Amb. Taylor's Trump-Ukraine Testimony Could Be Really Bad For Giuliani | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Amb. Taylor’s Trump-Ukraine Testimony Could Be Really Bad For Giuliani | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Ambassador Bill Taylor's testimony about Trump and Ukraine is also creating new question surrounding what Rudy Giuliani was up to in Ukraine. Katie Benner reacts. Aired on 10/22/19.
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Amb. Taylor's Trump-Ukraine Testimony Could Be Really Bad For Giuliani | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. IF IT WAS NOT FOR TRUMPS IRRATIC HATEFUL dangerous behaviour there would be no investigation. Take him out of Office immediately and get him psychiatrc treatment. Bless you

    2. That glub glub glub you hear may not be the sound of the swamp being drained. It may be Trumpo the Clown trying to talk as the Trumptanic sinks into the deep blue sea.

  1. Rudi will be arrested in his shorts in the early morning hours like Roger Stone. The arrest will be perfect. It will be beautiful.

    1. Luteplayer : NO! He’s at his maximum strength at night! Get him when he’s WEEK in the day, while he still can’t remember what your question was, and is all cross from sitting on his own balls!

    2. @Audrey Dunham absolutely … I am Australian dont know your culture but, if any flips the finger at a person it is a sign, but to do it on TV to your astronauts and especially woman, is a low act. the guy is a thug.

  2. Giuliani’s Whiter Shade of Fail (aka Vlad’s Free Dim Player)

    There once was a diplomat Taylor
    Who made Giuliani turn paler
    Than white through his fear
    Now wait for the smear
    Through tweets by Rude’s ultimate jailer

    For Taylor it seems has testified
    Giuliani and other’s had lied
    When they said there’s no
    Ukraine Quid Pro Quo
    It was just that they tried and they tried

  3. Giulani is going to regret ever getting himself “involved” with Trump once the Judge hands a guilty verdict on him…

  4. Trump got caught trying to create a deep state. Using his personal lawyer and his gang of criminals running a rogue off the books hit job on a political opponent and a President of a vulnerable country.

  5. Pence is complicit in all of the above. No way his hands or any other part of him is ‘clean’. No way he can step in to complete donald’s term. No way.

    1. it is not about who is complicit, it is about we the people remove trump from the whitehouse and get him psychiatric treatment.

    2. Pence will be stained with orange and completely neutered, and then a Democrat will be elected to try to fix everything.

    1. Pompeo is on an EXTENDED visit to our allies in Mongolia…He’ll be coming back sometime in 2021 when this has all blown over…

  6. Rudy “Gold Rings” Giuliani will get a matching pair of customized bracelets on his wrists. No more steaks and champagne. Just good ole “hamberders” behind bars. Bon appétit.

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