1. “The full force of our lives”? Nobody is even trying to stop this. Maybe you can have some friends over and wear civil war memorabilia or something.

  1. What’s even legal anyways. It’s a joke after the emergency act I realized the law is irrelevant. During Covid I realized our Charter rights are only protected if convenient. Let Canada break apart and be annexed by America.

    1. I realized that I was doing all of the work trying to get the virus under control when a bunch of layabouts just did what they want and took advantage of my hard work.

  2. Federalism is out dated. Provinces need more independence. We have seen what 7 years of what a Federal government with to much power can do to the country.

    1. Perhaps we should devolve into city states. Ancient Greece and Rome, here we come. If only you had a time travel machine. To be fair, it works for Singapore, Monaco, and The Vatican.

  3. Served this country well for 150 years? Well it hasn’t served Albertans very well for the terms of both Trudeau governments, past and present. Something has to be done, so why not this?

    1. Stop being a crybaby. Ontario was a have-not province for most of Stephen Harper’s time as PM. Then after he is defeated, they are not.
      So what does that tell you about who is hurting whom?

  4. Quebec has been doing this very thing for years! It’s about time Alberta, and every other province does the same thing!

  5. Quebec seems who’ve gotten away with this approach. Most recently, not accepting more than 50,000 immigrants. What other province can set such limits without being challenged by the current government.

  6. I am shocked 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫what is going on in Canada ! 30 years ago I came to paradise 🇨🇦🇨🇦Canada opened its doors to me ! I always was so proud of our country for its unity 🇨🇦WTF ?? What is going on now?😭😭😭

  7. Alberta is the Arkansas of Canada. And just to clarify, because obviously albertans aren’t that bright, that is NOT a compliment!

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