Feds Eye Matt Gaetz’s Intern Ex-Girlfriend In Sex Crimes Probe | MSNBC

The feds in the sex crime probe into Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz are hitting a critical point in their investigation as they are now pressing for the cooperation from two key witnesses, including Gaetz's ex-girlfriend, who interned on Capitol Hill. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber discusses how this could affect the case with MSNBC’s Juanita Tolliver and former SDNY prosecutor Danya Perry.

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  1. I can’t wait for all those “im innocent” cries, to backfire when he gets convicted.

    1. It won’t backfire. He’ll keep saying he’s a victim of political persecution, and a martyr for the cause, right down to the end. Even if he ends up pleading guilty, he’ll still claim he’s been framed. He won’t be the first to do that.

    2. Matt Gaetz tells the idiots that he’s so important and “effective” that the feds are targeting him. Will it ever end?!?

    1. Better yet why doesn’t he just turn himself in instead of wasting time and effort knowing that he’s caught red-handed

    2. @S McDonald Possible because if you knew that you were under scrutiny and are being investigated I don’t think he would want to go on some stupid tour he just hoping they take their eyes off him so he can slip off and go to another country

    3. @Tammy Brothers His father had money. He could have a cushy life somewhere. Whitey Bulger hid in plain sight for 17 years before being caught. El Chapo was free for 13 years after his first escape. Bin Laden was on the run for 10 years.
      Gaetz has affluenza, he can’t go to prison like ordinary folks.

  2. Time to exorcise the selfish evil in government! Vote with your heart, not your fear, in the elections to come.. and do whatever it takes to vote, no matter the new voter suppression rules coming forth 🤑 🙏

    1. @Happy Days absolutely. But they have already sold their souls to Antichrist Chump my friend 🤑👺

  3. They sure take their time prosecuting these politicians. If it was one of us we would be in prison a long time ago.

    1. Slowly but, surely the wall’s are closing in on the Butthead look a like from the Beavis & Butthead show.

    2. @Tammy Brothers High profile cases bring tons of scrutiny. They can’t risk any missteps.

    3. @Tammy Brothers It is the same all over. Rich, Famous, In power, In politics and you will most probably never get charged or serve any time. Not even Epstein served time. So he was in prison but someone was paid off to look the other way..Money talks. Always the same. Always.

    4. @Tammy Brothers it shouldn’t, but it does. A high-profile case comes under more scrutiny. If every detail isn’t done exactly right, there is a bigger risk of losing the case and the blowback can do just as much damage.
      All you have to do is look at the OJ case. The prosecutors were not as prepared as they thought they were, and the amount of damage to the trust in the judicial system at the end of that trial was huge. Prosecutors learned from that. For instance, they did not charge Robert Blake with murdering his wife until they had an airtight case. So that’s what they are doing now. Making sure they have an air-tight case. The DOJ needs to regain the trust of the American people after 4 years of Trump’s lackeys.

  4. Gaetz spent his last free weekend at the STD capital in all of Florida, The Villages. … Hope he liked what he got.

  5. Ex will tell them it was weird he wanted me to wear a school girl dress buy me happy meals and put my hair in pigtails

    1. Is that creepy if you are role playing? Stop kink shaming people. He wasn’t doing that, he was actually boning school girls.

  6. Will someone arrest this guy already??? Geez…Matty is obviously guilty. Just lock him up.

    1. Speculation and gut-feels aren’t enough to lead to an arrest

      The stronger the case they can compile, the ~better~ the results *may* be

      I 100% get a skeez feel from this guy, too, but they need to build their pool of relevant evidence first and that takes time.

      Big fish aren’t easy to take down, and while this guy isn’t nearly as big a fish as he’d like to believe he is, he’s definitely not a small fish

    2. @Rampage7 it’s lucky they also have receipts for payments, flight records, birth certificates and the confession of his best friend and co-conspirator.

    3. Fragile Crystal

      I’m not saying that there isn’t a lot of damning statements (I hope they can wrap him up in a nice legal bow) but last I heard they are still working to get a plea deal with what’s-his-name? (The friend that’s looking at a couple dozen charges himself)

      Yeah, it’s going to be a trip to hear his explanations for those Venmo’s that match up perfectly with the timing and amounts paid to the women through his buddy/middleman

  7. Matt Gaetz must have misunderstood when he was told people use Venmo to make minor purchases.

    1. if anyone thinks an X girlfriend will spill anything, apart from her soda, is in a fantasy world. Money will be paid to her or threats put upon her to stay quiet. If this is all we are waiting for, an X girlfriend to say; yes, he was weird, I have very little hope.

  8. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. He deserves everything that is coming his way. Congrats Matt!!

    1. Gaetz carries the amulet of MAGA. So he will be absolved of all crimes just like our prior Treason in Chief.
      Absolutely nothing will happen.

    2. Sure, he should never stand up to an ivy league professor. They are so much better than the dems they represent.

    3. @howard matts meanwhile Eric Swallwell is selling state secrets and sleeping with China spies.

  9. Every time Matt Gaetz speaks, I half expect Herman and Grandpa to be standing next to him…..but in reality Gaetz is more ridiculous than fiction.

    1. Think Evil Whoville Character…
      The Grinch! Paint him green & tell me you don’t see it! It’s that non-existent upper lip.

    2. I think Gaetz runs a close second to Butthead from the Beavis and Butthead show, they look and act the same.

  10. Teenagers are prone to gossip, Gaetz’s name will come up when his girlfriend is interrogated..

  11. You are absolutely right, the truth will emerge! And that truth will put you in prison for decades!!!

  12. Why is it I feel like I need to take a shower to get the slime off of me whenever I hear Matt Gaetz speak?

    1. Gaetz fights for Americans. Some day you may appreciate that. Your kids and grandkids deserve it, even if you don’t care.

    2. @Mike Jones will you do me a favor and post the legislation Matt has proposed that would be beneficial to anyone but him? I’m legitimately curious and you seem to know so I thought I would ask.

  13. I know this guy pretty well through people who’ve know him for decades down here in Florida. Everything you think about him, multiply that by 1,000,000 and you’re getting close. Seriously.

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