Alleged Gang Member Captured | Khanice Jackson Murder Suspect Remanded | $803m in Storm Damages 1

Alleged Gang Member Captured | Khanice Jackson Murder Suspect Remanded | $803m in Storm Damages

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  1. Need to Re Interview R.Fowlers gf & her sister..something dont sit right with them two. The gf’s Youtube video wasn’t empathetic towards Khanice, was all about the gf & saying how that she “pretty also, could of been her” who says that? And she thought R.Fowler was joking when he allegedly told her he did it!

    1. That’s how some family will be when you’re either the bread winner you can do nothing wrong!

  2. What’s the sense these cops put their lives at risk only for these jancros to plead guilty and the very tender hearted judges who are protected by tax payers money will give them few years and they return to continue exactly what they were doing???

  3. “Wow”An awesome five browney points to the Police DEPARTMENT of Jamaica in their dudilegence in capturing the wanted fugitive..Another five thumbs up for the Police Officer who gave the news report,I could understand every word spoken,”bravo”;every word in it’s past tense and present tense was grammatically ,articulated in it’s standard form.Thank God I didnot need a translator..

  4. “PRIME MINISTER, you failed to acknowledge that climate change is causing storms to be more frequent. So you should have resources in place for the changes in the weather, This is a yearly crisis. It’s nothing new.

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