1. @I’m a peacock captain It’s only been a few months, give ‘em time I’m sure that this is just the beginning.
      Imagine all the people that you f’d over are now coming out of the woodwork…that cold bead of sweat forming on his forehead!

  1. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense that the Republican Party is holding on to George Santos. He so perfectly represents just who and what they are — the lies, the hypocrisy, the corruption, the creepiness.

    1. Biden is worse selling America to China and getting his 10% cut throughout the years., stole classified documents and Hunter used them. Santos and Biden should be fired or impeached. Both are criminals

    2. @Justin Mangus — If you look at the statistics, Republicans are far worse than Democrats. And Santos is THE perfect Republican.

    3. I don’t think the GOP embraces him because he’s such a blatant liar, although it does fit right in with their ideology. I think they’re truly embarrassed by him but the R beside his name is all that matters to them, and they’ll back him up no matter what.

  2. Bro, I’ve been seeing this guy on the news, but IT NEVER ENDS! He’s a threat to the country with his position, needs to be removed!

    1. @Casey Clark, Of the 78 congressmen and women identified for having violated the STOCK Act (insider trading act), the majority were Republicans. This is public record.

  3. Stealing Amish puppies, killing veterans dogs, and stealing checks from people in nursing care is crazy. Dude should be in jail 10 times over.

    1. Doesn’t matter, it could be the actual Jabba the Hut and people would still vote for it if it has an R or a D next to its name

    2. @MissBee well I meant the actual Jabba the Hut, not the human version of Jabba the Hut. But yes, of course.

    1. A puppy stealer….that as low as he could get…oh…wait…I’m sure he can sink lower than that…let’s see…lower than a snakes belly…

  4. What a beautiful, honest story.
    The Amish man and family was swindled and the level of anger is so low and contained. It seems unimaginable. Hoping the dogs O.K.

    1. He probably sold them for the money and pocketed it all for himself….what a low life and McCarthy is just as bad as the rest of the republicans for letting him hold his office and not doing a thing about this man and his criminal behavior like old pumpkin head rumpy dumpy himself….no difference between the two….but to turn and close their eyes to all this tells people what they are all about…actions speak louder than words…

    2. Ya, I fear those poor dogs aren’t just sitting home on the masters lap.
      I’d watch him for future animal abuse too.

  5. What kind of monster steals puppies from someone?! It’s sickening that this “man”, is in office and that he has done these horrible things!

    1. Sadly, the same monster what sells the puppies to creepy cold fish Santos in the first place. He could not care less. He deserves his rubber check as we deserve our rubber, trumpian Scamtos.

    2. @Thomas Newcomer”My Party” voted for someone who had no knowledge of any of this. This all came out AFTER the election

    3. @Prime 2 81 million people voted for Joe Biden after he said “If you don’t know whether to vote for me or vote for Trump then you ain’t black!” Your flaccid attempt to stand on morale ground has failed sweetie. 😂

  6. He needs to go to prison for fraud, this isn’t the first time he did this. He also stole someone’s checkbook in Brazil 🇧🇷 and the want them there to face charges also.

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