2. @mike brigs The fda recently had to issue a warning because there are people apparently taking medications for animals to treat covid.

    1. @Suave Agave well if you trust your physician, why havent you gone to them with your questions? no qualified licensed physician or GP would recommend or agree with a patient not being vaccinated unless there is an established medical history of reacting to vaccines or pre existing conditions.

    2. @Noreb And I answered it…. Just get your mom(s) or dad(s) or guardian or birth parent to help you understand

    3. @Noreb So, you just know all the qualified licensed physician and GP whatever’s in the world ,Huh?????? You just know what ALL their scientific conclusions are based on their experience is ,Huh?…… You really have it bad, don’t you???… Pied Piper is about to lead you right off the cliff if you don’t wake up….SMH

  1. Very sad. Have any of you media mouthpieces read the vaccine insert on these vaccines? They are sparse and contain very little information on ingredients, trials, follow up, etc. That the FDA ignored their own guidelines for licensure shows just how corrupt it is.

    1. @robotron17 It 7K out of 200 million people. It isn’t fake news, but it does lack context. 600k deaths from 35 million cases. That lacks context as well. Some of those people graduated HS with Biden in 1737. Some of the 7K died in car wrecks. It is a raw number that counts date of the shot and death within a specific number of days. I think 14.

    2. @robotron17 600k out of 35 million. If those same 35 million had been vaccinated only 26K would have died. If I type to many number the YT algorithm deletes my comment. FU big brother.

    3. @Matt1147 “It 7K out of 200 million people.” The news says it’s a handful of deaths, sometimes they say it’s zero. But it’s a passive reporting system – i.e. you have to know the reporting system exists and make an effort to report it. It’s a system that has, in the past, been shown to undercount events by a factor of 10 or even 100. So it could be a million or more deaths. Isn’t it funny that we can’t confidently even ballpark the number? Is it 10 deaths. … 10,000 … a million? More? This is the system they’re using while simultaneously wanting to inject every person on Earth! Ha ha. That’s a huge red flag all by itself.

    4. @robotron17 I’ve tried to respond a few times and keep getting deleted by the thought police. We disagree but this has been a civil conversation. I respect that. You take care of yourself.

    1. you people need to learn what the word force means… consequences for your actions are not forcing anyone..

    2. @Noreb why don’t you grab some vaccines and go sticking them in people whether they want it or not, and learn what consequences are all about

    3. @Noreb Consewuences should not mean threatening people’s livelihoods, homes, and other things they all have in plan to take, if people don’t bow down to their nonsense. Everyone should have the God-given right to live peacefully and retain the things they worked hard to get, instead of being Forced to take poisonous juice into their systems. Even God allows free will, but these people want to take it.That tells you which side they are on.

  2. Time for a few states to start withdrawing from the union. This country no longer stands for what it was founded on and hasn’t for a long time.

    1. @Cody Lake Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the unvaccinated seceding. It’ll be like you’re making your own little leper colony. Should free up a lot of beds

    2. @Coyote Howl yeah you’re gonna need them buddy…a lot of people in the hospitals have been fully vaccinated

    3. @tsmcbride06 The thing you need to understand is that the vaccine isn’t a miracle cure. While it significantly increases your odds of surviving the virus and lessens the chance of spreading, it is never 100%. Throw in factors like crowded classrooms/workspaces and the odds are even less favorable. But if a significant majority get the vaccine, the chances are exponentially favorable.

    1. @Equality For All What does calling out wearing sub par masks have to do with aug 13. You people are sad clowns, get some help for that tds

    2. I haven’t seen anyone I know get COVID this entire time lol I know a lot of people in my home town! Just a few minor colds! Still just blown away how we are in a plandemic!

    3. You literally have no idea how a vaccine works. I’m sorry that was rude. How do you think a vaccine works? How does it protect a person, say, from smallpox?

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