Americans Learn First-Hand The Burdens Of Post-Policy Politics | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Steve Benen, Rachel Maddow Show producer and author of the newly released "The Impostors," talks with Rachel Maddow about Donald Trump as a symptom of a Republican Party Republican Party that has abandoned the rigors of governing and the principles of policymaking. Aired on 6/15/2020.
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Americans Learn First-Hand The Burdens Of Post-Policy Politics | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Germany under 9k deaths. S. Korea under 300 deaths. USA 117 thousand dead and rising. Tired of winning yet? Germany and S. Korea saved lives and their economies. Hope it was all worth it MAGA heads. The blood on Trump’s tiny hands is on yours too! His cult don’t care because Trumpism has always been about hating on minorities and immigrants…nothing more.

    1. @scott david nance shows up on stephanie miller’s show too. I was subscribed to rising until they dismissed nance as a conspiracy theorist. dropped them like a hot potato. there were other issues too but that one was the “trigger”.

  2. GOP policy = give as much money and tax breaks to their Billionaire/Millionaire donor elite. GOP don’t need policies other than drumming up fear against non existent enemies. Who needs policies when all you need to do is rabble rouse to get elected? Elected GOP officials = Con Men & Women. Just vomit out hatred against immigrants and minorities and their base are all in.

    1. @Clark Kent If I need to explain the blatantly obvious, then you are either a troll, or wilfully ignorant.
      You choose.

    2. @Reg U Blatantly obvious according to………what?
      Sorry, I go 100% by court transcripts and documents, congressional hearing transcripts, Freedom of information act documents & transcripts from under oath testimonies.
      Anything else is merely words & mean nothing.
      You should be ashamed of yourself for being so naive.
      And I am putting it nicely.

  3. The only thing republicans in Congress care about is getting and keeping power. And using that power to get themselves rich. Do you think they really care about guns or abortions? Nope. But they know uneducated poor people in rural America do. So while you fight over that stuff, they’re busy cutting deals for lobbyists and protecting their own corrupt ways.
    But yeah….GUNZ!!!! 🤪

    1. The Verdant — Good saying, and true! But they do kind of scare me a little. My brother lives near Ridgway, CO, and tells me how wonderful the area is regularly. How some of his fellow church members have a plan for when TSHTF, one highway in, one out, those get blocked and barricaded first, they are also well stocked with several hundreds of what novices would call assault weapons collectively, with an average of 6,000 rounds per weapon in storage. These are honest hard working church going people, so I’m thinking the risk or threat is minimal. However if you do the math… we are talking materials for an extended standoff or war, with a plan in place to execute isolation if needed. These are smart people of means, so I’m guessing that the bulk of the weapons and ammo were purchased in ways that would not trigger showing up on ATF’s radar over a long period of time. Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m torn between a “That’s genius!” And peeing in my shorts a little.

      All I know is if we fight every change, every attempt to lessen the threat and occurrence of mass shootings… public opinion is shifting, if we keep fighting all safety measures we could end up like the U.K. or Australia, our constitution really is written in pencil.

    2. @Erin Thor plans like that are really common in middle America and the south, kind of a low round count, but a lot of guns use the same caliber. We have what they call a common plan where I live too. We have training ranges, our sheriff does idpa/ipsc style competitions and training classes for the public….it’s not strange, that’s armed America, literally my entire county is armed, the sheriff does everything they can to get people armed, our crime went down 77% when we went to a community defense model, and the cartel left. ATF only gets involved if they think there are straw purchases, if you tell them you are prepping for shtf, they will ok it.

    3. @Erin Thor Ammo goes fast, it’s like money, no matter how much you think is enough, one emergency can blow your entire stash. When I shot competition I would go through 6k in a little over a month – 150-250rds per day for drills, 400-700 rds for competitions twice a month. Normal shooting – 6k would be a fun summer….. anything under 2k rounds would be for emergency use only. Where I live we shoot courses of fire, like a shoot house – realistic defense situations or reactionary targets – encourages fast follow up shots to keep a reaction going like a steel plate sliding/falling or a plastic thing bouncing around.

    4. The Verdant — I’ve gone through a few hundred rounds on a day at the range, but when I do the math I came up with over 3 million rounds in one persons stockpile. To me… that is a frickin’ lotta rounds. LOL! You sound like a much more proficient shooter than I.

  4. How does Donald Trump screw in a lightbulb?
    He holds the bulb and waits for the world to revolve around him.

    1. How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?
      Trump just says he fixed it and Republicans sit in a dark room applauding!

    2. @Real American But they don’t light matches. Fox’s American Republican Taint (F.A.R.T.) is very flammable besides being toxic. The Farcical Opnionated Xenophobic noise team (F.O.X.) does not notice the stench as their noses are so close to the source. They are crack reporters ya know.

  5. I remember the first time I saw Trump,
    standing on a hill,
    his hair blowing in the breeze.
    And he too proud to chase it.

  6. Republicans chose a controversial issue always before an Election like Obamacare=Communism or the caravan in 2018 and spread fake outrage through FOX and right wing media. They have no idea how to govern. When they controlled all 3 branches of Gov the only thing they managed to pass was tax breaks and that was for their wealthy donors. How is it possible that the American electorate continues to reward them?

    1. @Flinttown Seneca – Here in Michigan, the 40% Republicans from the west side of the State have controlled the 60% Democratic vote by vicious gerrymandering where districts take 40 mile snake like turns. It’s very expensive to make sure that voters even know your name when the other side has taken an unfair advantage before the race has even begun. Today’s Republicans have been dirty so long that they nolonger know how to behave as honest political conservatives. Millions have continued voting for Republicans because their families did, but the Republicans have slowly been putting their thumb on the scale ever since Eisenhower. So many Americans have been caught up in the effort of making a living that they haven’t even noticed that they are being cheated. Those that have noticed, left for the Democratic Party long ago. A Party with a responsible point of view will always produce better leadership than one without any point of view.

    2. @Kathryn Shaw It’s sickening seeing that I live in Michigan too. Elections would be a lot different if it was based off popular votes. Republicans knew the culture was going to change so they had to cheat

    3. They have no idea what a sewer they live in. Fox’s American Republican Taint (F.A.R.T.) is very flammable besides being toxic. The Farcical Opnionated Xenophobic noise team (F.O.X.) does not notice the stench as their noses are so close to the source. They are crack reporters ya know.

  7. It’s true, the GOP has been without a governing vision or clear political policies for more than 20 years. They are not Russia hawks, or National Security hawks anymore, nor are they fiscally responsible. They talk about small government but then pass the most invasive laws immaginable on the American middle class whenever they are in power.

    1. Self serving corruption and paying off the people who corrupt is what is important. That is a problem with all politicians but like Trump they see they can benefit more if they made that the center of their effort. They just do hot button abortion, guns, racism, and Supreme Court so they can get those things without laws, or defying law, and no need of an Amendment since the Supreme Court can create Amendments because they can like Barr can create laws because he can. Most of this stuff does not effect the voters so that’s great, it is pure religious philosophy and like religion the end game is just mental. The problem with a corrupted, embedded into one of the parties judicial system is it sets us up for a Russian oligarchy, where like Russia a corrupt court OKs corruption, jailing those who oppose it, real rigged elections.

    2. I think My party has become bitter and is just opposing bills and policy changes just for spite. They need to be removed from power.

  8. So, I wonder if I told or asked a person who voted for this orange virus have they visited his campaign page and what it said, what would they say? And then I suggest that they check out Joe Biden’s campaign page, would they FINALLY get the clue? I mean, what does it take to get these people to understand that they have been worshipping a complete moron, who has done so very little, except foment controversy, hatred, chaos… And that this orange clown has absolutely no idea how to run a business, much less, a country!

    1. The people who voted for Trump don’t bother to read, if they can. They don’t use logic or their brain. They believe in a Supreme being up above them and science is fake. Darwin was a fool and their belief is all they need. Global warming is fake science, the pandemic is a fraud and they will all go to heaven. That is how Republicans get elected. Hopefully this election they will all Gather in large groups at church and Trump rallys and they will be sent to their make believe heaven in numbers sufficient to end the stupidity.

    2. There are two types of people in the con game, those that are to stupid to realize they have been conned and those that are to embarrased to admit they have been conned. Sums up his base and the GOP….

    1. @Lana Kahl: I very rarely excuse anyone. The point is removing Trump and McConnell won’t be enough. Rand Paul’s ideology that politics is war and the Democrats must be defeated at all costs, is a fundamental issue. I’m really worried that a lot of people won’t vote because they think Trump will obviously lose. They need to be reminded that other and bigger things are at stake. Presidents come and go, but the congress people stay for decades.

    2. @Jo-Erlend Schinstad policies need to be changed so there term limits set for the Senate,Congress and the House,we need to do away with these carrier politicians

  9. Trump is the result of the failed GOP party. Meaningless vision, anti anything, worthless. Vote Blue.
    Some comments below place the blame on the American people. Ultimately this is may be true. But I am appealing to Americans to choose a path that does not destroy our institutions and way of life. As the author interviewed by Rachel M has described, the GOP gave up trying to govern years ago in favor of manipulating our country’s governing institutions. Politicians like McConnell and Trump are master and yes, dangerous manipulators.

    1. @rosa aguila good thoughts, except that maddow is in a bubble, often out of date, out of touch and wont to trot out massive bits of unconnected detail. Years ago, she did have a producer who appeared to rein her in, but no more. Much information, as you indicate, comes from overseas sources where they employ reporters and not celebrity scripted news readers. As they say, Brian Williams covers the launch of cruise missiles, Al Jazeera and Hindustan Times covers where they land.

    2. @Gallian Tech as I recall, there’s no possible way for Trump to become President, even if he won all the toss up states, he still couldn’t win.
      Not so much. She’s a shyster, a socialist moron pushing a left wing agenda.
      She a liar, and liberals eat it up.

    3. @Tim Jester Hi Tim. You must confuse me for being gullable. Mass migration is the problem? C,mon, dont even try that stuff on me. You are wasting your time.

    4. @rosa aguila when you’re required to wear a burka, it will be too late. Compare your normal birth rate to those swarming your country, then multiply exponentialy.
      Europe has got 10 to 15 years tops.

  10. Started with Speaker Dennis Hastert’s “Only The Majority Of The Majority” creates, modifies or amends law. Bang goes bipartisan action in Congress. The next big blow was dealt by Moscow Mitch in the Senate. He choked and cheated Obama out of his chance to build a better nation by his determination to make him a 1 term President. In Obama’s 2nd term, he slow walked Judicial nominees and outright stole a seat on SCOTUS. So other than power for powers sake, what is the worldview of today’s GOP? On what basis are they recruiting young people? I for one am glad they are going to have a full on convention.I am curious to see what sort of platform the party of Trump is going to build.

    1. Newt’s “Contract with America” was another step in the path away from Bipartisanship, the Tea Party was its death knell. Slowly trying to work across the aisle, except in big things which cannot be ignored, went away as Republicans didn’t want to give any wins to the other side.

  11. So the Republicans are the real anarchists, the real nihilists, and they accomplish those goals with hate mongering and negativity. How could that ever be sustainable?

    1. It isn’t. It will tear the democracy apart. Look what they are doing lately they obstruct voters to participate in elections. The last thing a democratic party would do.

  12. How can the GOP campaign against “Obamacare” for years without an alternative plan? The failure of the Senate to repeal the affordable care act is a testament to the failure of effective governance. It is okay to disagree, but you have to have a substantive counterpoint!

    1. The only way you could be for Obama Care is because your less than 30 or poor. In our country the only way we could have healthcare for all it’s too do away with any and all private healthcare. Your Messiah Obama have big bad pharma 3 extra years to protect their patents and gouge is in the wallet for longer. With 350 million people please don’t tell me how these Tiny European countries have a public/private healthcare system. And please, show me any Democrat legislators that haven’t gotten rich from being in Congress for decades. What a hypocritical piece of “journalism” this video is.

    2. @Jack Staten why aren’t you mentioning the Republican owned Senate that that’s been stuffing their pockets for years

    3. @Gary Marino because that was what the entire video was about. They all do the same thing. I wasn’t ragging on Democrats. It’s just that no where in the video were the Democrats being taken to task. I’m not a Democrat not Republican.

    4. Jack Staten Way to represent the Trump base with a lack of reading comprehension. I never stated I was for the ACA – just pointing out how ridiculous it was that the GOP rallied against it for the better part of a decade but when faced with the opportunity to replace it, they had no clear policy.

      No one is talking about who is getting rich off what – Trump learned you to deflect good. A better argument would have been, but wall, judges shuttering abortion clinics, and lack of environmental regulations so a few oil stocks could go up.

    5. @TickleFight I don’t believe our country needs universal healthcare. If the government could negotiate prices like the other countries do then that would be a better start to affordable health care I believe.

  13. John Dean wrote a book in 2006, “Conservatives Without Conscience” which saw this coming years before Obama. This hatred of goverance in the GOP has been around for a long time, but it used to be just on the fringes of the GOP. Don’t forget Richard Hofstadter’s famous– and famously astute–1965 book about the GOP, “The Paranoid Style in American Politics”.

  14. I guess when you are running a Personality-Cult, you don’t even need a Party, let alone any policies?

    1. Well ask. Lenin, Stalin, Mao etc about that. But people are uneducated and have no idea about simple issues and history will always repeat itself…

    2. @Sir Ab3ee But these personality-cult situations are the result of a vacuum in the ability to grow a government.

  15. So, Republicans are lazy, without beliefs and incapable of governing competently.

    Yeah that checks out given the state things under their control.

    1. Libertarians have been buying seats in congress and judicial, 3 SCotuses appointed by the unelected POTUSes but appointed POTUSes are Federalist Society members who like Fred Koch’s 1980 VP platform of no FICA, no SSI, no Medicare, no FDA, no FAA, or Anarchy with Syndicalist organizations like the Church. Now we have a Libertarian Anarcho-Syndicalist Theocracy. Mike-I’m-a-Christian-first-Pence was Koch’s VP pick for this L.A.S.T. version of America.

    2. Who controls Seattle or Minneapolis? Democrats for decades.
      I hope Madcow is present when Seattle is liberated by Patriots, by force if nesseccary.
      Two socialist pajama boys having a sleepover.
      The same lies they tried last time, and America still isn’t buying it, at all.

  16. America vote BIDEN and Vote BLUE in November! trump and republican party are total failures and need to go!

  17. That’s why we need to get rid of Moscow Mitch and his toadies like Graham, Paul and Kennedy.

    1. When Trump rattles on about *anything* he is projecting. It’s one of the signs you’re dealing with a malignant narcissist.

  18. It’s been clear that Republicans have very little interest in governing and they really only interested in power and rewarding their donors

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