Americans Eager To Be Part Of Afghan Rescue Mission 1

Americans Eager To Be Part Of Afghan Rescue Mission


Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby talks with Rachel Maddow about the outpouring of support from Americans for Afghan refugees arriving in the United States, citing the community around Ft. Bliss as an example.  
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    1. Considering the Taliban were harboring terrorists and had the mistaken impression that they could not be displaced from power, yes, we did have to invade. Did we make meaningful change? Perhaps, but that will depend on the Afghan population. They have to choose to believe what changed was meaningful.

    2. We had no business invading thier land. Going in and killing terrorists is one thing. Occupying thier land no.
      How would you like it if Russia put thier TROOPS in our streets and thier citizens creamed Russia first???

    3. @i dont have time 2 reply I bet Hitler thought that too. Nazis first. Hate for anyone that is not in your country is hate period.
      But yet your name says no time to reply. Guess thats a lie too.

  1. I would like vê to help these poor people have been torn from their home land. They will not be happy in the US.

    1. @niels lund So compelling! Such amazingly erudite insight and profound wisdom! You have access to very esoteric knowledge!

    2. GratefulHippieChic The melting pot is what makes America great. Unfortunately too many americans want to stop he melting.

    3. @niels lund he clearly does not live in America if he doesn’t even know this simple fact. Nothing more than a Chinese or Russian troll trying to spread hate and ignorance amongst us.

  2. Put out a list of charities helping our new citizens.
    Uh, After all the corruption I’ve heard about in Afghanistan, I don’t think I want to hear from our government about where to send money. I’d rather hear it from trusted news sources.

    1. Pastor Artur Pawlowski:
      “The lie is afraid of the truth- the truth is never afraid of the lie!”
      “We have to go after them like lions hunting hyenas!”

    1. Pastor Artur Pawlowski:
      “The lie is afraid of the truth- the truth is never afraid of the lie!”
      “We have to go after them like lions hunting hyenas!”

  3. Hi Rachel Anne..
    John, “paperwork they have to complete before they become citizens.”.
    Me, ‘before they become legal residents/immigrants’..

  4. Air-Dropping Supplies Into Panjshir Valley
    Is Also Something We SHOULD Do

    Afghans Can Only Be Free If They Free Themselves

    1. I can tell you that it was one of the best things ever when Vietnamese refugees came to Philadelphia after 1975. The city, of course, had 19th century immigrants. But these people were the beginning of a new set of immigrants.

  5. Fort Bliss, Texas refugees. Governor Abbott is not going to be happy about refugees in TX. He’s going to need a mandate prohibiting that.

  6. Gee…maybe voting in a person to be President who has DEMENTIA was a bad idea? Just a thought in hindsight….

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