Alec Baldwin’s wester movie ‘Rust’ to resume filming after fatal on-set shooting accident

Production for the Alec Baldwin western film 'Rust' is set to resume filming, after a fatal accident that killed the film's cinematographer.

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  1. I don’t think anyone should have been charged it was an accident plane and simple. I’m sorry for the loss of life .my own son in-law was murdered in a home invasion in front of his children . Now that was murder ,this shooting on set was an accident .the prosecutor is only trying to make a name for herself and that’s the truth of it .

  2. this film should have been scrapped and Alec Baldwin should be awaiting his trial not filming a movie where he killed a woman. that poor woman’s family what they are going through after losing her and now hearing that the movie will continue shooting after her fatal shooting. this is in bad taste and they should cancel this movie permanently.

  3. Quality Journalism out let.
    Can’t even spell check the title .
    As accurate as usual .

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