An 'Atrocity': Biden Blasts GOP Efforts To Block The Vote | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

An ‘Atrocity’: Biden Blasts GOP Efforts To Block The Vote | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


The president responded to Republicans in Georgia passing a hugely restrictive voter law. We discuss that with Julie Pace of the AP and POLITICO's Eugene Daniels. Aired on 03/27/2021.
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An 'Atrocity': Biden Blasts GOP Efforts To Block The Vote | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Hey trump supporters, if you still wondering where’s hunter there he is, with his dad the president of the United States. Thank you president Biden

    1. @Team democratic Funny that’s the number that CNN touts but can’t back up either. But we have video proof that Biden has lied for 47 years in politics and lied the whole time during his latest “press conference” Theatrical performance us more correct. and idiots just like you eat it up

    2. @Team democratic Another lie that you all eat up, you have seen the other REAL pics right? The ones where they are covered in mylar blankets sleeping on floors? Wake up, they are not in homes as you say, they are in detention centers behind bars.

    3. @Team democratic Challenge me to what? You have already proved you have no standing and obviously no proof of anything other than being a Woke lib swallowing whatever they feed you. Good luck with that

    4. Oh and bybthe way have you heard the latest investigation into your beloved Hunter POS. His handgun was.taken by his sister in law and thrown into a trash can….. Let that sink in. I h yeah and he lied on his gun registration form about his drug and alcohol addiction problems. Well maybe your senile ole pres. should start looking into his own family before he talks about anyone else.

    5. @Team democratic OH and yes Biden is ripping kids away from parents. That’s is protocol till they are verified. Try looking at some of the LAWS, I know those are hard for most liberals to understand but give it a try. Now there are thousands if unaccompanied kids coming across. How did they get here? Hhmm let’s take a guess, coyotes, cartels?? But oh I know that doesn’t happen, oh wait they caught them bringing them across on the river. debunked that little tidbit of media BS

  2. Republican racism is like COVID: just because they don’t admit it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

    1. @Ann van de Kew You can’t hurt my feelings but then I’m not the racist. Dis you attend Robert Byrds funeral and get some of your idols autographs?

    2. @David Eby look at her photo, she can’t even help but virtue signal… These people are forever lost. Don’t even engage with them. They have no clue what’s going on

    3. Hey witless hamster copulator,
      You have only 2 subscribers ;
      do you think your idiocy is the reason? @David Eby

    4. Hey witless hamster copulator,
      You have the written wit, vocabulary and grammar of a child; is this your first or second childhoo?@David Eby

  3. After Glenn Kirschner’s upload today, exhibiting Trump telling Fox he did exactly the opposite of Fauci’s direction, then three different sets of experts release statements that say not thousands, but hundreds of thousands of people could have survived if Trump had correctly managed Covid, well, there it is, isn’t it? Watch Glenn’s post from today.

  4. If congress fails to pass HR1, the country will devolve into a second civil war within the next ten years.

  5. the GOP’s motive for actions like these is that they’re losing relevance, but the reason they’re losing relevance is because they pull crap like this.

  6. We had 12 years GOP weaponized filibuster and almost nothing has gotten done. We absolutely kmow the GOP is obstructionist so the baby steps the Biden Administration is taking are maddening. Plus we’re losing valuable time and what maybe only two years to get stuff done. Cut the filibuster in April and let’s get on with the people’s business because elections have consequences.

  7. In what other western democracy do they have to STAND IN LINE (often for hours ) to vote??? Makes US look like a third world country.

    1. @kevak 123 Do you not believe the news reports of people doing exactly that? If you are lucky enough to not have had too, then you are likely in a county where you are not the victim of voter suppression.

  8. I’m pretty sure our democracy ends unless we successfully stop all of their anti democratic bills.
    The fascists learned from their defeat in the first civil war, they now almost have a complete strangle hold on the US
    they are destroying us from within. Eventually they will enact more and more restrictive voting for everyone who is a democrat.
    The south has risen.

  9. How big, how ugly is this fight likely to get? Like the Civil War big, like the French Revolution ugly, and fascist Republicans need to understand that there will be no haven for traitorous actions.

  10. Jim Crow is dead long live the new Jim Crow this is murdering America what the governor’s and Republicans are doing to our voting system

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