'What The Hell Is Wrong With You?' Dems Blast Trump For 'Lynching' Tweet | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

‘What The Hell Is Wrong With You?’ Dems Blast Trump For ‘Lynching’ Tweet | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Trump was condemned by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle today for comparing the impeachment inquiry to 'a lynching.' Jason Johnson reacts. Aired on 10/22/19.
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'What The Hell Is Wrong With You?' Dems Blast Trump For 'Lynching' Tweet | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Conservative Jew Mate, you’re not on the level. No person who is both rational and honest will say that Trump’s actions do not merit an impeachment inquiry. Insofar as Trump likened the inquiry to a lynching, he was clearly evincing a persecution complex. He was also failing to understand the qualitative difference between being the subject of an impeachment inquiry and being extra-judicially hanged until dead. What you’re implying is that evil actions of Democrats logically entail Trump’s innocence, which, of course, makes you either irrational or a liar. Jim Crow laws were bad ≠ Trump is good.

    1. @Todd Mintz u must not know the definition of evidence, or u just dont care, delusion is the trump supporters best trait so it makes sense

    2. @Dave Ponsford No evidence that Trump violated the emoluments clause. He may be tied up for a while over the obstruction cases, but that will come after he leaves office, probably in 5 years.

    3. @Todd Mintz these people wake up every morning looking for bad Trump news,, this is their fix.. I’m telling you TDs is real..

    1. @Steve Walker that this selfish pig would take his own life never crossed my mind, but epstein didn’t either.

    2. @Never Again He’s a sable genius with unmatched wisdom in his own head. Utterly overblown opinion of himself. I just don’t se iot, he will be screaming blame at everyone. He will never take responsibility for his crimes.

  1. “You [t’rump] value black people so little that you feel comfortable comparing a black person dying to your slight discomfort.” – Amber Ruffin by way of Seth Meyers Late Night.

    1. 2010realitycheck How so? Explain why you think our education system failed me. Or are you going to take the typical Democrat stance of making allegations without any supportive explanation or evidence?

    2. The left believes black people are too stupid to take care of themselves.
      The left believes blacks are too stupid to obtain an ID.
      The left has held blacks down for generations.
      Trump wants to get rid of illegal aliens . Which would help blacks tremendously.
      Trump has created the jobs that has lowered the unemployment of blacks to all time record lows.
      Obama did absolutely nothing to progress the black community.

    3. @Ronnie Jackson lynching has more than one meaning. You don’t need to be tied up by the neck to be lynched.
      Trump has never done or said anything that is racist.

  2. Wrong!
    The right question to Trump would be “Is there anything even remotely RIGHT with you?!”

    (and ironically , there isn’t. Trump isn’t actually a republican. He’s a poser labeling himself as one to gain and scam them of their support.)

    1. Trump is actually a republican! The republicans are selling their souls for him in real time! They own all of him! He is their face! Make no mistake!

  3. Only people dying are kids at the border and Kurds.
    Brainspurs sociopathic instincts will be on full display in front of the world.

  4. Fred Rogers was quoted to saying “You can grow ideas in the garden of your mind”. Trump is just the most notable example of what happens when you use excessive amounts of natural fertilizer.

  5. Thankfully the testimony in the legitimate impeachment committees will go long way to securing justice for America and the planet.

  6. Trump is not the shocking part of this its the fact people protect and defend him threw words or silence

    1. Exactly Sir.. Those in the GOP , his Attorneys his Appointees.. all of those who have covered for him and enabled him, are equally to blame for this catastrophe.. Those folks do know Right from Wrong, even “If” their Dear Leader does not..

    2. Steve Mcgrath Propaganda lies on both sides, but the truth locks up the guilty, not news forums reporting the news ,that’s my gripe and further more ,the truth always come to light, with in minutes, hours , days ,months and in some years , common sense and a open realistic day by day events evaluates my thought process, Myself among others who approach dilemmas on a level of ones plight is the best remedy to control what’s reality & false hood ,Atgolf Twittler aka #45 Agent Orange & The Kool Aid Sippers of AMERIKKKA agenda took the worlds view back to the late 60s ,futile is those who refuse to believe as such ,Make AMERIKKKA Great is a dream for racist Caucasian & a nightmare for people of color ,rather G O P /D N C ,the truth always comes to light

    3. @OG Hymie Weiss wrong mate great journalism helps lock people up aswell , and expose things , on the premise that everything comes out in the end philosophy i disagree with that as im clearly more cynical than yourself

  7. Jason Johnson pointed something out that I think needs clarification. He said “white Democrats” committed lynchings for nearly a century after the end of the Civil War. And that is correct. White Democrats committed some of the worst atrocities in human history during that time.

    But people seem to forget that the parties have swapped platforms since the end of the Civil War. In 1936 when FDR was elected for a second term on the ideas of Depression-era reforms that created things like welfare and pensions, it basically finalized the platform swap that had been occurring since the end of the Civil War by creating what many Republicans today decry as “big government”. Well that used to be a Democratic rallying cry during the Civil War, being against big government. Republicans were the party of the North, lead by such great Americans as Abraham Lincoln, while the South, the Democrats, embodied the idea that they should be allowed to do as they wish, when they wish, the government be damned.

    And now, today, those roles are completely reversed. Remember that the next time someone claims that the Republican party is the party of Abe Lincoln. If Honest Abe were alive today, he would absolutely back the party that helped generate the first African American President.

    1. 100 million can’t believe he’s doing a good job.. impossible. He will go down as the most corrupt, inept and honestly dim president in history

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