Alberta wildfires | Entire town of Drayton Valley evacuated

The entire town of Drayton Valley, Alta. has been ordered to evacuate due to a large out-of-control wildfire. Nicole Lampa has the latest.

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  1. Gee aren’t they planning a Smart City right there ….wow that’d extremely convenient for the developers.
    And yes , they would stoop that low.

  2. We’re so lucky that we didn’t have to get evacuated when the children were at school

  3. What the Hell is Trudeau and his government doing to help here. I have heard nothing from them.

    1. Trudeau will help out Alberta by sending an equalization bill from Ottawa to help the flood relief in Quebec

  4. Im on a trip to peace river right now. I arrived yesterday and today the smoke is really thick. Almost half the firefighters here have gone to help. Stay strong drayton valley

    1. @G Know yes it is. I used to do initial attack for forest fires. So know what to look for when we’re going to get one so it can be put out fast which is mainly lightning with the dry weather. These are not sparked with lightning so how do you think they are all starting?

  5. And now Edson is being evacuated too. Here’s hoping they can get this under control soon.

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