Alex Jones must pay $45.2 million in punitive damages in defamation suit

The jury announced their verdict for punitive damages in the defamation suit against Alex Jones, brought against him for his statements about the Sandy Hook shooting. CNN's Miguel Marquez reports. #CNN #News


    1. He couldn’t even control his mouth on the stand. The judge had to tell him, “This isn’t your show. Stop lying and answer the questions.” It’s like he has conspiracy theory Tourettes.

  1. his lawyer is MVP of this trial ‘accidentally’ leaking all of his phone records – really makes the AH lawyers seem amazing in comparison

    1. I believe it’s mandatory for lawyers to hand over evidence. Attorneys can lose their license if they don’t hand over evidence that is requested.

    2. So how are you going to spin your opinion on that when It鈥檚 used in appeals court and the ruling overturned?

    3. @Dutch Star then I would obviously bring to the attention that both the jury and judge had been compromised 45.2m clearly it’s about the money and the injustice and another proven fact that when there is enough money involved your rights don’t matter

  2. I wonder how much the family of the teacher who put her students in a closet and stood outside for the shooter to take her instead of the children will get if they decide to sue. She gave her life for her students. How much did this punk lie affect this family?

    1. @onesong2001 I think it’s so cute that you try to deflect , with a pretty good shot of BS, 馃ぃ馃ぃto some nonsense about about the “Georgia guidelines “.馃ぃ馃ぃ Which at best have nothing to do with Alex Jones. I would suggest that you loosen the tin hat you wear to stop the alien messages from getting through to you’re brain, tho.

    1. 19 other lawsuits in states that absolutely HATE Lyin’ Alex — he’s not gonna have two nickels to rub together!

  3. As part of the punishment He should have to open every show by saying: Everything you’re about to hear is a lie, if you like lies keep watching.

  4. Just to emphasis, this was in Texas where he lives (and where I live)… this is about as friendly of a jury as he is going to get. Imagine the difference in Connecticut…

    1. @Peter Sedesse the parents live in Connecticut. They can sue him there. One of the cases will be heard in Connecticut. And you can bet the other families yet to come will make sure they stay in the state, too.

    2. @David John Dupee you write like a Narcissistic kid. Dude, what would be the basis of the appeal? Appeals have to be granted by the judge who heard the case. Appeal is not just a second chance do-over you can have for the Hell of it. 鈥淎mount too high鈥 isn鈥檛 reason enough. There has to be a reason to question the jury鈥檚 fairness or the instructions they got at closing.

    3. @It’s Above Me Now the person suing has the choice of location. they file the lawsuit there and then the person being sued can challenge it if there is no reason for it to be held there. the parents in this case could have chosen connecticut but for some reason decided to choose where aj’s business was.

  5. I can only hope the bankruptcy court doesn’t allow Jones to skate, and if he’s successfully hidden the money he once clearly had, then at least the plaintiffs should be able to garnish any future earnings. He needs to pay, not welch. And pay ALL of it.

    1. We learned during the Amber Heard trial that you can’t eliminate debts in bankruptcy that came from “malice.”

  6. They also found messages about Jan6 from his lawyer turning of all his lifetime message..this trial has more twist than the movie dark night 馃嵖

    1. I cant believe it. Jones HAD already realized; as Hbomberguy points out in his epic Jones-Roast; that its more lucrative to shout against ‘vague concepts’,
      but now he said Something bad about real People and got served.

  7. Maaaaan this story just keeps getting better and better. I hope these families get paid what he owes them. And if he ends up living out of a cardboard box under a bridge it’ll be all the sweeter 馃馃槝

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