Aluminum tariffs were “a failed and losing game” for Trump: Bruce Heyman

Former U.S. ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman says Trump's aluminum tariffs were a failure from the beginning and a losing proposition.

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    1. @First 2suspect Just repeating what they said. But if there was a deal trump and his cronies would be patting themselves on the back on TV right now. Unless the deal was better for Canada in that case they won’t say a word.

    1. It’s been said Trump is jealous of Trudeau. It especially irritates him the way Ivanka and Melania look and admire Trudeau.

  1. Trump doesn’t lose. He’s the master of the deal and this wasn’t just about lowering tariffs on aluminum. And how many tons of raw sewage is Quebec still dumping into the river every day?

    1. He’s such a master of the deal that he had to get a ghost writer for a book with his name on it called “The Art of the Deal.”

  2. The Biden campaign is a disaster. Trump will be re-elected with at least as strong a mandate as in 2016. We need a PM and cabinet that can get and keep Trump and his trade thugs (i.e. Navarro, Ross and Lighthizer) off our backs for the next 4 years. This government is clearly incapable of doing anything of the sort, in fact their actions only serve to inflame tensions as it seems they can’t resist poking the orange elephant.

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