1. @Killed The Cat gotta love how some dems think they have a chance in midterms 😂😂😂 good luck Brandon lovers. Don’t worry we will fix the economy for you.

    2. @Ryan Elliott there will be no red tsunami or wave 😂 you guys screwed that up by going after womens and gay rights.

    3. @Ryan Elliott As I said… So… Your big boast is pretending you can tell the future? You guys are just sad and desperate in ways I don’t even think you see anymore.

  1. Fun fact: if a bill would only benefit rich people, McConnell’s GOP would vote for it. That and if it would attack women or would increase weapons manufacturers’ revenues.

    1. I know the people in Dallas Texas needs help the gas is high the boots are the clothing Tire we can’t even buy nothing in clothes or pay our own bills without struggling we need help in Dallas Texas we need some kind of help I know people that is moving out of their homes and living in woods but we are going to make it regardless we’re going to make it and we appreciate everything you have done for us we really do appreciate it thank you

  2. If McConnell is complaining about a bill “helping rich people” you can be pretty sure that it doesn’t actually help rich people. If it truly helped rich people McConnell and other Republicans would be all for it.

  3. Actually, climate change mitigation measures only helps people who breathe oxygen.
    Do rich people (like McConnell) do that?

    1. @Denyse Van Leuven Cool. You won’t benefit from this bill as much as upper middle class and rich people will. Glad I could help.

    2. @Ed Groover TESLA MODEL 3 DEMOGRAPHICS: INCOME, AGE, GENDER AND MORE, Automotive Market Research, Demographics of Tesla Model 3 owners: average income
      “Let’s start our Tesla Model 3 demographics analysis with average household income. In 2022 a Tesla Model 3 owner has household income of $133,879 per year, up from $128,140 per year four years ago. That 4% increase is significant since overall median income is down in the US over the past several years. The Model S owner has an average household income of $151,096.”

    3. It also helps all the creatures out
      there who also need clean air and
      water but Mitch doesn’t care one
      but about them.🌲🦡

    4. @JK But you’re *not* “helping, “you’re just complaining. I’m 100% sure you have more money than I do so just be quiet now. SMH.

    1. @Valerie Pickens 😂I tell you what, if I knew that changing my name to this would have so many of you right-wing trolls all confused, I’d have done that a long time ago. LOL

      Let’s see if you can figure this out… now think real hard. What killed the cat? I’ll give you a kent. It starts with a C. Give it a minute to hit you… 😂

    2. @Valerie Pickens …As a Bernie supporter, no Bernie supporter could ever side with McConnell. The giveaways to the oil industry suck, but the rest of the bill is a giant leap in the right direction. Under a Capitalist system I’m surprised it goes as far as it does.

    3. @G Eak Except that part of the Bill also gave more Funding to the IRS so they can finally start going after rich people.

    4. @Pat Doyle “Which is why I respect Bernie more than most of his ideologue supporters.”
      Please explain how you support a politician who actually seems to care about other people, but somehow take issue with those most ecstatic about finally getting some help…

  4. Mitch, that’s what you and trump did for four years. Make rich people more rich and ignored the poor.

    1. @Nando Lord… Stop adding to this insane “chicken little” crap! The sky is not falling. 🙄

      I have worked as a tax professional. My mother is the lead tax lawyer in 2 states. She travels around the country teaching tax professionals all year. We have both actually read the bill. You clearly have not. Not just because you’re getting a lot of stocks wrong but also because you feel the need to set up a false dichotomy to try and convince yourself.

      ” if I don’t agree with you then I must be something bad”

      Calm your a$$ down and take a breath.

      So… The bill calls for the hiring of 87K additional STAFFERS hired in the IRS, in the next DECADE.
      1. STAFFERS does not mean IRS agents only. It does not mean IRS agents, even, mostly. The IRS has been tragically understaffed for over a decade now. In all positions. This may shock you but the majority of people who work at the IRS are not actually IRS agents. 🙄

      They also expect about 8% yield per year.

      2. And they aren’t even doing it all at once. They are hiring them over the course of 10 years.

      This will have NO new audits that weren’t gonna happen anyways. A lot of it is gonna be catching up. Again… Massively under staffed.

    2. @Nando As for the last bit of that you said… About putting energy elsewhere… how would you know one way or the other about that in regards to my energy or my opinion? You didn’t bother to ask and it certainly wasn’t the subject at hand. So why you think I would have randomly mentioned that is beyond me.

      Also, I’m pretty sure making sure that our planet doesn’t die as a little more important then University exemptions…. But… what do I know, right.. I’m just “gullible” like that. 🙄

    3. @Killed The Cat when I was in middle school in 2001 we were told that the ice caps would melt by 2007 and half the world would be underwater. I think that’s good enough reason to be skeptical

  5. Says the guy that has literally been fleecing the coal industry for his entire career.
    Oh the Irony…….

    1. I thought MANCHIN was fleasing the coal co.panies while Mcconale was clearing the shipping industry… His wife’s family has one of the largest shipping companies in the world .

    2. @Marian Lincoln that’s Virginia. Eastern Kentucky has lots of coal. It’s the areas only product. McConnell takes money from the mine owners to ensure the mines stay open and are deregulated to ensure so. He also is married to the daughter of one of China’s largest shipping companies. A company that transfers 90% of coal mined from the area directly to China. Coal keeps their lights on. Not so much ours like Republicans like to claim.

    3. @LEGION Manchin is in West Virginia and eastern Kentucky doesn’t have lots of coal as it has pretty much been mined out.

  6. McConnells know so well pulling the rich people card will riled up his base… will he’s working for the rich! Don’t give 2 shits about regular folks.

    1. “From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Matthew 4:17

      “Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.” Matthew 5:38-39°

    2. @Rachel Garber big tech, wall street, unions, and universities are a dnc exclusive though. Pharma is split.
      Who are these rich people u speak of?

  7. Thank you Ms. Gina McCarthy for your clear speaking so every American can understand the importance of this long delayed bill

  8. Climate action isn’t about saving money or good jobs, although that’s great. What it’s really about is saving humanity! Burning more electricity isn’t a total answer unless the generating plants quit burning coal (and natural gas eventually). We need more solar, wind and other answers.

    1. @Andy Smitty then let somebody develop it, far away from me, or most other population centers and see what happens and in the case of medical uses, radioactive products are used in very small does and usually with very short half lives

    2. @Belly Dancer Em good grief, you obviously haven’t researched it, one unit uses twice what a mammogram uses. These aren’t old school nuclear reactors, they fit in a 15’ connex and they have been testing them for over 20 years. Research it, it’s the future

    3. @Andy Smitty and don’t take this the wrong way, but I won’t look much into it either
      I believe that you are not trying to deceive me. That much is clear, I just get a bad feeling about it. 8 admit, I could be totally wrong, and if I am then I apologize and will admit I’m wrong, but in the meantime renewable energy has been proven safe and effective and I am backing that for now. If I do see evidence that your claim is accurate then I will agree with you, but not until then, and i really am not to interested in looking it up, so please this is not meant as an attack against you

    4. You can use coal for plants in your garden. Oil can be used as a pesticide. CO2 is good for them. What can you do with the finite metals & minerals mined in 3rd world countries?

  9. Anyone who had any doubts about this bill can rest assured that if Mitch McConnell is against it then it must be extremely beneficial and helpful to America and the American people.

  10. The only thing “rich” about this is Mitch acting like GOP ever does anything that doesn’t benefit the rich.

    1. @Ryan Elliott same around the entire world Mr GOP sheep not conservative here in Canada yet same same problems come out of your bubble

    2. @Iamgrammy # Canada. Isn’t that the country where your leader declared thousands of truckers domestic terrorists and froze their bank accounts for… honking?

    3. @nancy m ross The same thing I think about loyalist democrat supporters, that can’t call out the current administration.

    1. That’s why I’m surprised her response wasn’t, “if the bill helps rich people, why is he complaining?”

  11. Mitch has spoken with his donors and they have decided the bill is no good. Mitch never read this thing. Not that it matters. His life is devoted to the conservation of the status quo. He’s pro rich people tax breaks and now pretends that’s not the case. He’s a liar. I don’t like everything in the bill but Mitch wouldn’t like any version of any bill dealing with the reality of climate change.

  12. If Mitch doesn’t like it and the GQP oppose it then it must be good for the working class and the country.

  13. We all know by now when a GOP politicians says something, expect the complete opposite.

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