Joy Reid on Kevin McCarthy: ‘A Puppet Show’

Joy on the House GOP effort to remove Rep. Liz Cheney from leadership: “It isn't actually about Liz Cheney… or even the former President's bruised ego. It's about puppet Kevin’s ego and his craven ambition.”

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    1. Na, we both know who is pathetic here. You always slobber all over our trash. McCain, Romney, now Cheney… understand why you’re a joke now?

    2. @ Sambo Pich,
      Great comeback, comrade! Did you think of it all by yourself?
      Lol, I know the truth hurts, but I’ll let you in on something else. You’ll be slobbering all over KEVIN soon, because we are going to primary him next. 😘

    3. Sambo,
      How would you know? You get your news from a lying racist who is obsessed with Trump. It’s really rather sad. I almost feel sorry for y’all.

    1. Lemur ring tailed neck Joy Reid is a puppet. What a joke. Maybe she’ll apologize to everyone again for making homophobic remarks that she “doesn’t remember doing, someone hacked her account from 10 years before she got a spot on the lowest ranked cable “news” station in years” again. Now, THAT was hilarious.

  1. Haha ha ha hah. “Puppet Kevin” and “Orange Julius Caesar” are the quotes of the week.

    1. @Heather Heather
      Is that your actual name or just an annoying tick?
      I’m guessing the latter.

  2. It makes ya wonder, with the bad polls for Duckald, where are the “windfall” donations coming from?
    Where is the laundromat?

  3. Kevin McCartney: I got no strings but now I’m free. Oh wait, actually I’m not I’m still on strings.

    1. Sometimes, it’s better to stay silent and let people think you’re a fool, rather than to type this on the internet, and remove all doubt.

  4. They “claim” 2B the “party of free flow of thoughts/opinions/ideas,” etc – but OMG, they are only and ALL, about, the total STIFLING of such!

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