Analysis: Why Trump’s threat against McConnell should be taken seriously

Since the January 6 attack at the US Capitol, there has been an increase in threats against politicians in both parties. In today’s episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza discusses why Donald Trump’s recent comments about Mitch McConnell having a "death wish" shouldn’t be ignored. #CNN #Cillizza


  1. Arguing with a tRump supporter is like playing chess with a pigeon… No matter how good you are at chess, the pigeon is just going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board, and strut around like it’s victorious..

    1. ​@Samael the hebrew Well that’s not good. tRump talks to a pigeon and thinks he’s Oprah Winfrey. We know that.

    2. @Time Surfer what u saying we…I said a fact n now its, we vrs you…I don’t get that …what about dominion being outlawed in several states….I don’t vote…I speak truth…truth is you don’t need a photo ID to vote and all the mail ballots…all of a sudden the most ppl ever voted voted for a criminal racist ….

  2. When you’ve resorted to using violence as a way to convey your message, it’s clear that you have LOST!

  3. Someday Trump will turn on his base. He’s going to be saying how easily he manipulated these people. Mark my words.

    1. @Kerry Clough 😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️ I’m a trump supporter but he isn’t anything special , he is the best out of the career politicians and yeah get out more because no one thinks he is a Messiah , I troll you guys by saying things like that.

    2. just like Napoleon – he “loathed the street rabble…but he gave them wars and they served him well.”

    3. Did you ever hear the story of Fredrick “Freddy” Trump Jr? He was a very timid and weaker member of his family. As you can imagine, he was bullied by young Donnie and Trump Sr. As he became older, Freddy dealt with PTSD and Alcoholism. He passed away from liver damage at the age of 41. Brother Dearest Donnie, felt no remorse for his actions by saying that Freddy wasn’t strong or ruthless enough to play a part in the family business. No remorse then and certainly none now.

  4. It’s almost as if inciting violent mobs and then not experiencing a single tangible consequence emboldens people to incite more mobs. Gasp. How shocking.

    1. CORNPOP knew Brandon was into little kids. CORNPOP was a good dude. 📺🐑 #LGBFJBMAP+ 📺🐑

  5. Mitch had several chances to stop Trump , so my sympathy is -10 for that clown .
    But to the other thought I have , Trump’s behavior ought to send a message , no one is safe , friend and ally until Trump demands something you can’t possibly do , and then , when he decides you are of no further use he attacks .
    That Republican voters love this monster says more about them than him

  6. Excellent report! Both Republicans and Democrats are being threatened. That’s what needs to be loud and clear.

    1. And at all times, we need to remember that the VAST MAJORITY of the threats are coming from “The Party of Love for Jesus and Guns.”

  7. Hey, I’m all for Trump sending his cultists on other Republicans. It will help tear down the party faster. Moscow Mitch is a horrible turtle man but he was the brains for a long time. And now he gets to sit back and watch his Republicans abandon him, outcast him in favor of madness.

  8. McConnell is getting what he deserves. When he had the chance to get rid of Mr 🍊, he didn’t. He was weak and afraid of 🍊 and now he’s been threatened by him. Call it karma.

    1. NOPE. Wrong.
      If you want to live in a civilized society, ALL threats of political violence must be unequivocally condemned.
      We can all think what we like in private about karma and comeuppance, but advocating or excusing violence publicly only serves to destroy.

  9. If someone made a death threat like that, in writing, on Trump they’d have the FBI or secret service at their residence relatively quickly. Trump needs the same treatment. Arrest king dirtbag and throw him in prison.

    1. First of all saying someone has a death wish is not a threat to someone. If I say that gang members have a death wish does that mean I’m going to go do something to them? No. And no there wouldn’t be any different treatment if anyone said that to him. Your on drugs or either have hate in your heart if you think so. Stop it.

    2. @Chuck Rambo when there is a pattern to violence and action has been taken directly linked ( defendants stating Trump implied ) then it is , duh

  10. It’s amazing what you can accomplish and get away with when you have money and connections. I’m actually starting to believe Trump when he said he could shoot someone on 5th Ave. and get away with it. I thought he was joking back then but now I’m not so sure. Sad!

    1. @Kristy Campbell you don’t have to get so emotional, because your boy don’t care anything about your poor behind

  11. He’s letting his followers know what he wants them to do when the time is right SMH a threat is a threat it’s a crime too.

    1. So what is the rule by definition that separates a threat from a manner of speech? People utter worse threats than this daily and nothing happens. Why do you assume it is literal and not in the political arena context of political death wish. Does it need to be said absolutely as “political death wish” for an intelligent person to know the context or is the fact the context is politics to begin with sufficient?

      My reason for asking is simple, people are too easily triggered by the most mundane issues. So what is that magic line that must be crossed for it to be taken seriously?

      I can tell you right now, the police would do nothing other than respond to “threats” if this Truly warrants a police follow up. I would also question why no one followed up with previous threat issued inn the past of similar nature?

      Perhaps you can humor me with a actual legitimate response? I am not being sarcastic at all, but kindly pointing out the back and forth hypocrisy that is actually dividing this nation and most people are all too eager to support it. All it does it make the nation weak while the other nations are enjoying every minute of it.

  12. I miss the times when the worst thing about conservatives was when they were on the wrong side of an issue. I could live with that.

  13. “I’m not telling you to do this but I wouldn’t be disappointed if you chose too. It would prove your loyalty, and you do want to be loyal don’t you?” Mob style innuendo has always been one of his weapons, it inserts doubt and then ‘any’ doubt can be conflated with reasonable doubt. And it provides plausible deniability in court.

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