1. During the past 25,000 years, the Earth system has undergone a series of dramatic transitions. The most recent glacial period peaked 21,500 years ago during the Last Glacial Maximum, or LGM. At that time, the northern third of North America was covered by the Laurentide Ice Sheet, which extended as far south as Des Moines, Iowa; Cincinnati, Ohio; and New York City. The Cordilleran Ice Sheet covered much of western Canada as well as northern Washington, Idaho, and Montana in the United States. In Europe the Scandinavian Ice Sheet sat atop the British Isles, Scandinavia, northeastern Europe, and north-central Siberia. Montane glaciers were extensive in other regions, even at low latitudes in Africa and South America. Global sea level was 125 metres ( 410 feet) below modern levels, because of the long-term net transfer of water from the oceans to the ice sheets. Temperatures near Earth’s surface in unglaciated regions were about 5 °C (9 °F) cooler than today. Many Northern Hemisphere plant and animal species inhabited areas far south of their present ranges. For example, jack pine and white spruce trees grew in northwestern Georgia, 1,000 km (600 miles) south of their modern range limits in the Great Lakes region of North America.

  2. The first known examples of animal domestication occurred in western Asia between 11,000 and 9,500 years ago when goats and sheep were first herded, whereas examples of plant domestication date to 9,000 years ago when wheat, lentils, rye, and barley were first cultivated. This phase of technological increase occurred during a time of climatic transition that followed the last glacial period. A number of scientists have suggested that, although climate change imposed stresses on hunter-gatherer-forager societies by causing rapid shifts in resources, it also provided opportunities as new plant and animal resources appeared.

  3. The Earth system has undergone a general cooling trend for the past 50 million years, culminating in the development of permanent ice sheets in the Northern Hemisphere about 2.75 million years ago. These ice sheets expanded and contracted in a regular rhythm, with each glacial maximum separated from adjacent ones by 41,000 years (based on the cycle of axial tilt). As the ice sheets waxed and waned, global climate drifted steadily toward cooler conditions characterized by increasingly severe glaciations and increasingly cool interglacial phases. Beginning around 900,000 years ago, the glacial-interglacial cycles shifted frequency. Ever since, the glacial peaks have been 100,000 years apart, and the Earth system has spent more time in cool phases than before. The 41,000-year periodicity has continued, with smaller fluctuations superimposed on the 100,000-year cycle. In addition, a smaller, 23,000-year cycle has occurred through both the 41,000-year and 100,000-year cycles.

  4. This was really good so many people oversimplify the situation as being “well if Russia would have taken Ukraine then China would have immediately gone after Taiwan”, completely forgetting that the Taiwan situation is vastly more complicated.

    1. @Anne okay. I would like to understand you more. Usually we two parties just fight for what’s next but I never heard anyone said anything about what happened in the past. You can let me know what changed you if you like and also I can tell you what we heard about Taiwan when I was in mainland.

  5. “When you see two fish fighting in a river, an Englishman must have passed by” – Native American saying

    1. @Soshi If all you are doing is venting your frustrations here then yes nothing will change but if you take an active role and let your reps know how you feel then no it will affect foreign policy. Keep in mind foreign policy is complex where everybody is cheating.

    2. 你不要不在乎!!!!APT-27 WARNS TAIWAN.APT-27警告台灣.。

  6. Am I the only one noticing they’re not really saying why she’s there? I’m sure it’s not some foreign relations visit, and is more centered around semiconductors, which her, her husband, and a few others extremely close to them have investments in… Her greed just may get the country into some serious trouble.

  7. The best way for Taiwan to remain a democracy, is for the U.S. et al. to respect China’s intentions regarding part of its territory. Bear in mind, the U.S. would never tolerate ANY interference from a foreign country regarding any of it’s territories. Moral of the story: It’s always different when the shoe’s on the other foot!

    1. @pcrq It’s STILL Chinese tho, as You said it’s not Chinese territory, glad to see You have holes in Your own statements

  8. according to an unspecified source and transmission for an unspecified amount according to a Chinese agent if Mao was living he would now be serving China and say now China sovereignty has been violated very badly and it should be defended now not in the future to prevent america from attacking their west side, if the Mao army could not take China taiwan then it should not be China. China must move to keep taiwan from been a break away and a base for America’s military so close to China drawn step to fill Xi Jinping you should know is to fill China and Mao’s purpose end of transmission, america cannot defend two war fronts with out weakening Russia keep fighting

  9. G7 vs 160 countries. International community has made its voice versus a small group of nations regarding the Pelosi visit. What a stark contrast of those not respecting and those respecting sovereignty and territorial integrity of another nation?

    1. @Piotr this number is all over the news. China’s spokesperson in Foreign Affairs Hua Chunying mentioned this in one of news conferences and she even read out the supporting statements (on the One-China policy) of other countries!

  10. It’s because everyone seems to only take care of themselves these days.

    Empathy is a thing of the past. A feeding ground for a massive war.

  11. Imagine ?…the final scene of …” The Bedford Incedent”…..but Nancy is the target …..ooops !!!

  12. When self-determination is in conflict to territorial integrity, per Helsinki Final Act of 1975, territorial integrity takes precedence. Western countries tend to play with self-determination based on their own political needs. We have been drilled into our mind so much negative about China like the most resent “Uyghurs genocide and forced labor” which has penetrated popular consciousness to such an extent. But can you answer following questions? (1) Why even China’s president could have only one child due to the strictly enforced one child per family policy from 1979 to 2016 but all the “persecuted” Uyghurs and Tibetans were not subject to this policy and allowed to have multiple kids? Due to this imparity, most recent census shows that in Xinjiang, Uyghur population has grown from 8.34 million in 2000 to 11.62 million in 2020 which is much faster than that of Han Chinese. Have you seen such “Genocide”? You don’t want to ask why our medias and politicians never told you this so obvious fact that every Chinese knows? Why all minorities including Uyghurs can get vast benefits such as extra free points added to their college admission exam scores to give the minorities better chance to be admitted to colleges, reserved positions in the government, etc.? All these policies are clearly written in their law and every single Chinese knows. If China is to erase Uyghur’s culture, why China seems to be doing a lot of counterproductive things such as Uyghur printed on China’s national banknotes, Uyghur on all the street name signs in Xinjiang, etc.? Can you find any languages other than English printed on any US dollars? (2) Many Uyghur fighters were captured in Afghanistan and detained in Guantanamo and ETIM was also listed as a terrorist organization by the US government. So, Uyghurs used to be repressed by the US as well? Why did major general Hecker of the U.S military announce that they bombed a group of Uyghurs belonging to ETIM on 02/07/2018? Why suddenly ETIM was delisted as a terrorist organization? Simply because ETIM is our enemy’s enemy? (3) Any mass persecutions are always accompanied with refugee crisis much less a genocide which is the uttermost form of persecution. In addition to genocide, our allegations also include incarceration of more than 1 million or about 8% of the entire Uyghur population in concentration camps and forced labor. If our accusations are true, we must have seen a notable refugee crisis like those we have seen in many other regions. Just think about when almost 10 million “repressed” Uyghurs desperately escape from China and how many troops Chinese government needs to deploy! But why our satellites which can read a license plate clearly can’t show us a single image of such humanitarian crisis such as the refugee camps along the border or confrontation between Chinese troops and the Uyghurs flocking to the border? Why are we only given so called satellite photo evidence of “concentration camps”? How do you know that these buildings are concentration camps? Simply because they are enclosed with a wall? In China, I saw all the schools, hospitals, factories, etc. are enclosed with a wall. Why in one such “evidence”, you can even find a big garden in a “concentration camp”? Why CNN needs to blur the date on the passport of a “concentration camp victim” simply because the printed date indicates that her passport was issued and renewed while she was “detained” in the “concentration camp”? (4) If Uyghurs are forced labors why China has been trying its best to make cotton production so highly mechanized which can be easily proved by the American company John Deere’s own sales report? US footwear company Skechers has refuted the allegations of forced labor multiple times with multiple internal audits but why no mainstream western medias dare to share their investigation results with the westerners? Why our medias always treat the skeptical testimonies provided by the Uyghur separatists who want to create an Islamic ethnostate in Xinjiang as solid evidence of forced labor? Can a defendant be convicted by the plaintiff’s testimony only without other evidence? Why Skechers’ investigation must be excluded? What is our evidential standard when it comes to castigating China? (5) Why when China invited independent international investigation, a lot of countries including many Muslim countries accepted except the western nations who claimed to investigate by themselves but if someone files a lawsuit against you, as the defendant, can you accept any investigations conducted by the plaintiff? Can you accept a judge who already believes the narratives of the plaintiff and vows to punish you? (6) Why no Muslim countries join this game of disinformation against China? (7) Why after investigating in Xinjiang, Fariz Mehdawi, Palestine’s ambassador to China wrote “You know, the number of mosques, if you have to calculate it all, it’s something like 2,000 inhabitants for one mosque. This ratio we don’t have it in our country. It’s not available anywhere. Are we diplomates so naïve that we could be maneuvered to believe anything or are we part of a conspiracy that we would justify something against what we had seen? I think this is not respectful. There is no conspiracy here, there is facts. And the fact of the matter is that China is rising and developing everywhere, including Xinjing. Since some people are not happy about that, they would like to stop the rise of China by any means.” Is it possible that China’s only fault is that it has been advancing too much which makes us so jealous and scared that we can’t help concocting so many fake stories about China?

  13. This all seems so childish, especially the I’m not talking to you anymore part 😂 I pray that people don’t die over grown leaders acting like children.

  14. July 8, 1998, Clinton Publicly Reiterates U.S. “Three No’s” Principles on Taiwan. The U.S. President Clinton said: “I had a chance to reiterate our Taiwan policy which is that we don’t support independence for Taiwan, or ‘two Chinas’, or “one Taiwan, one China’, and we don’t believe that Taiwan should be a member in any organization for which statehood is a requirement.”

  15. China must focus on developing its naval force with more number of nuclear capable big sized submarines and many more fleet of Aircraft carriers.
    Yes they can do it they have all the required resources.

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