Alberta On How Local GOP Parties Are Consumed By The Big Lie | MSNBC

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    1. @Matthew Thompson = 1 month old troll account
      It’s “I know you are but what am I” skills show it’s troll stupidity

  1. One thing Republicans under Trump do extremely well, aside from proliferating conspiratorial ideations for personal gains, is their ability to organize and ensure its members repeat the same BS. 😅

    1. Yes. I amazes me how almost every Republican will get into lockstep over the most insane ideas yet people like Joe Manchin could keep the Democrats from passing basic voter rights legislation to ensure fair elections. WTF?

  2. The GOP have become Russian assets an arm of their main Russian handler Trump!

    1. The Russians really are influencing and creating the propaganda and conspiracy theories they are reading & spreading on social media.

    2. I think the same for so long ! Russian could blackmail Trump for some reason but what can gather so much GOP member together against American interest(sorry I mean new Trump team now) because in this team all the one who where for the American interest are pretty gone ?

    1. Most MSNBC hosts are really obnoxious (as are most hosts on Fox, CNN, and everywhere else). Wallace is a fresh breeze, especially when she gets angry

    2. Nicole is very good. An ex-republican who worked for Bush and saw the corruption of Chump and the GOP and left the party. Shows that she has some integrity, character, and brains. And there are plenty of ex-republicans just like her that left the party. Those with critical thinking skills and the best and brightest of the GOP have mostly left now.

  3. There is no GOP anymore. The same kind of people that destroyed the libertarian party 20 years ago has infiltrated the GOP and is destroying it from within.

    1. Ironically, 21 years ago as the same time that T*** ran for president under the Reform Party. Its possible that he has switched political parties more times than he has gone bankrupt… well we know it’s at least twice as many times as he has been impeached and has lost the popular vote.

  4. My translation of what Tim Alberta was saying at the end? Liz Cheney has the balls to stand up to the Big Lie, McCarthy & McConnell do not, so she must be punished for showing what cowards they are.

  5. This creepiness in regards to the GOP pushing “The Big Lie” is scarier than stories about the CIA in the 50’s and 60’s.

    1. This creepiness in regards to the media pushing the Orwellian phrase ” The Big Lie” is scarier than stories about the CIA in the 50’s and 60’s.

  6. I saw this woman say she thought she’d never say she wanted a dictator America but if she had to have one she wanted Trump that’s who these people are they claim to be Christians but when they say Trump and God it means exactly who they believe in more

  7. You have to keep the crazies from getting control of schools, it is truly frightening to think of these anti-science bigots being allowed anywhere near children.

  8. My state just passed a law that allows people to sell food cooked in their home at the grocery store with almost no regulations. All because of a ‘business’ that kept getting complaints about food poisoning felt oppressed. I know I don’t have to buy it, but someone will. Lord help us.

  9. The current GOP leadership is like the captain of the Titanic telling passengers: “We are going to find gold at the bottom of the ocean. Who’s with me?”

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