77 Comments on "Ana Navarro blasts Rubio over tweet about Dr. Fauci"

  1. People like Rubio who themselves live in “bubbles” shouldn’t throw stones.

    • He comes across as irrelevant opportunistic teenage girl who needs the approval of the it girl to gain access to the cool click. smh. So hypocritic of him. Not a good look sir, to jump the line for something you say is overblown.

    • @agf1700 maybe half a finger lol

    • Carrie Edwards | December 28, 2020 at 7:40 PM | Reply

      @John Ormsby not even 1 tenth of the first joint of the little finger.

    • @Anthony S2K04 if this is true, it didn’t affect how people voted. Maybe if China was able to change votes for Trump, to go to Biden, then that would be a problem. That though Tony is a very Long shot which would’ve been detected by now. So good luck, but Conspiracy Theories abound in abundance & here’s a question ” why hasn’t that Engineer been subpoenaed by Congress??? You have to wonder don’t you? For all we know, that video could be a ruse by Retrumplicans to try & get traction on the ‘China Factor” for possible interference in Election!

    • @Carrie Edwards touchez, spot on!

  2. Poor Little Marco Rubio, trying soooo hard to stay relevant. He’s like insulting the chef, yet continues to eat the meal. Little Marco, you need daddy’s attention?

  3. Just another guy in Washington taking up space and air.

  4. Why can’t Twitter delete his account?? He’s not potus so he’s not a world leader. He obviously abuses it with his lies. Rubio needs to go!!!

  5. This senator doesn’t realize he resides inside an elite bubble. He’s so elite he received the vaccine before the vast majority of his constituents did.

  6. Gloria Gargano | December 28, 2020 at 4:29 PM | Reply

    All those Republicans who want this vaccine who didn’t support at first & called HOAX should not get it.

  7. “Little” Marco Rubio talks with both sides of his mouth. He wants to be relevant, so he has to pick on the person that is more relevant than him (Dr. Anthony Fauci). Marco was very thoughtless.

  8. Little Marco, selling his soul to Trump who would kick him to the curb in a heartbeat!

    • Shirley Rombough | December 28, 2020 at 9:17 PM | Reply

      @theswordoftruth 1844 – Delusional whiner.

    • Shirley Rombough | December 28, 2020 at 9:21 PM | Reply

      @G Valtat – Whether it is true or not. It’s painful to see how far the 7 million trumpettes have fallen that they have given over their ability to see, hear or think to trump.

    • Jpnewpic88.men

    • Donald Thomas…he kicked and insulted dis pipsqeak on stage in 2016 and yet chose to be a little 🐀 and hide when his leader, lied every dat to America!!

    • theswordoftruth 1844 | December 28, 2020 at 10:01 PM | Reply

      @Idaho Corrupt well, there are many at the Pentagon that love life in the “military industrial complex”, warmongers, and their job has been to get and keep the U. S. in these never ending wars, which are basically unwinnable. Why? What better way to keep funneling mega amounts of taxpayer $$ to God knows who or where. To our enemies and to those who become our enemies. So, for those who say President Trump is benefitting somehow, in some nefarious money grabbing deal, then using the tactics by others that they have been doing is just that, I guess he shot himself in the foot. Because that’s the most abused dept. of our government. That’s not the only way of course. But, we know that President Trump is the first President to get us out of the Middle East and other places around the world where it provided an I. v. line of money from our country, bleeding us dry! As well, he has been the toughest on China with trade. He has brought troops home, demanded fair trade with other countries that were taking advantage if us. He got us out of the corrupt Paris Climate Accord, that by the way, China is the biggest offender of abusing the world’s environment. Polluting the oceans and the air. In contrast the U. S. has been one of the only large countries to significantly reduce our carbon emissions and increase our energy independence, for the first time in like 50 years. Basically, everything he has done, is to give America back her sovereignty and independence. We were being bled dry! We would never have known about how bad our country has been treated by China! China has infiltrated our country in every level, in all ways possible in order to destroy our way of life, and why? So they will be able to eventually take us over? YES! I know that there are many that write all of this off as conspiracy theories, but do yourself and your family and friends a favor and start doing your own investigation. A lot of the proof has been scrubbed, but you can still find some. It make take some doing, but it is possible. I had to. And, what I did first, is made a list of questions I have had for awhile and never got an answer. I had to think differently. I needed to practice critical thinking. We all are able to do so, but we are all different as well. So, my idea of critical thinking is different than yours. But, we all end up at the same place on certain topics. And some topics we may never agree. But I hope and pray we can agree on the things that matter the most. Our freedom! The preservation of our country and our Constitution! All of these things we need to cherish for our children and grandchildren and on. We can’t afford to not pay attention any more! Too much is at stake! So they better hold Joe Biden’s feet to the fire, just like they did to President Trump! They need to! They must! Has he had to calmly answered questions about his son Hunter’s reason for being on Air force 2 at all? And doing his own “personal” business with Ukraine and China by using Air Force 2 as his transportation? Why did he receive money from a Russian woman, the widow of the mayor of Moscow? These are all good questions that need a real answer. We demand it if he thinks to be the POTUS. Kamala needs to answer questions as well. They both owe it to us, the American People! We are a country, the only country that is for the people, by the people and Of the people! Our representatives should be one of us. For too long, serving our country has been a career move! We needed an “outsider” to come in and shake things up, and boy, that’s exactly what has happened! Take it as a blessing. President Trump needs the next 4 years to finish what good things he’s started! The best is yet to come!

  9. He has A lot of Nerves when he’s been Quiet for four years with All of Trump LIES

  10. When Little Marco can’t do anything productive, he goes after successful people in hopes of remaining relevant.

  11. Dr. Fauci isn’t always right. But, he is 1000% better than Rubio!

    • Immortal FAE13 | December 28, 2020 at 7:59 PM | Reply

      How was Dr Fauci supposed to have known exactly what to do about a virus never before seen or having had to deal with anything like it ever?? He did what he could do & had to deal with Dumbass Donny E V E R Y D A Y!
      Dr Fauci is a God sent & that’s the truth!

    • Bruce Lin, if Fauci isn’t alway right, why should we trust him? I lost my faith in fauci long time ago. ( since he started to ignore science pleasing the crooks $$$$$$ )

    • Dr Fauci said masks weren’t needed at beginning because there wasn’t enough PPE 4 Healthcare Workers&1st Responders!

  12. Earn With Hearn | December 28, 2020 at 4:58 PM | Reply

    Rubio another bought and paid for politician. So many quality Americans and we get clowns like this.

  13. Marco pushed his way to the front of the line for a covid vaccine a democratic hoax. Couldn’t get more ironic.
    A small petty man.

    • not a man but a coward a liar and just plain irrelevant and useless……inept……wasting the air we breathe….

  14. I don’t think any Senator or Representative that defended Herd Immunity should be allowed to get a vaccine, ever.

  15. Rubio should pay for Dr Fauci and his families security.

  16. Poor little marco. tRump wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.

  17. I never voted for him or Scott. They are both weasels in politics.

  18. Rubio is not “essential”…and criticizing Dr. Fauci and THEN getting vaccinated???? Don’t these cult followers see the hypocrisy?? THAT baffles me

    • @AL M there going to say that there pro life the women have the right to decide there own we don’t need politicians to tell us what to do with our bodies peace ☮️

    • @Irene Beltran I totally agree if your against abortion then don’t have one pretty simple…

    • @AL M , Exactly!!

    • @Shirley Perrymy question is we have 330 thousand dead from the trump virus and where are all the Pro Lifers protesting all the ppl that died because we have an orange man that could care less about humans dying? He should be brought up on murder charges.

    • I can’t stand Rubio, he is a spineless morally defective political hack but nothing he tweeted about Fauci is incorrect, it’s CNN being disingenuous here, omitting factual statements made by Fauci that any good and impartial journalist should be questioning.

  19. One of the few truths Trump has told is that Marco Rubio is “Little Marco”. Truly the smallest, tiniest, littlest of the little people. Pathetic.

  20. Nothing says “I’m not one of the Elites” like jumping to the front of the line for a vaccine.

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