All A Scam: Trump 2020 Exposed For Defrauding Own Fans, Echoing Trump U. Debacle


  1. And yet they willing give him their credit card numbers even today… knowing he’s a thief 🤣


    2. Will expres go by way of the Bakers or the Grahams??? Righteous Dissolution will take a LONG TiME. Not sure Exorcism would cure 17% of cultists🔌

  2. Trumpists will call it “fake news” while literally watching the money come out of their bank accounts.. lol

    1. Con artist Trump pulled the oldest game in the book on his followers? U not suppose to ride on every word he say? That’s how he was able to rob ya blind. Y’all loved him too damm much

    2. @Joyce Signorella Smirking? I’m far from smirking. Would you be smirking if five people owed you around 45k each and were living on your property? I keep hearing the crypt keeper talking about 30 billion dollars to help with rent and have yet to see a penny. If you owned property that you leased you might understand exactly why I’m sick of freeloaders. Trust me I’m not bragging about owning a few buildings. It’s more of a headache than it’s worth. I inherited some of them and they’re costing me more to maintain and that’s not the reason I chose to keep them and aquire more. The fact is that they’re my properties and the government will only protect you freeloaders for so long. I’m assuming you’re another lowlife who thought you were getting free rent. I bet you were shocked when you found out it wasn’t free and you were getting yourself into debt. You people think you can take advantage of any system and not face the repercussions. Well this pandemic will be a memory soon but the debt owed to landlords isn’t going anywhere.

    1. @vernon mosweu You mean the corporate owned marxist mainstream media? Some conservatives are dishonest on purpose and others do it out shear stupidity. It doesn’t matter which one you are.

    2. @vernon mosweu except the reality of what your news claims never seems to happen. Instead those outlets backtrack on those claims.

    3. @Time Stamp then what do you suppose we do to wake people up end human trafficking and make america one nation under GOD again?

    4. ​@TheComedyGamingNetwork Worshipping some ancient doomsday god the Roman invented will only lead to the eventual extinction of our species. It’s sad to say but that’s exactly what those idiots want. This is precisely why they are so afraid of the future, they’ve believed this crap since they were babies in their cribs. The idea that the Romans were ignorant savages compared to modern human’s just can’t be processed in their trained brains.
      There is no future for the human race if we allow the ignorance of ancient man to lead us there. Conservative’s can’t adapt to the changing environment, they will go extinct because of it. That’s why so many of them think it’s the end-times. But all of them believe they represent civilization and it will collapse without them. They are afraid of being overrun, forced to assimilate or risk enslavement or killed off with their history erased and culture forgotten.
      The only reason they believe these outcomes are possible is because the ancient history of the warrior culture they are so intimately connected too is filled with examples of them doing that to other cultures hundreds if not thousands of times.

    1. Yup, look at religion. People will go to great lengths, even conjure up fake films and lie incessantly to try to prove that they were right all along. Beware those who claim to have all the answers, for they have none.

    2. @mrwascally t yep! that’s what they get for believing in that shightster vampire. Everytime I look up someone posting ooo mr.president we miss u? and we love u. Some still believe that he still is the president. how weird is that? It’s like they r compelled .

    1. @Wayne Slater its bad enough that he took their money and they have to go chanting for it back. Please don’t rub salt in the wound by calling them names.

  3. Reminds me of a boiler room operation I once worked for. They ripped off everyone who came in contact with them. When I called them out on it the owner proudly told me, “These people WANT to get ripped off!” I testified and off they went to prison..

    1. Our country needs a lot more whisle blowers and raisr-the-red-flag, people, like you. You deserve a trophy.

    2. @michael is that real? It was that expensive? Did you get any kind of curriculum out of it or was it just about getting more money each “class”?

  4. Some of them want to use you
    Some of them want to get used by you
    Some of them want to abuse you
    Some of them want to be abused – Eurythmics

    1. Some of them want to ewes you
      Some of them pass as ewes by you
      FAKE EWES — wolves dressed like sheep
      THIS . . . is EweToo(b). <{-:( 0 ):-}>

    2. @Lea Brown Yes, I appreciate the relief from the never ending “Mairzy Dotes” my grandsons toy infected my brain with earlier this morning.

  5. No denial is stronger than that of people who won’t have guts to admit to have been swindled. It will have to take time.

  6. fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me: fool me 1000’s of times, shame can’t save you

    1. He had already had to pay back 100 million. The idiots gave him his biggest payday on his B-day but they didn’t read the fine print and those who didn’t uncheck a box got their bank accounts drained.

  7. peace love and universal blessings from tyler , remember love is love is love. kindness is everything

    1. If you dislike somebody for their behavior,
      Do not start to behave like them when dealing with them…
      Cos then you’re no better 😎👍🏼

    2. Love is everything except when it is the love of money, the love of deceit, the love of impoverishment of others for self empowerment. He, that former president, may have a reprobate mind. Living a form of religion, but having no substance of the living spirit.

  8. His loyalists will always spend /give their last hard earned dollars to him along with their cigarettes and beer taking second place.

  9. The idiocy of these people… was self-created as they have been defunding public education for 50 years

    1. @Ryan Coldiron And the deflection and intellectual dishonesty on the right never shocks me.

      When your politics, vision and policies are as objectively terrible as the right’s are, taking your own measure is too painful and difficult a task.

      Had it not been for psychopathic, incurious, freedom-obsessed,conspiracy theory gulping QAnon supporting covidiots, we’d be back to normal by now.

      Hundreds of thousands of lives might have been saved and we wouldn’t be struggling to outrun mutations had Trump supporting Karens and Darens not chest-thumped their way through this pandemic, projectile vomiting their Fox News informed lack of self-preservation skills all over this country.

      I also love how the same people yelling about closed schools like to whine about educated people and decry education’s influence on the country.

      Try forming your own ideas rather than regurgitating Trump, Breitbart, Vox Day, The White Voice and OANN approved talking points.

    2. Now now, we mustn’t confuse the poor dears with facts; that kind of thing tends to cause their heads to explode.

    3. @Ryan Coldiron Exactly, and like most adults with brains, we don’t try to snuff out our political opponents in an attack on the nation’s capitol.

      And I see we’ve got a rightwing keyboard warrior on our hands.

      Guys, just throw water (water specifically meaning factual information and other objective realities) on these critters and they melt right down for ya.

    4. What’s worse then defunding education was the spin of the actual educational books information, process of teaching, and the pressure to have students learn more in less time without actually teaching students individually how she/he can learn for himself/herself. Putting more focus on children, and how they identify gender. Keeping traditional large amounts of the budget going for sports instead of basic skill support for reading and writing which without them science and math make no sense, and keep naturally talented in sports students from being eligible to be on teams because of grades! And those are the same reasons online schooling during this pandemic has failed so many students in this country.

    5. @A. Settje sorry I think English may be your second or greater language, your point is lost. Are you anti-liberal?

  10. The con man’s supporters walked into his scam with eyes wide open, they asked for it and they got it. In the words of my 5 yr old grandson, “That’s what they get.”

  11. I’ve never gotten over the “I could shoot someone on 5th avenue and wouldn’t lose any supporters” thing. He was actually insulting his audience’s intelligence and they ate it up. They never caught on.

    1. @Lyn Powell If your referring to custom prison cell I doubt he would get what he wants in this modern age, besides he wont have any $$$ left after the seize all his funds.

  12. The court should deduct a “stupid fee” for these donors and put that money into public education.

    1. Even now you want to be generous with other people’s money. Good lord you people are pathetic.

    2. @lou Albino They generously donated now let them generously donate again. Unless you agree they were scammed by their “great leader”?

  13. “We’re gonna own the libs by giving away all our money to a con man, then go to prison for a min of 10 years.” LOL

    1. You donate wayne $100,get $60 tax Write-off,Wayne donates to me and I donate to you. In 3 year’s,that’s a $180 screwing of honest tax payers.

  14. Look at Nero he ran Rome with an iron fist, till he took his own life in front of his own guards who were there to take him away.

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