1. Unfortunately he’s known to be a slow worker, which is why Trump’s legal team nominated him. Their whole strategy is delay and delay.

    1. @Jane NC you know regardless you’re right because a general warrant is illegal, all warrants have to be “particular’ that is the fourth amendment and this was violated. they obviously didn’t get what they were looking for or why would they be trying so hard to stop the special master from seeing what a screwed up job they did? Why are they being so non-transparent if they have all the evidence they need? The answer is simple they didn’t get anything

    2. He donated his $400,000 salary for four years -4 dollars for the American people name one of the president who’s done that

  1. In my eyes,

    It stands to reason that the special master could review the classified documents first, since they seem to be the crux of the matter, and at least get that part out of the way.

    Then review the rest.

    (Hopefully won’t spend a great deal of time with magazine covers, souvenirs, articles of clothing, etc..)

    1. That is exactly what the order says: the special master is to review the classified documents, that the feds would like to have immediately, first and quickly. That is the most sane section of her order, the rest is argle-bargle-gobbledy-gook.

    2. Do they get the documents back as soon as cleared by the special master though? I’m getting the impression the special master is required to review EVERYTHING before releasing ANYTHING, presumably working on the theory that the context provided by others may change the ruling on earlier reviewed docs. I really would hope they would be able to access those classified docs as soon as they’ve finished review by the special master though, without waiting for the entire investigation by the special master to complete!

    3. They took clothing? Was it classified clothing? From the look of the picture on the floor I bet they could have filled one file folder with questionable documents. And I get it just one little post-it could be something, but why take a time magazine? Expired passports and empty folders, did they take his toilet paper? And we all get to pay for the time it takes to sift through all of this. It’s just a big loose Bush wmd net.

    4. ​@Andrea Grinolds was this the time magazine Stormy spanked him with? If so, was she the one that got it from that room/folder? Or did he take her into that room & take it out of that folder to show her that magazine before she spanked him?

      They take the lot, cause it’s all in together. If he was being responsible in storage of the documents, they would have been stored in their own folders, with nothing else mixed in! They would have been in the safe or similar & easily separated from everything else! They weren’t & that is what the case is about & that is why everything stored with them is taken, along with the fact that we may have another reveal like Stormy’s, that means what was stored with those documents has proven access by a random, uncleared person, or even a proven spy & if so, they have to have those random items in evidence, with a clear chain of custody, so that they can prove that person had access to classified documents & trump can’t just claim the fbi planted them or made it up later

  2. They left out the park where the special master is supposed to prioritize the so called class classified documents And release them as he reviews them Back to the DOJ

    1. @Jack Alope no, “Trump’s kindergarten lawyers” sounds soooooo not triggered or snowflake like..grow up

    2. @Jack Alope my opinion is that you guys have cried for 5 plus years about Trump and most of us are bored with it.

  3. How can he claim executive privilege? Wouldn’t that mean that the documents relate to work he did as POTUS, therefore meaning he shouldn’t have them but NARA should (or the relevant body for anything classified)? Doesn’t executive privilege prove the DOJ right? If they were personal documents that he had a right to take with him, I don’t see how executive privilege comes into it. Attorney Client privilege I can see as an issue, unless it’s Rudy committing crimes in cahoots with 45 for example, but I must be missing something regarding executive privilege (which lies with 46 now doesn’t it).

    1. It becomes obvious that this person believes the 1st amendment only applies when he agrees. Anything you say can be used against you is the whole reason for Executive Privilege.

    2. @Mark Wallace LOL he doesn’t have total authority… lol Then who does have the authority and where does it come from … mook. SCOTUS “His authority to classify and control access to information bearing on national security… flows from Constitutional powers and exists quite apart from ANY CONGRESSIONAL GRANT.” 1988 case Navy v Egan…. get a adult to explain what constitutional powers are and their ultimate authority.

    3. @Blaine Mitchell The rules you are quoting are departmental not legal and don’t apply to Constitutional powers…SCOTUS “His authority to classify and control access to information bearing on national security… flows from Constitutional powers and exists quite apart from ANY CONGRESSIONAL GRANT.” 1988 case Navy v Egan… Laws and departmental regulations do not apply to Constitutional powers.

  4. Im watching this from a long way and i reckon he’ll get away with it, didnt he once say he could get away scott free if he shot someone in the main street? One law for all and no one is above it… bullshit

    1. FIFTH avenue shooting someone he said he could get away with – then a couple of years later he began taking the FIFTH repeatedly

    1. @VIRTUAL LIFE: SOCIAL EXPERIENCES might as well accept it, dealing with Trump you end up neck deep in manure either way.

    2. @Dakota the plumberHe was demoted so he has about three more months. I think two more get fired before his turn. What a mess!

    1. @StarrShine 369 The Quantum Shaman Do i like being bamboozled or lied to? If it’s someone new in my world, then yes. If it’s someone old In my world the answer is no. “Never lie to someone that trust you. Never trust someone that lies to you.” As for the Judge, after looking into him plausibility deniable comes to mind. I think he preferred being lied to in that instance.

    2. @StarrShine 369 The Quantum Shaman it’s the perspective of never giving away your power. You have an interesting name with the 369 . What interest me in with all this is along the lines of what that represents and what your channel is. 2much2 explain here. Stay positive, stay within the light thank you for your pleasant reply.

  5. Cannon originally ordered Trump to pay an entire clydesdale for the special master, but since Trump is such a good businessman he was able to talk them down into taking a Shetland pony

    1. Pauly Beefs, he never had any intention of paying for the Special Master out-of-pocket. He demanded that he be allowed to have one appointed, but he, being the grifter that he is,will not pick up the tab. Hope the RNC is still supportive of this latest expense, because I don’t want my taxes going up to pay for the cheapskate’s Special Master.

  6. Hell, I would pay the bill if it would move the Special Master along — It is 45’s play book to start planning violence before a verdict is even in, so this nation is at risk every second until this is decided — and even then 45 probably will be calling for another insurrection

  7. Judge Aileen was really worried about stopping criminal proceedings.

    Can the media submit a FOIA request to the FCC over these documents? It seems like the FCC should be able to determine if they can authorize or not in 20 days, all while avoiding criminal proceedings while still getting towards the truth. Classified or Declassified.

  8. Simply put, in America if one wishes to be away from prison and law enforcement, simply run for an elected office.

    1. Whilst that’s true will Cannon allow the DOJ to resume their investigation before Dearie submits his report on all 11000 documents reviewed? I don’t think she will because her sole purpose is helping Trump

    2. Declassified docs can still have your “classified” folder stamp while remaining declassified. A stamp means nothing… This is the govt we’re talking about. How efficient is the DMV?

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