Amy Coney Barrett Refuses To Answer Whether Presidents Should Commit To A Peaceful Transfer Of Power

Amy Coney Barrett Refuses To Answer Whether Presidents Should Commit To A Peaceful Transfer Of Power 1


Sen. Cory Booker asked Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett whether she believed every president should make a commitment to ‘the peaceful transfer of power.’ Barrett refused to answer, saying “Well, senator, that seems to me to be pulling me in a little bit into this question of whether the president has said that he would not peacefully leave office and so to the extent that this is a political controversy right now as a judge I want to stay out of it." Aired on 10/13/2020.
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Amy Coney Barrett Refuses To Answer Whether Presidents Should Commit To A Peaceful Transfer Of Power

61 Comments on "Amy Coney Barrett Refuses To Answer Whether Presidents Should Commit To A Peaceful Transfer Of Power"

  1. MGCollins2813311 | October 13, 2020 at 8:32 PM | Reply

    that sums it up she is unfit to serve.

  2. I cant support amy bc she supports,NO!!!trump endorsed her,so her allegiance is to his convoluted self

  3. Don’t confirm this woman… she already let us know, if it comes down to it.. she won’t vote to have him get out the WH when he leaves…. but that is why Trump picked her😉

  4. Joseph Dunleavy | October 13, 2020 at 8:36 PM | Reply

    So we have no choice but to make sure Biden wins by a landslide so this election doesn’t end up in the court. I don’t ever want to hear that we live in a democracy again

    • That’s when Republicans say to you, “But we live in a Republic”. Like WTF Republicans. We live in a Democratic Republic. The only people who argue the point are Republicans and only because they don’t want a democracy and power to the people, and that sums up their entire belief system.

    • chameleon habitat | October 13, 2020 at 9:33 PM | Reply

      @StephBer1 there’s no more belief system. The days of the traditional re-pelican are long gone. It’s just money. End of story.

    • Angela NIchols | October 13, 2020 at 9:52 PM | Reply

      We haven’t lived in a democracy but a loose dictatorship. We have always only been free to do what “they” say we can.

  5. Frankly, these hearings are just plain sham. This woman is a billion dollar baby funded by Kochs and the federalists.

  6. Progressive Humanist | October 13, 2020 at 8:39 PM | Reply

    ACB is a radical true believer christian who is literally for Christian Canonical Law/theocracy.

    She has pledged allegiance to the cult People of Praise. That takes priority over her duty to abide by the Constitution, and that extremist cult is anti-democracy, freedom, rights, and unAmerican.

    So unless you are one of the 1,700 members, YOUR freedoms and rights may be in jeopardy with her making decisions that effect them, whether you are religious, non-religious, christian, or non-christian. That is unfair, undemocratic, and dangerous for almost ALL of us.

    She and other extremist repub christians are trying to turn our secular democracy into an oppressive christian nationalist theocratic state, exactly the kind the founders were intensely afraid of and thus explicitly constructed US democracy, the first secular democracy in the world, to protect against (separation of church and state).

    Some good reading: (also check out the author’s many books)

    “The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism Is Un-American” by Andrew L. Seidel

    “Nature’s God: The Heretical Origins of the American Republic” by Matthew Stewart

    • Well said! The Federalist Society sure knows how to pick the cream of the conservative crop.

    • By any chance you are a big fan of Richard Dawkins?

    • Well said…thank you! I am a Catholic and I do not support Amy Coney Barrett. I believe in separation of church and state. I’ve read about the People of Praise and it does seem a bit cultish.

  7. This woman is suspect for rhe highest court of the land.

  8. She sounds just like donald dump.
    Already no trust in this woman.

  9. tanattecnocraft | October 13, 2020 at 8:41 PM | Reply

    She raised her right hand and promised to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, and then she lied in some (not all) to her responses. She is a judge, and she lies.

  10. Wow…even a Student Class President leaves office if they get voted out.

    This whole hearing is a SHAM (3 weeks from the election) but her refusal to answer both of those questions should IMMEDIATELY disqualify her.

    America once again proving to the world our democracy is one big joke.

    • She sure whiffed; what’s dangerous is Christians who know no grace. She could frankly say “I believe that’s unseemly.” That would cast some shade at Al Gore, to be sure, but hey at least she would be being fair.

  11. Ricardo Velchi | October 13, 2020 at 8:45 PM | Reply

    She couldn’t answer if a transition should be peaceful? These people scare me

    • chameleon habitat | October 13, 2020 at 8:59 PM | Reply

      They don’t even realize that people are voting right now while this is on TV.
      That can’t be working very well.

    • @chameleon habitat True, “1001 Reasons Not To Like The GOP” right in front of a war weary people. Even if some are currently intoxicated by the war. They had to destroy the nation before God to supposedly win it for God. Detestable.

    • @hawkturkey God is going to turn around and put the Antichrist (Trump; any true child of God who actually reads the Bible can _clearly_ see this) and his cult followers in their place and they will reap the bitter sips of His judgment and condemnation, especially to those Pharisees like Kayleigh McEnany who get up there with a straight face and claim to be a Christian while defending and lying on behalf of the Beast for all to see.

  12. That is such B.S.!!!!! She basically just said she won’t comment on something that is a fundamental principle of our democracy. How can someone who won’t say if our democracy should continue be put on SCOTUS? God help us all!!!

  13. O M G — W T F is wrong with this woman? Answer the easy question. Recuse!

  14. Does she seem truthful? No.
    Does she answer questions, No.
    This is one PATHETIC judge.

  15. The fact that she couldn’t give a simple answer to that says everything.

    • @Pete Pav very true sir.

    • That is the m o of all republicans, don’t know, can’t answer, just lie lie lie that should tell you all you need to know….VOTE 45 OUT and all the rest of these criminals out out out

    • @Pete Pav It looks awful from the inside too. People are voting early in droves and Republicans are trying all sorts of shady deals to stop it (like fake ballot drop boxes, restricting the number of legitimate drop boxes, etc.) They know we’re determined to vote this imbecile and all his thugs out.

    • Exactly

    • @Lisa Elissa yep so right , we must keep Voting

  16. Smh… She’s unfit for the supreme courts. Americans want a voice on the next supreme court nomination. Republicans are so wrong for allowing this hearing.

  17. She sounds like a robot saying the same thing like Trump

    • Robots have a lot more facial expressions.

    • The question was stupid. The left has not let go of the fact that President Trump won the election and have been fighting it since. So really the question should be asked of Booker whether he can let go and he hasn’t in 3 1/2 years.

    • @May Jacobs really but yet dump blames Obama for everything that he does wrong for the last 3 1/2 years stop talking out of your a##

  18. Excuse me, the peaceful transfer of power is not , is NOT a political controversy.
    It is DEMOCRACY!!!

  19. I think this women graduated from Trump University top of the class!

  20. Is she a lawyer? Can’t even answer if the president should peacefully transfer of power. She wasted all her year studying law and shouldn’t be a lawyer. The answer should be Yes, they should transfer power peacefully as per the constitution and the whole reason of having an election.

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