Alex Jones’ texts have been turned over to the Jan. 6 panel

Alex Jones' texts have been turned over to the Jan. 6 panel 1


  1. Dang, good job attorneys, Alex Jones’ attorneys that is. Makes one wonder if they did it on purpose.
    And finally have to thank Texas for having unique discovery rules when this sort of thing happens…that Jones’ Attorneys either didn’t know or forgot about…

    1. @Anonymous Justice I’d love to go to Venezuela… the girls are pretty and Im not oppossed to eating a housecat or two.

    2. @Anonymous Justice believe me, I get your point, but haven’t you been paying attention? We’re heading that route anyway, we’ve just been taking the long way around. Once the 2nd amendment is voted down, we will be eating stray dogs and cats in no time.

    1. Those insults pop up when the children get backed into a corner.. but I’m not the philosophy major here.. YouTube Politics is! 🥹😊

  2. The funny thing is that the lawsuit by the Sandy hook parents and the January 6th committee were entirely unconnected. It’s just amazing how things all come together!

    1. It is easy to at least dislike, a person like Alex Jones, he is not sympathetic in the least.

    1. @facezindadarkness I did that same thing to the comment….. The eyes rolling is just one of those things that automatically happens when I hear ANYTHING about the GQP or any of their cronies. I’ve literally rolled my eyes at them so hard it made my eyes hurt, and had perpetual head shaking no, in complete disbelief as to what I just read or heard, and ticks that makes my head, and makes my eyes twitch….. 🙄🙄🙄


    1. The next question should have been “Which of the seven sets of lawyers you used in this case did you send them to?

  3. It is kind of interesting to see Jones having to admit he lied and having to pay massive fines for his blow hard life style. He’s a good start, and hopefully we can see Fox News treated the same way. I will give Fox some credit for yanking the rug from under Trump. Carlson will have to find a new politician to kiss up to this coming year.

  4. You know, this is one more reason to treat the grieving parents who brought this suit as heroes. They knew they would be attacked, they knew people would say horrible things about their motives, but they had the courage and the strength to go through this anyway. They have lost a child, and then went through a lot more misery to bring truth and justice to people in our nation who don’t even know them. They are HEROS.

    1. @sonand sanford Nice one bud anyone can say anything about a situation if you like it or not. screaming there’s an active fire and talking about a situation after it happens are to completely different things.

    2. @Miles Civis You need to buy a clue. It was a kind of checks and balances system that gave both sides a chance to argue their side of any issue, bill, political candidate, etc… It wasn’t all pure one-sided conjecture and conspiracy theory allowed to be spouted unchecked. Our country was founded on a constitutional three branches system of checks and balances. I’d call it very constitutional and highly necessary.

  5. Given all the “missing” texts from the Secret Service and other government employees very close to Trump, Jones’ texts might possibly reveal some of this “lost” content. I hope that it will all be released to the public.

  6. After hearing the US Govt has his phone AJ gets a call from a friend:
    “I’m going to need you to do me a favor”

  7. I discovered Alex Jones for the first time back when the Twin Towers fell. No lie, I was sucked in. I watched sooooo many of his videos and began to fall for a few of his conspiracies. After watching for a month or so I started sending a good friend of mine some of the things I was hearing from Alex to see what he thought. He continually asked me for definitive proof. I got upset a few times and decided it was time to find him that proof. There inlies the problem. The more I looked, the more I learned that the proof wasn’t there. Instead, I found out what really happened and how. I felt bamboozled. My pride wouldn’t even let me tell my friend he was right all along. Still to this day I haven’t. What really made me think twice about Alex is how one person could have a conspiracy about sooooo many different topics. Not only that but the conspiracies would literally start right after an incident would happen. I mean some of them on the same exact day. Today is the first day in over 11 years that I have admitted any of this and my attachment to this cult leader. Thankfully it only lasted for a couple months. I have immediate family members that started following him a coupe years ago but I am afraid they are too far gone to try and help. I did try but there cultism goes deep. It was all “scare” tactics that got them there. Trump ran on scare tactics and Alex capitalized on it. They use each other for GREED and self acknowledgment. We as a people are better than that. Rep, Dem, Ind it doesn’t matter. Use your head and common sense people. So if you follow Trump or Alex I will tell you what my good friend told me 11 years ago. SHOW ME THE PROOF!!!

    1. @Victor Poulin we were already divided, my first introduction to Alex was when he released the police surveillance state video. Long before we had ring doorbells and other surveillance systems in place.

      In my honest opinion Trump only brought to the forefront what was already in the minds and hearts of so many.

  8. That was quite the “Oops” by his counsel. It seems like his lead attorney did not even realize what had been turned over, and when he did realize, he made no attempt to claim any part of it as privileged. That is either a stunning lackadaisical error, or pure incompetence.

    1. @Andrea Madden I love that you’re language is so incomprehensible that it says “translate to English”!

  9. maybe him and others will realize that along with freedom of speech comes some responsibilities when you decide to open your mouth !! Now he is going to pay for that arrogance !!

  10. I love how his lawyer says “He’ll be on the air today and tomorrow” as if he was stepping up to the plate to defend his client after he just gave up the whole case by sending them the phone! You can not make that up. WTF Bud! Great lawyer huh? I’m still laughing at this fool and all the fools who believe he was actually defending him. Hahahaha! Fool me once! Hahahaha.

  11. This is the most accurate description of what occurred in the court that I’ve seen so far. There were also emails in the 300GB data; were these also turned to the Jan 6 committee ?

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