‘America Is Back’: Biden Ends ‘America First’ Trump Agenda | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Some Americans are malcontent broken toys and will never respect ✊ truth because it requires a working mind to collect evidence and facts.

  2. Accusing an innocent man for.drunk driving when she pulled I’m front of hin and he was NOT drinking. You are sick. What came first the kids or your lies.

  3. Yep we are back to be other countries ATM
    Why on ducking earth politician don’t care about American people?

    1. Cause we have too many idiots in america that they got stuck on racism and other bull💩. Guess um a sellout🤷🏾‍♂️🖖🏿

    2. P. Youhana, yeah, we are BACK to DEMOCRACY! We are BACK to following the constitutional laws of this country, and not acting like crazed, demented homeland mobsters and terrorists! 😬

    3. @Diego Dollaz true but you mean the phony racism story. There is no white supremacy and there is no systemic racism in America. Whites are the new race to be racist against. It’s not only supported by the media, the education system and the left but it’s encouraged

    1. @Adam Pauley lies and exaggerations. The only thing trump did was make us the laughingstock of the world. Fortunately, Obama will be remembered as one of the greatest Presidents, while trump will forever hold the title of WORST

    1. ” This just in , Islam leads to the I’ll treatment of women ! Thank god for that study we just did. Otherwise how could we have found out this vital information?”
      Reading rainbow theme starts playing 🎶. ” Oh screw you books !”

  4. ‘America first’ should always be the policy of any American president. 
    Why should we come last with our resources?  
    I cant put food on my table but gender gentrification research in Belize gets $58 million. 
    Thanks ?

  5. The title of this video is so moronic. “America is back” and “ending American first” should not be used in the same sentence or title.

  6. This is truly unbelievable to hear this man speak about things like he’s never launched a wars or overthrowing peoples governments he is right America is back and world wars will be launched 12 hours after this man took office he put truth and Cecelia 12 hours left that thinking to you supports

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