All In EXTRA: Chris Hayes On Why The Media Can’t Just Ignore Trump | MSNBC

All In EXTRA: Chris Hayes On Why The Media Can't Just Ignore Trump | MSNBC 1


In this All In digital-only extra, Chris Hayes talks to the studio audience about how he stays sane in the crazy news cycle, and why, despite viewer complaints, the media has to cover President Trump.
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All In EXTRA: Chris Hayes On Why The Media Can't Just Ignore Trump

44 Comments on "All In EXTRA: Chris Hayes On Why The Media Can’t Just Ignore Trump | MSNBC"

  1. I have never liked Trump. I have always thought he was a horrible person. I have been gravely disappointed in our presidency for nearly three years. Yesterday for the first time, I was furious. When NOAA lied, it broke my heart. So much of our government is terribly broken, but the weather had not been sullied. Whoever sent out that lying tweet committed a grave offense against America. I look forward to the retraction and the apology. It will happen.

    • Fascism. get used to it. There are a lot of Americans who desire a dictator who forces his or her truth over true truth. You know alternative facts become reality and the government falls in line. i totally agree with you when i saw that tweet from the NOAA, I thought wow, we are finished as a democracy of integrity, truth, science, ethics, morals. i fear it will get worse and fear Trump will win 2020 despite his progressive senile dementia on vivid display. Why? Trump voters do not poll. We know this so all these polls are meaningless. The trump supporter needs a dictator at the helm, and fascism is simply A-okay with these people. Scary, huh? but reality…..

    • But the retractions of the President done time and time again by cnn, msnbc, the ny times, the washington post and the rest of the msm were perfectly ok?

    • @Dolores Reynolds if you look in yo it….there is a lot of corruption in those agencies.

    • Lol and you have nothing to say about so called “news” companies?

  2. clay williston | September 7, 2019 at 7:01 PM | Reply

    Hitler also bragged about being a builder just like trump

    • If Trump is Hitler… then I have only one response…

    • mussolini too. it’s part of the whole philosophy behind being a saviour, a leader. ghaddafi did it too. saddam hussein. all of them ended rather badly as we all know. but the idea of building is not wrong if it helps improve a nation ibelieve.

    • Yep, and Hitler also put one foot in front of another when he walked – just like Trump.

    • clay williston and yet democrats want trump aka hitler to take away ours guns explain that thought process

  3. Audrey Muzingo | September 7, 2019 at 7:03 PM | Reply

    Here’s the thing. On the one hand, his heinous crap does deserve the public’s eye. It needs documenting, noting for the record and explaining what makes it so wrong for those who don’t know the nuts-n-bolts of government, because this IS history we must avoid repeating. But at the same time, when you see host after host after panel after panel discuss the story all day (or two, or three), and do so within the “professional” framing of serious news, it can backfire. Like, whatever Trump’s latest moronic antic is….just getting TOLD, over and over, with only as much editorializing as hosts/guests are allowed to do, it’s failing us on TWO levels: it’s ignoring countless other stories, AND (usually) failing to even showcase the heinousness with the counter-heinousness it would require.
    Funny story that highlights what I’m saying perfectly: EV-ER-Y-BOD-Y now knows that Trump falsely warned Alabama about the hurricane and that he faked the prediction map after the fact, and then he tweeted this and that and the other about it. But did you know there was a mass shooting with 10 teenage victims here in Mobile Alabama last Friday night? How’s that for irony? The whole country knows about something that didn’t and never was expected to happen to Alabama, while something did happen that will render our happy little city in Alabama fearful to gather ever again.
    Meanwhile, who actually covers Sharpiegate best? –Colbert, Kimmel, Maher, etc. The people who can satirize this most satirical of men with almost limitless creativity including raunchiness, if it calls for it. Because it’s their job description, and they are GOOD at it. And that can change hearts and minds a lot more effectively than one torso after another just looking “triggered” by him. –Sorry Chris, I do love you!

    • I noticed how you conveniently left out how the traitorous powers that be (Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Obama) attempted to overthrow a Presidential administration with that Russian Collusion BS. IN THE UNITES STATES OF AMERICA for Gods sake. have you people no shame

  4. A free press is what prevents a democracy from turning into a totalitarian society controlled by a dictator. Trump despises and demonizes our free press, because it investigates and exposes unconstitutional actions, and it refuses to let him lie with impunity.

    • william willie | September 8, 2019 at 9:27 AM | Reply

      We were rated 47th in freedom of the press and sliding the last time I checked.

      It did not start with the Trump administration

    • Obama jailed Reporters for not revealing sources. He spied on reporters and hacked their computers. He threatened to limit press access unless he was given favorable press. Trump has done ZERO to hinder the press.

    • We don’t have a free press now with fewer than 5 private corporations owning all the TV news channels, newspapers, and radio stations. You think reporters at the Jeff Bezos owned Washington Post has freedom of the press rights to report all of Amazon’s labor mis practices and human labor abuses? If you think that, then I got some nice beach front property in Kansas City, MO I like to see to you.

    • @Bunkiebe facts aren’t delusion.

    • I think you mean ….a honest free press….which we dont have….trump despising fake news makes sense. Fake news is not healthy for social order.

  5. Manuel Valcárcel | September 7, 2019 at 7:16 PM | Reply

    If Trump can’t be ignored at least turn off his annoying voice. Cover his appearances as if it were a silent movie. Contribute to devalue his trademark.

    • The only way to have 45 silent is when … well, you know ……his voice is gone…..

    • @James Montgomery That’s not a very smart plan when the time table to change so much is so limited. A vote for small-hand sharpie for the pleasure to “watch the media and elite go off the deep end” would drag all of us with them. The fight against climate change is the most important fight humanity has ever had. And we must ALL understand that we must do it together, no one mentioned and no one forgotten. That is why we climate change activists in Europe understand the need for the American people to get systems for universal health care and free education in place because we need you to be able of having focus on all these millions of jobs that needs to be done.

    • The media has assisted you in getting trump derangement syndrome. Wake up.

  6. It’s impossible to ignore Donald for the same reasons it was impossible to ignore the blowhard drama-queens back in high school. Pure and unadulterated entertainment, and watching them always makes you feel better about yourself.

  7. Definitely keep doing more of these.
    In the world we’re living in with trolls and misinformed individuals shouting “Fake News” at everything they disagree with, or just for the fact that it’s from a certain news organization it’s good to see reporters actually talking about themselves and engaging with the public expressing their humanity and life.
    It’d be good to see other reporters such as Rachel Maddow appear on this show as well!

  8. Trump only ran for the presidency so that he could strengthen his brand! He won by corrupt means! The GREAT IRONY is that if he had become a President who worked for ALL Americans – his brand would be booming by now! But because he divides the US, he’s lost a good 60% of customers who no longer want to patronise his businesses because they hate him so much! TRUMP HAS TRASHED HIS BRAND WITH HIS TRASHING OF THE PRESIDENCY!

  9. Good job from Maggie Toal well said

  10. Danny Cartagena | September 7, 2019 at 10:59 PM | Reply

    Easier Said, Than Done… And again Trump is full of BS…?!… 😤 😡 😤 😠

  11. Just keep Trump’s voice and clips to a bare minimum.

    • I know right… they are spreading trump derangement syndrome to their viewers. To were the viewers cant stand to hear him because the media has gotten so many of their viewers to actually believe their fake news.
      Fake news media is the enemy of society. They actually have people believing that he’s a bad president. An hour of research can easily show how he is probably the best president in resent history.

  12. Wallace Wallaby | September 7, 2019 at 11:29 PM | Reply

    If the press ignored Trump, he would get away with so much more. The corruption would be more hidden.

  13. Can’t ignore Trump because it’s the biggest circus show on Earth right now. The clown has a new act every single day.

  14. bernadette black | September 8, 2019 at 1:03 AM | Reply

    I Love Chris . He is what is great about the Irish in America.


    (unless you bury him really good in a SANDTRAP, in the “back 9)

  16. Trump just announced that he has called off the meeting with the taliban, he heard that the meeting was to be at camp David and not at Gnarlymalargo.

  17. Somebody wants it all how much is All?Winning at want costs it’s stressful.

  18. yay Chris Hayes, great job I thank u 4 dat

  19. I would love impeachment for sharpie it would be perfect exit for loser 45.

  20. We must impeach and/or prosecute and/or imprison #45

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