1. @Kristy Campbell now is a good idea when you get to see the first of his new years and his life will make him happy to be sure he has to be sure of his own daughters and

  1. The migrant abuse starts by “NOT” having a Federal Process in place and set up to greet these people at the border. The U.S. border patrol, and border states should not be solely overwhelmed dealing with this…

    1. @Jonathan morrison I think DeSantis has done the Democrats a great favor by providing an opportunity to demonstrate their great love of humanity.

    2. @Bruce Poole She got her citizenship after almost 10 years. The difficult part for us was the US residency requirement. I have been overseas most of the last 36 years.

    3. @Lost Tribe Good for you. But you’re still misguided if you think wasting millions of tax dollars to fly people around — unannounced — is a good idea. And, I repeat, these people weren’t in Florida. They were lied to. They are in the country legally. Some of them are helpless children. DeSantis spent tax dollars to get footage to edit into his presidential campaign ads — he sent his video crew along on the flight.

  2. The party of diversity, equity, and inclusion is led by people who strongly prefer all White neighborhoods. The Party of diversity, equity, and inclusion likes to live segregated lifestyles.

    1. @Minute Meditations I agree, even when a minority family makes it, they still have roadblocks.

      All Nationalities have negative stereotypes, even white (being oppressors) with just about every other nationality being labeled “criminals, thieves, violent”… All of that is FAR from true, but embedded in us via media, local news, Music, movies/tv, and even our natural fight/flight is to blame.. Liberals, for the most part, understand that, that it’s FAR from always true and that it’s IMPORTANT to not be swayed and think in generalizations… While Republicans (for the most part) seem to rely on their primitive responses as a “Fact” and refuse to believe anything else but…

      In Business, that Republican mindset (generalizations), in general, works well when you’re dealing with markets and trends. But it’s HORRIBLE when dealing with civilization and human rights. Liberals, in general, still do well in business with creative ideals, but they’re also good at understanding the needs of society as a whole!

      There is, IMO a way for both to work together in harmony, but it’s tricky, and next to impossible when one side is relying on primitive response as “fact”.

    2. @SouLoveReal _ In this case, we’re talking about refugees seeking asylum who would be considered minorities in this country.

    1. @Staghorn The Druid phhhbbbtttttt MASS is a RED STATE…….BWAHAHAHAHA😂😂😂.
      OMG……tell me more!
      3 clowns liked it!!!
      I mean if we can’t even agree on empirical evidence we can’t even debate. We may as well just fling poop at each other.

    2. I don’t remember those flights were announced. Perhaps legal immigration review,reform and action might result in positive outcomes for all.

    1. @I DON’T WANNA FIGHT WITH U actually…. anywhere on the mainland would have. And… MA is in America so they ARE STILL HERE!!!

  3. I’m a Democrat. Why is there a problem with helping the ones seeking a better life? We should all do our part. All cities should be open. I’m ashamed that Martha’s Vineyard residents acted like that. It’s embarrassing. I’m going to rethink my vote.

    1. What the phaq are you talking about? The Martha’s Vineyard community rallied together to treat these immigrants like human beings, got them hot food, warm bedding, decent change of clothing, brought in translators to help them communicate. The local legal community sent representatives to examine their bases for asylum or refugee status. The medical and dental community stepped up to give these people some quick triage and health checks to spot any urgent issues. The locals in the North stepped up and treated them like human beings and welcomed them.

      You’re full of what gets flushed down the toilet to suggest otherwise!

    2. I think that the problem was that the migrants were lied to about where they were going, being told that there was employment and housing when there was not, and Martha’s Vineyard not being given any notice about it.

    1. Non entity. Based on what? Their ratings are on par with most other cable channels. You saying it, doesn’t make it true. There IS only one side… to the truth.

  4. Imagine being so terrified of a different person that you need to use military force on them. Unarmed people at that. I guess it’s true that racism and fear go hand in hand.

  5. A small man’s idea of how a Big Man acts.

    Arbitrary, capricious & mean-spirited.
    Kicking down on the defenseless because it feels good.
    Ugly is as ugly does.

  6. Imagine the military clearing out your town of undesirables.
    Not the police.
    The US Military.
    That’s some serious power that tiny town has!!

  7. As the Democrats always verbally embrace immigrants, DeSantis is just giving them to chance to express their great love of humanity in the real world. The Democrats should thank DeSantis for this opportunity. 👍👍

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