Heyman: ‘If you get involved in a trade dispute with Canada, they are not going to back down”

Former U.S. ambassador Bruce Heyman says the Trump administration dropped aluminum tariffs because of internal pressure.

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  1. “internal pressure”
    sure.. i think we made some back room deal to avoid the catastrophe of a trade war. the democrats were also in favor of the tariffs

    1. China has more backbone than trump and does not have to answer to anyone. If trump was smart he would work with Canada and other allies to fight china

  2. It will only start to be repaired after Trump and his cronies are out of office. Until then it’s day by day and we will it back down.
    We’re the nice country , and yes we have more bite than your bark. DJT.
    I won’t say his name, it’s like a horror story you yell at camp fires. You say it he will come.

  3. I would like to hear what the Canadian aluminum industry has to say ……
    something is amuck here!!

    Stay safe, stay sane, be well

    1. make sure you ask permission first before you listen in on the Canadian aluminum industry, otherwise it’s illegal !

  4. “If you get involved in a land dispute with Canada, the Canadians will fold like a cheap tent and apologize for existing.”

  5. Thank the heavens we don’t have a conservative government. If it were Scheer or O’Toole these tariffs would be re-enforced. Never forget it was harper who counselled Trump on how to impose these tariffs on Canada!
    Thanks again Justin and sane and intelligent governance!

    1. Thank the heavens you can come up with a complete hypothetical to smear anyone else. You do realize these tariffs were already re-enforced. This has nothing to do with anything the liberals did.

    2. @CaSPeR GHoST I know, please pay attention. The buffoons Scheer and O’Toole are conservatives. The same as harper; the ex-PM who counseled Trump on imposing these on Canada! Why does everything have to be explained? The only thing it has to do with Liberals is they got rid of them!

    3. Charles Reece, the liberals did nothing to get them removed. Trump is in campaign mode and is doing everything he can to make himself look better. They will be back in 2 months when he gets re-elected.

    4. Charles Reece, since you keep claiming that Harper counselled Trump on the tariffs, when did that happen, have any proof?

  6. Simple, before the pandemic so- called *Canadian ( they are all foreign owned, and none by Canadians) aluminum went south for re- manufacturing, be it for extruded or cast products, in two forms, for example, say 70% was pure raw aluminum, and the other 30% flux ( not a real product just a name for demo purposes). Then, when the pandemic hit, and the flux type, already delivered, was not being used in a timely manner, the supply was backed up. Knowing this, the suppliers sent 100% of the pure type, as it has more manufacturing options across the spectrum. So, suddenly, there is 100% of the pure type, which automatically is more than usual, and looks like a glut, however, the lack of the flux type was not immediately taken into consideration, causing concern by everyone that there was extra on the market, which was not real. The amounts shipped this year were less than in 2017, according to the Department of Commerce numbers, and show that there was no dumping. Barcoding and corresponding point of origin documentation will likely be the next response across the industry.

    1. Harris is going to sneak in on Biden you watch in the few days she will be the one that will try to . And it’s all Hilary pushing it

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