Ambassador Rice Makes The Case For D.C. Statehood | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Got a point unless im wrong wasnt something like this an official grievance of the colonists against paying taxes to Britain? No taxation without representation was one of the Revolutionary slogans.

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    1. @Jeffrey Hagelin I’m in NYC….wish there were viable Republican candidates for offices here that were not so beholden to the most wing-nuttish positions and dictates of the national party. Let to their own devices, Democrats (also) only sen more power and influence….while IF there were a sane, viable Republican Party, some of that would be kept in check, and Democrats would have more healthy primary challenges from progressive candidates within their out districts and states. I liked a lot of the 2018 Democrat moderates who won in red and purple states.

    2. *Looks at Seattle*

      *Looks at your statement*

      *Looks at Seattle*

      *Looks at your statement*

      Uhhh… 👌

    3. @Glenn Leahey
      I’m a very conservative moderate in my voting and to be honest, of all the candidates, l prefer Biden.
      His centrist policies are the best medicine our country needs right now l believe, we need a steady hand in Washington now, enough of the crazy.

    4. @Jeffrey Hagelin The only major legislation that Trump and the Republicans put through was the “tax reform” which essentially stole/borrowed/whatevr @$1.2 trillion from worker retirement funds: Medicare and Social Security….$6000 per worker. Everything else is mostly hot air…and his downgrading of the EPA doesn’t make much of a difference to American citizens: most states have strong rules/regs. as a back up. But his foreign policy is adrift, defense spending…our biggest “enemy”owns most of the national debt. DJT thinks he’s intelligent…amusing….he’s not. Show’s over. I just hope that Republicans gain back their spine…for fiscal mars, work with Democrats to shore up family farms, rural education programs.

    5. Tiber Zeek , You know what it’s like already since you’re living it , loser. You do have a choice on whether to watch your Fox Channel or CNN, don’t you? If you have to troll, go back under your little bridge….!

  2. America when you go vote take a lawn chair snacks drinks ipad your phone. Dont fall for the okey doke.

    1. @ST7A Bad Karma Yeah, that’s all you see right? liberal.. blah, anarchists…blah. Go back to your safe bunker and hold your breath for your messiah’s “re-election.” TROLL.

    2. @Mister Spock waaaa, voter fraud. Dis-proven. Voter ID. Poll tax. rump’s re-election. Hold your breath. No sleeping this time around. You will be awakened.

    3. @David all you have is innuendo and main stream medial talking points. Not a free thought in that head of yours based off of facts, logic and reason. Just vomiting the talking points like a good little NPC. To you facts and statistics are racist. To you free thought and opposing view points are not only prohibited but they’re evil. To lead such a pathetic life if ignorance is bliss.

    4. @David
      Facts don’t care about your feelings cupcake. Your precious feelings can’t change the facts. Also I have to ask, are you 8 years old? “waaaa”? You’re much like the children and simpletons in the mindless mobs. Throwing a temper tantrum when you don’t get your way no matter how outrageous your demands(defund/abolish the police, CHAZ 🤣). Grow up.

    5. @David Dis-proven?? Really? Let me guess, you are 23? 26? Son, your professor has twisted your common sense. Well answer this, Why do you need proof of who you are to open a bank account? Why do you need proof of who you are to see your doctor? Why do you need proof of who you are when an “evil” cop pulls you over for anything? (yes, lets get rid of cops too.. UGH… ) Why do you need proof of who you are to buy a car. Why do you need proof of who you are to get a credit card? Shall I go on?? So why should you NOT need proof to vote?? After all, The most important job an American needs to do is VOTE and you have to PROVE who you are. If not, your dead aunt Mary will cast her vote and it always is democrat. Hmmmm. Wonder why that is?? There is abundance of REAL proof that there has been voter fraud. All you need to do is do some research. REAL research, not snopes or the cnn. As Mulder once said, the TRUTH is out there. If you want it.

  3. America is on the cusp of total failure! They have allowed democracy to be overtaken by autocracy, fascism and dictatorship. I you do not make fundamental changes in your leadership and senate in November, not only will you continue to be a worldwide laughing, but you will be isolated as a Russian annex and an enemy of the free world. You have a real choice to make

    1. dan mac

      the worst of the violence and rioting is occurring in areas where Democrats have been in charge for decades. FACT

      A vast majority of Conservative lead cities have seen little, if any violence and rioting. FACT

      Democratic Mayors have ordered their police to abandon police stations and have left vast areas of their cities to the mob. FACT

      Some Democratic leaders have decreed that violent offenders and looters arrested during the riots are to be released and for all charges to be dropped. This obviously encourages further lawlessness. FACT

      Democratic politicians are literally bending the knee to the woke outrage mob. FACT.

      So what part of my statement falls under “yeah, whatever bruh” criteria? It’s all true

    2. Jeff Schmeganheiman in case you didn’t get the flyer, being a moderate Democrat is no longer acceptable. Every Democratic leader will be forced to bend the knee to the outrage mob when called upon. You know it and I know it. This is madness and it really needs to stop. Ever wonder how an entire nation fell in behind a madman in Germany in the late 1930’s? Watch the journalists, businesses, and politicians abandoning free thought and bending the knee to woke mob the last few days and learn how a country succumbs to madness. Their demands will only become more and more insane as each day passes. Do away with the police? Defund the police? They cancelled the cartoon detective dog show for fcks sakes because all cops are evil in their eyes. It’s insanity. Truly. It will only get more and more insane until every day Americans on the left and right stand up to the outrage mob and say “enough”.

    3. @ST7A Bad Karma That is why I’m voting republican. I’d rather vote democratic, but there are no real democrats left.

    4. @Jeff Schmeganheiman
      youre probably right
      same as it’s only red states with radical right officials…duh?

    1. @Russell Berwick you sound like far right wi g hawk now. Russia is struggling to maintain any influence over its former Soviet bloc territory. You think they’re going in invade Germany? Really? Their main economic and strategic goal is to keep selling oil to Europe, they major revenue source. They’re worried about the Ukraine, Turkey, and Syria

    2. @Russell Berwick I agree, the US being mostly self-sufficient now is a factor, the Russians wants to be the major oil supplier for the Euro NATO countries. That seems like a bad idea.


  4. Why did Attorney General William BARR gas and attack peaceful protestors outside the White House?

    So the chicken could cross the road!

    1. Right and it will be a good day in America come nov when trump goes packing along with his colt like brainless follows. They can all crawl back in their ignorant, racist , outdated wholes never to be heard from again. Oh and the republican cowards in the senate all need to be fired as well.

    1. @Joe Po LMAO at you. The Mueller Report was NOT debunked but AG Barr’s assessment of it has been debunked. Trumpty Dumpty’s toadie lapdog, Barr, will be the one facing consequences for his lies. Robert Mueller has tons of documentational evidence to back up every single thing in his report. That’s why Barr is afraid to release the unredacted report and the Grand Jury evidence. If I were you, I’d be buying a lot of tissues b/c you will need them fairly soon.

    1. @Tim Jester 11 million in aid to russia last week in Aid w 200 ventilators trumpee sent to Russia while he withheld aid to states here w Dem. Govs. Google it
      Yellow pea head disgrace

    2. @Concered Citizen You don’t seem to remember the 40,000 Cuomo demanded in a panic, then didn’t need them.
      The State Dept. spokesperson told CNBC that the U.S. is “the largest contributor to global public health and has committed over 15,000 ventilators to more than 50 countries, including our European Allies and partners.

      It’s a shame some people are to lazy to the most basic of research to determine whether you’re hearing facts, or propoganda spin.
      Moscow — The United States delivered its first batch of coronavirus humanitarian aid, including dozens of ventilators, to Russia this week. The delivery came just weeks after Russia sent a similar shipment to the U.S., and as both countries continue to battle the spread of COVID-19.
      The White House announced Sunday that the U.S. will send 2 million doses of hydroxychloroquine and 1,000 ventilators to Brazil as the South American country confronts the coronavirus pandemic.
      Is Trump a Brazilian puppet now too?
      You people are desperate.

    3. @Liz Chelle I guess you don’t know anything about world history. HOW ALLIANCES ARE CRITICAL… I guess none of that matters when you live in a fantasy world,,, where America is great again.. WHAT A JOKE….. WAKE UP,, WE ALWAYS WANT TO HAVE ALLIES!!!

    4. @John Edward He is not withdrawing all just reducing it and you cannot control what other countries will do anyway. US is still strong and the leader of the world. So what for we have allies if you cannot rely on them, they rely on your contribution and when you needed help, you’ll left to suffer! Besides, Russia isn’t that strong anymore just like North Korea, has a big mouth to get more money but he did use it not to his people as intended but to build those rockets and proud of it. Iran is another country to watch!
      The country is always concentrating overseas when there is growing tension inside. Look what happened to 9/11 and now another growing trouble brewing right in front of your nose. If no one can control this, it will go on and not only the pandemic that will destroy the economy but peace and order.
      China is growing stronger economically since long, not Russia. They are bankrupt and I do not think they will start a new war with the US. They can hack things perhaps or create divisions but that is up to the intelligence community to root out which want to believe and which one isn’t. But what they did with Russia fake collusion that goes on for several years, how you can even believe FBI anymore that you will get a real and honest assessment of the situation. I cannot believe that the lower staff did it without the blessings of the top people who runs it, not even a blind would believe that excuse.

    1. @Joe Po They both have citizenship rights. The populations are under our Constitution. There is no valid reason for any territory of the U.S. not to be granted statehood if they want it.

    2. Joe Po is a Russsian Trump troll…… Be glad you are safe under your little bridge, you pathetic waste of oxygen!,!


  5. Isn’t representation in government the whole reason we revolted from the British? Seems weird that we’d do the same thing to the capitol of our own country.

  6. Merkel has hurt Bunker Boy’s feelings by saying she won’t come to the G7 he planned.
    This is him hurting Merkel.
    Also hurting the militairy, because they went against him.
    So childisch.

    1. Angela said it best, There will be no G7 Summit until after the US election in Nov. No one wants to talk to Trump.

    2. Yeah because he called her Incompetant too ! …. Which she is ! She Destroyed Germany ! She weakened the German Economy ! She probably Stinks in Bed too !

  7. Russia –
    “the way to defeat America is from within.”

    Donald Trump –
    ” I’m on it ! “

    1. @Shawn Corbin
      OK, I see what you did…..
      You couldn’t come up with anything on your own so you took my words and just put a spin on it.
      Very clever.

    2. Problem with that is once you are “Within” you are surrounded by 30 Million Americans with Guns. Now how do you get “AWAY ,” Quiz Kid ?? Paraphrasing Nikita Kruschev ‘s 60 s Remark is. half the Story. We actually Decimated the USSR and Freed Communist Held East Germany, while they were defeating us” from Within” . Ever Notice How Putin ‘s Suits Look Cheap. ??

    3. @Max Sage
      Even though a 12 gauge can be deadly…
      My money will be on the United States military every time.

    1. @Bob Scott That’s the reason why you have to address it and this isn’t only the BLM but the rest of the poor and working class people. If we keep on bringing up the past, we will never pass this line, stuck for the rest of our lives. Obama had 8 years and did nothing to improve the lives of the people and now he is enjoying newly found status. His former VP is now eyeing for the job to continue perhaps his legacy.

    2. @Liz Chelle It’s not in the past and yes all poor are effected yet poor white people keep voting against their interests. Moscow Mitch and racists republicans blocked Obama at every move.

    3. @Bob ScottReality check, Obama cut Medicare to fund his own Obamacare and he will do the same to Social Security if not for Bernie Sanders. NAFTA trade deals also affected autoworker in the Midwest and even at the end of his Presidency racial wealth gap is high, for instance white families are 13 times higher than the black. The eruption of BLM in his second term, instead of reform, he created a tax force not to reduce brutality but just crime reduction. This happened after riots over Ferguson, Missouri for killing Michael Brown. No wonder Dems lost 13 senate seats and 69 in congress.

    4. @Liz Chelle Obamacare expanded coverage including medicaid and NAFTA wasn’t from Obama. Obama/Biden saved the auto industry. I do prefer Bernie myself and BLM and those riots may have happened under Obama but the root cause is 400 years deep not any one president and that wold include trump he is just a con man using race to enrich and empower himself. Dems are incompetent and corrupt too and that is part of the reason they lost those seats. I’m not a democrat or republican I am an independent and have been most of my life. I’m a progressive independent more in line with Bernie than any other politician.

    5. @Bob ScottMoving forward, I suppose that what happened in almost two weeks now, state officials should start prioritizing what is important. The issue here was never addressed for so long that it piles up and now, the government is confronted with the issue of dissatisfied people. States politicians has a hand on this too whether Dems or Republican. We cannot start categorizing which one was the worse in terms of police brutality. In every place, there are bullies and racists and we cannot change that except to educate them and continue training them. Accountability of their action is necessary and hope the politicians as well. There should be a tough law for police who abuse their positions whether the suspect is innocent or not, it should be treated as human being. It is unconscionable what happened to Floyd and the one in Missouri and they are not alone. We should not also forget there were other police and innocent bystanders that was caught in this looting, burning and a tough law also should be imposed if these people who destroyed private properties. I hope only that we learn a lesson from this disaster and will never happen again.

  8. The US government attacked its own citizens with chemical weapons. That is exactly the reason given to justify our attack on Syria.

    1. Rodstein revelations why did no one show them
      why did riots break out just as the russian collusion story the media pushed for three years was getting good.

    2. @Jeff Gibson What happened to the three children he fathered at the beauty pageant. Putin made sure this happened. Just wait till that issue comes out!

    3. @Jeff Gibson His 2016 state to state numbers only constitutes a ‘landslide’ in EC victory – a loss by 3 million votes of actual American civilians is anything but a landslide.

      Going state to state is a completely inaccurate yardstick for victory as population density varies dramatically between them, especially given that ‘swing’ states have a drastically higher ratio of EC votes to their population compared to the far more populous states on the west and east coast.

    4. @Kenny Hill Thirty states to twenty is a landslide and that’s why he’s sitting in the Oval Office. What are you going to say when he wins bigger in November?

  9. The orange utan is still not capable of understanding the concept of “contracts” and “obligations”.
    Since his criminal father paid for all of his “problems” to go away, he never learned otherwise and never grew up. That alone makes him unfit fot the office, apart from all other deficiencies.

    1. Just curious, there have been several votes among PR residents for decades. The choice of statehood never prevailed. If a vote was taken today, would the majority of PR citizens vote to achieve statehood?

    2. @yellowrose937 I have no idea. It seems like an easy choice…statehood or let them be a separate country…but I know nothing is ever easy and there is rarely consensus.

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