Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slams GOP in House floor speech

After House lawmakers voted to remove Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from the Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) denounced House Republicans for what she sees as a “continued attack” against women of color. #CNN #news #shorts


    1. Reagan was a movie star before becoming one of the best presidents America has ever had so was your point

    2. Imagine when you have a Career Criminal, bed-wetting, whiney-hiney, Putin laundromat grifter like TRUMP?!
      He only gets one term,
      And he gets INDICTED.
      (so sad, really).

  1. Now Omar will be saying, “Some people did some things” about her committee seat being taken from her.

    1. Bro you know congresspeople get voted on by their constituents, right? This isn’t the superhero movie I bet you cry about black people being cast in.

    1. It’s become too lucrative for these career politicians. Special interest groups, pharmaceutical companies, oil companies all line the politicians pockets to maintain status quo. Not one of them will ever propose term limits, let alone that question appearing at the poles. Just today , was announced the three big oil companies doubled their profits over the past year. At the expense of the working stiff. Our government is a joke.

    2. Sure. Get elected. Make all the changes your contributors wanted. Go get the job you really wanted as a reward. Term limits is guaranteed corruptiin.

    1. @Keith Crowell Cute. Keith Crowell suggests that I’m a bot then removes comment. They are busy little trolls.

    2. @Sue Mick I didn’t remove it. My comments are constantly censored and shadow banned. It’s what happens when you speak the truth against a dictatorship.

    1. Her tactful way of quietly saying…
      “IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB”, & that 20-Arabs from SA, were BIT PLAYAS.
      Or you can just regurgitate Fox Spews. And stay warm & fuzzy.

  2. I don’t always agree wit AOC but she is right about Margarine traitor green bean speaking of Jewish space lasers and not being held to the same standard

  3. Can’t imagine how hard it’s been for her to hold her tongue this long . She’s telling the truth .

  4. Bit of a shame that you cut out the most unhinged moments of her speech where she is hopping around a and losing it completely. Not sure what she is on, but either it’s the wrong meds or they aren’t working.

    Now all politics is theatrics, so she believes her content and delivery is pleasing to her core audience. What does that say about her core audience – pretty scary

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