternity666 the shortage of staff that got fired for not taking the vax , my friend is a doctor at st michael hospital thats what I’m hearing and seeing , they need every staff member possible vaxxed or unvaxxed because the fact is , there is a large population who took the vax that will need urgent care in the near future and there won’t be enough staff because a large portion took it aswell, this is going to be bad for everyone

    3. @youpplarestupid hello there,why do you think the vaxxed will need urgent care?,I’m against the mandates,and we already had covid so we didn’t get the Vax because I do believe in natural immunity,but my daughters will be losing activities do you know what can we do?

    4. @Carmina Nuñez sorry as for the urgent care part of your question, these new technology is a gene therapy ,causing blood clots and inflation around the heart , and the long term effects are still unknown, the fda tests new drugs for 10 years before they approve human trials , however under the emergency authorization they can skip the trials because there is no known treatments (so they claim) to inoculate everybody , if ppl knew about this then they would be subjected to rigorous testing which would fail standards thus far, I wish I could have a real conversation and explain in more detail , I suggest researching more , and just make an informed decision

    1. Nope not at all. Been involved in the industry, on a national level, for almost a quarter of a century. You are either being lied to or you are making this up.

    1. @Stewart D Go read the Ontario justice centre lawsuit against the Ontario government. You signed up to be a test subject without pay. You should join the lawsuit.

    2. @Stewart D If the oil change has a chance of ruining your car and potential long term consequences that you can’t account for because it hasn’t been tested long term yet then yeah this is the same

  5. All the funding but yet in almost 2 years couldn’t build more hospitals that we needed before the pandemic. Where does all these billions of $ go? 😱

    1. I spent 4 hours in an ER only to find out they didn’t register me properly and then another 3 1/2 hours waiting to get put into the secondary waiting room to get checked by a nurse, another 3 hours waiting in that waiting room for a nurse, and then another 4 to see a doctor. This was because I was having heart issues and my BP was severely hypertensive. The Canadian healthcare system is complete trash.

    2. Last time I took my daughter to the ER a month ago wer were in and out with x-rays and a half cast on her arm in UNDER an hour, one other person in the ER. Not too over worked I would say, at least not in that ER

  6. Imagine if we were in real war with thousands of injured patients , how will they handle .! Godforbid
    It seems the beurcratic system is failing

  7. Well of they did Brochoscopies like a south African Dr. Was doing in the beginning along with the plethora of suppressed medications especially monoclonal antibodies, maybe the death rate would be lower. Medicine nowadays is so interesting.

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