Missouri Republicans Refuse To Honor Vote On Medicaid Expansion | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Missouri Republicans Refuse To Honor Vote On Medicaid Expansion | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reports on Missouri voters defying Republicans and approving a referendum to expand Medicaid that would extend health insurance coverage to over 200,000 people. Instead of accepting the loss, state Republicans are attempting to block the law's implementation. Aired on 03/27/2021.
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Missouri Republicans Refuse To Honor Vote On Medicaid Expansion | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. So if they don’t have power they’ll just commit crimes to do it. I’m ready to see them rounded up.

    1. Garland please help us get rid of this current republican party, they are un-American, evil, racist scum..

    2. @evil khor

      They are allover but Nature is punishing them by dissolving them in their own BWJ(BladderWartJuices)

  2. “Missouri state lawmaker, Rep. Tricia Derges, a Republican from Nixa, already indicted on 20 charges related to a fraud scheme involving medical treatments now faces three more charges alleging she fraudulently sought federal funding for COVID-19 services at her southwest Missouri clinics.”
    Why am I not surprised by this?

    1. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe the one who is seriously demented and really really, hm, intellectually weak is you. Now crawl back under your rock and shut up, troll. Why would you not want people to get health insurance? Give one good reason why it pleases you that poor people should suffer because of the greedy arrogance of the Republicans who are actually breaking the law here? Right, all you can do is spout idiotic crap that doesn’t make any sense.

    2. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe Shallow? Not hardly. You’re the snowflake here. tRump’s heading to prison and the Republican Party is dead, just as it was predicted over a decade ago. So cry more. Your fascist tears are yummy. 🙂

  3. Trump’s defeat last November has driven the Republican party into complete madness, a dangerous situation, stay vigilant!

    1. @Dog Poo Fairy Those that are in those concentration camps are thankful to be in America no matter what crying republicans are spewing. They should have had that same outrage when Trump was in office for 4 years..

    2. 100% true. Republicans have nothing to offer voters of ANY colour, incl. White! – Except for Trumpism, Hatred, Fear & Voter Suppression to keep GOP millionaires in power to OBSTRUCT helpful Legislation!

      NB: They’re against spending taxpayer money on anything that helps improve people’s lives like $1400 checks or Medicare Expansion in Missouri etc.

    3. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe not crying just a little baffeled because of your stupidity, like seing a guy who every monday at 12 a clock shots himself in the foot because wants to hurt me.

  4. So, are we beginning to understand Hawley and his backer$ yet? Only in the post-Reagan/Gingrich modern America. How many K’s in America?

    1. 3 K’s in Amerikkka. Just like those little red MAGA hats are the updated version of the white hood.

    2. @Heather Shaw No, but you did vote in a dementiated guy who supported the KKK in the senate days, so…

    1. @Patty Kelly thats RIGHT they try to block the will of us the AMERICAN CITIZENS they block for we the people from getting long over due relief they vote to allow our women to be victimized and brutalized , these f…… republiclowns will with out question vote to give their donors and friends and there families huge tax breaks huge pandemic relief monies our f…… tax payer monies to these jerk offs the REPUBLICUNTS vote to give and give to those that need it the least . and people are starting to wake up to the MONUMENTAL hipocrisy of this bull s… republicunt party .their supporters are abandoning it after years of voting repub . same as I , I can’t believe I used to be one like my father former Marine Corps conservative but not no more I left it when Romney got destroyed by Obama . and I even used to hate PRESIDENT Obama in his first term .not no more now I say F… THE REPUBLICLOWN PARTY SEMPER FI CHUMPS!!!!!!

    2. @Wiliam Franceschi Phew! I’m glad you got that off your chest. And by the way, It’s pretty sweet how you censored yourself on the F & S words but got down and dirty with the C (appropriate though it is)

  5. I don’t understand how people vote for republiklans when they don’t have their interest in mind smh!

    1. @Alex Hamilton The relief bill that recently passed had a provision of 100 billion set for the medical community, medicare , and medic -aide. So you are mistaken. That is due to the fact that not a one of you ever bothered to actually look up the bill and what was in it…. You know, the relief bill that your senators all voted no on. Next time, do your research.

    2. @Joan of Snark “It’s almost like you didn’t know that because you never bothered to read the ACA before shitposting.” Oh SNAP! Accurate and acidic. I like your style and your screen name. 🙂

    3. I’ve love Missouri, but I hate some of our politicians. MO takes more in federal benefits than is paid in federal taxes, but misinformed voters are programmed to believe “the feds are wasting my tax money on people I don’t like!” Republican legislators and governors in my home state are fond of slashing budgets for anything other than corporate welfare even when doing so will be more expensive in the long run. I’ve spent decades studying why middle and working-class Missourians vote for candidates who indulge in class warfare against non-millionaires. The Republican voters I’ve asked answer with logical fallacies. If crooked politicians can prevent voters from learning how to recognize when they’re being hornswoggled and keep them chanting emotion-based slogans, they can get enough power to prevent critical thinking skills from being taught in public schools. Thus future voters will also be unable to recognize deception. The sheeple can be shorn year after year, and they’ll blame their hardships on anyone but those who’re shearing them. It’s hard to cure since many Republican voters are programmed to think too much book-learning is a terrible thing. Even people with very high IQs can fall for this con if they lack critical thinking skills.

    4. They vote Republican because of “culture wars.” Abortion, immigrants, and gun rights is how they are distracted while their GOP legislators give all the breaks they can to their wealthy campaign donors.

    1. A republican voter will vote for anything (a cat or a fridge will do) if the square show republican. They do not care if the republican will do his best to not help them, he is republican and this is the most important thing in the universe for them.

    1. @Bob Beckhart I can see the logic: if you outlaw abortion, there will be more targets for mass shooters down the road. At least they’re thinking about future generations’ Second Amendment rights…

  6. Everytime I hear this kind of coverage, I’m utterly stunned : doesn’t America have ways of treating this kind of unlawful behavior?

    1. yes. They’re called recall elections, but they can take up to two years to complete all steps and hold a special election. By that time, some will be up for re-election anyway. Our lawmakers are apparently immune from their own laws. Case in point, we usually see when our lawmakers are pulled over for DUI, they are treated differently from everyone else. Everyone else does jail or prison time while our legislators are put under house arrest, at the very worst. The GOP thumbs their nose at democracy, as they prove we are a democracy in name only.

      Still, MO hasn’t had Medicaid expansion since 2008 or 2010. You’d think after 10-12 years Republicans would learn their lesson. Apparently not. So let them die…let their disabled kids die, that they can’t get insurance for. IDGAF anymore. tRumpublicans or rethuglicans…whatever the f’k they are, are the epitome of the dog who bites the hand that feeds them.

    2. @srgreeniii Being white has little to do with it. There’s plenty rich PoC sitting pretty with the republican party, too. We are in a class war disguised as a race war.

    3. I would like to think so ,it would be unheard of if we as a nation of laws didn’t have a remedy for this type of behavior

    1. look what they just pulled in Georgia. That’s what they do in communist countries. Marx claimed that communism would result in a Utopia for everyone, when today we know, communism only results in a Utopia for the filthy rich, the wealthy and affluent. The GOP is full of commies, attempting to force their fascist principles into our laws. Pootin schooled them very well although none of them are worthy of holding a candle next to a Bolshevik.

  7. The Citizens have right to remove them from office via a Re-call vote.
    They are violating the State Constitution? KICK THEIR @$$!!

    1. Yet they spread disinformation that Biden, Kamala and the Democrats are the demons about prostitution rings and eating babies.

    2. @Johnny Jacobs In what ways? Only the wealthy would say that feeding the poor and making housing affordable are demonic. And only a brainwashed fool would believe it.

    3. A very nice assessment and so very true. I remember New York Times columnist Charles Blow wrote a piece early in 2020 cataloging a range of Trump and the Republicans evil acts titled An Opera of Demons. A title and story grounded in complete reality.


  9. Like the recent voting laws in Georgia, state legislators want to be able to override the will of the people they represent

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