Alice Johnson On Alabama Inmate Execution | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Alice Johnson On Alabama Inmate Execution | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


An execution in Alabama last night is raising questions about criminal justice in the state. Alice Marie Johnson knows about the system firsthand after being sentenced to life in prison before her sentence was commuted. She joins Stephanie Ruhle to discuss this execution and how she's helping other women rebuild after prison. Aired on 03/06/20.
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Alice Johnson On Alabama Inmate Execution | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. I kep trying to comment and I can’t get it formulated right. So I’ll just coattail on yours. Thanks.

  1. THIS is why they kneel! The justice system is lazy and it’s always minorities that pay for the superficial shortcomings.

    1. @Jamtommy1 then you’re just trolling or worst, self defeating. Your pointlessness has been noted.

    2. ​@Real Talk76 OK you sickening Bigot, you and the crazy cat lady have fun with your little racial putdown thread you have going here.

    3. Well, my black sisters and brothers will still never change. .it starts with us first to come together and love each other

    4. what is your European ancestry line? We blacks had our identity taken away. Why? Slavery in America wasn’t only about free labor, racism, or hate. Europeans identified and targeted the Kingdom of Judah for slavery so that they could build “treasure cities” just like they did for Pharaoh in the Old Testament (Exodus 1:11). All we have to do is look around and see the wealth built for Europeans by black people. Meaning we are NOT AFRICANS BUT THE REAL JEWS. PLAGUES ARE HERE FOR ALL NATIONS

    1. Martin Luther King once said, Judge a person by the content of their character not the color of their skin. POC…People of Character do not commit crimes against other people…and only small minded people blame others’ for their shortcomings.

    2. @THE PHANTOM The “essence” in what I said was the words I wrote and nothing else. Anything beyond my words comes from your inability to comprehend. Don’t bother me with any more of your myopic spew.

  2. An eye for an eye was “justice” a thousand years ago. You’d think we’d have progressed to a higher standard by now.

    1. @Ro G I would never stand with a family member if they did a mass shooting. They’d be dead to me.

    2. Besides, by that standard, they’ll have to execute both the shooter and another black man picked at random. (FWIW, the original “eye for an eye” rule was the MAXIMUM penalty. It eliminated having thieves’ hands chopped off for shoplifting, etc. The idea of killing several men at random in exchange for the killing of several men by ONE man is not permitted under that law.)

    3. @Ro G We, um, don’t build laws based on which individual gets shot. We base laws on general truths – and keep individuals from demanding extra revenge or vicious fun. This one came under the heading of “vicious fun”.

    4. II nosferatu II If I remember West Wing correctly, the answer here is “If someone murdered someone I love, I am glad the judge and jury are objective because I would be in the wrong state of mind to know what is just.”
      Or something like that.

  3. When the Democrats created k k k, their main goal was to control or destroyed blacks in America

    1. Delta Blues With respect research the GOP’s “Southern Strategy”. I’m old enough to remember it happening. It is not fake news. It is history. And reality today.

    1. Ramona Ray Woods was convicted on the common law principle of “joint enterprise,” though I believe from what I’ve read they actually charged him with conspiracy. With a joint enterprise the prosecution prove you entered into a common purpose, in this instance to commit murder, with a conspiracy the prosecution have to prove an agreement to commit the crime.

      A similar controversial conviction occurred in Britain in 1950 when Derek Bentley and Christopher Craig broke into a warehouse in Croydon, West London. The police were called and Bentley was arrested, he was actually in police custody when Craig pulled out a revolver and shot Police Constable Sidney Miles, killing him. Craig was convicted of murder and was sentenced to life because he was 16 years old at the time. Bentley was alleged to have shouted to Craig “Let him have it” which Bentley denied saying at trial. However, even if the words were said did it mean hand over the weapon or fire at the officer. The jury convicted Bentley of murder rather than acquit him, or convict him of manslaughter.

      Bentley was of very low IQ and had mental impairment. The Home Secretary decline to reprieve Bentley and he was executed by hanging at H.M.P. Wandsworth on the 28th January 1953. To this day it remains a very controversial conviction and one that added to the argument to abolish the death penalty in Britain which we did in 1965. In my humble opinion, as a retired criminal barrister with over 32 years experience at the English Bar, the death penalty is wholly ineffective and more so when massive delays occur between the date of sentence and the date of execution. In this case I think it was 15-16 years from conviction to execution. Such delay makes the sentence irrelevant to the crime.

  4. Jesus said “he who is without sin , cast the first stone” , well I know I won’t be casting any stones….

    1. @Rick A Yes sir I understand….I don’t agree with the death penalty. Rick , we’re not all bad , but I understand your anger and frustration.

    2. @Rick A Rick , I just saw on Lawrence O’Donnell show that Governor Kay Ivey…..said that “every life is precious”….she is opposed to abortion because every life is precious…..but I guess she didn’t feel that way last night, and is an ABSOLUTE HYPOCRITE….but now Rick , I know you’re not surprised nor am I, It’s not right my friend.

    1. That was supposed to be ironic. At least she was trying to say something about justice. Anyway, English isn’t her first language. Trump has done more for justice reform than anyone else this term. He hasn’t been shown justice either by the Democratic elites.

  5. Can someone please direct me to the clip with Brian Williams and the major math error? I’ve seen several other outlets cover it but I can’t find the original. Thanks!

  6. Ya gota ask why so much of/ that “is” the US/ southern US is like this.. why so simple minded../ lacking in depth or thought/ understanding of life?

  7. The actual shooter is still breathing SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THAT
    PICTURE !!
    Why people surprised any Alabama been murmuring black men for eons !!

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