Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the way to London for King Charles’ coronation

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on the way to London for the coronation of King Charles. Joyce Napier reports.

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    1. Yup, bring out the chopping block and make that Prime Minister into Prime Rib! 😂😂😂

  1. Gonna spend $6k a night on our dime…and be singing Bohemian Rhapsody in the lobby…again

    1. @Daniel Sea001 hahahaha,.. you think your vote counts,.. Trudeau was appointed through the governor general by the Queen. The King will appoint the next one, NO MATTER the vote count.

    2. $6000 a night is nothing on Canada’s budget. Maybe you’d rather he sleep under a bridge, a better representation of Canada’s right-wing trolls?

    3. Booed last time for his drunken singing of Easy Come Easy Go before teh Queen’s fueneral. It really does rhyme with Trudeau must GO

    1. Better if his plane crashes and he expires – it staying out would be a nice compromise.

    1. UK won’t want Justin to stick around . Last time he went for the Queen’s funeral drunken Turdeau sang Easy Come Easy GO. It now rhymes with Trudeau must GO

  2. JT’s carbon footprint is 100 times higher than the average person, jets and 10 SUV’s for security. Why doesn’t he stay in Canada and do his job for once?

  3. Not sure if my joy over him being out of the country exceeds my sadness at how much of our money he will be spending. $6000 a night hotel rooms don’t come cheap. 🤔

  4. There’s plenty of reasons to think Trudeau is an absolute wang, but this is a bit of a reach.
    Dignitaries and leaders of multiple nations (particularly commonwealth nations) are attending this coronation. The Canadian prime minister would likely have went regardless of who was in office when it occurred. It is not specific to Trudeau.

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