‘Pierre Poilievre, it’s time for you to wake up’ | Analyzing Justin Trudeau’s speech

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blasted Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre in his convention speech, but will the attacks land?

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  1. Trudeau needs to be let go by the liberal party. With the damage he’s doing to their reputation, I doubt they’ll get re-elected for years.

  2. I will be forever grateful to Ms. Trudeau for waking me up and turning me on to politics and what it really means to be Liberal.

  3. Trudeau is joke. Justin is telling Pierre to wake up but meanwhile he can’t even answer a question

  4. This is the definition of a Sociopath, if you actually google 10 traits of Sociopaths and Psychopath he he has most.

    1. @Trene’ Trudeau HAHA a Trudeau lover no kidding, you can make up whatever you like, you are on the internet.

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  6. I love how in that same speech they said if you want affordable housing to vote Liberal, yeah with 200% increase in housing prices Liberals sure are the party of affordable housing they promised it in 2015 but I’m sure in a few years it’s going to be true.

  7. Go to any coffee shop in this country and you will hear even liberals will say it is broken. I voted for him in 2016, two years in it was obvious he is only interested in some Canadians

    1. Have those ‘some Canadians’ even received Citizenship yet ? 🤣🤣🤣

    2. he is whituout any question not electable anymore…. hopefully toronto – the last holdout to liberal loyalty will vote in a more cerebral way than in the past. east york shout out…. going conservative.

  8. Watching Trudeau speak is like watching an alien wearing a skinsuit pretending to be a person.

  9. I’m surprised the Liberal party hasn’t tossed Trudeau to the curb. Most members don’t like where the party is headed.

  10. Trudeau:” Pierre Polievre thinks Canada is broken, well it’s not. I am passionate and proud Canadian. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be taking my 50th vacation your treat of course. So long suckers”

  11. What a fitting thumbnail for this video, you know a dictator needs to seem big and scary through pictures and videos to actually dictate!

    I say ignore the bunch of these clowns and the circus will go out of business.

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