1. Chinese gov demands access to all communication platforms at all times. For this reason, NO platform based in China should be trusted… which includes TikTok.

    1. @Irwan So did they have a hearing in front of the intelligence committee?
      No ! Not the sharpest tool huh?

  2. TikTok is a worlds’ platform. Governments don’t like competition and don’t want the masses to be able to overpower them should the masses be threatened (and threatened for no reason other than to just have total control)TikTok alone is not a threat to our entire country-not even morally-you can choose to watch good things or bad things.

  3. There has to be regulations and bans put on companies that are harmful to the United States, and while we do do that, people need to Realize the potential harm and propaganda one finds in those spaces.

  4. There are even people on TikTok they don’t even care about ChinaS control over the platform which goes to show how addictive and influential it is plus people seem to be more dumber when using it

  5. About time , it’s been clear for a long long time . Anyone that has been paying even the slightest attention should of known this .

  6. It is the proof that matters and not the empty accusations. One should put all social platforms together and compare where there are technical leakage and risks and let the platforms improve. Don’t politicize or dramatize it. It only makes people think the govt keeps fooling people. Right?

    1. Does China routinely operate military aircraft and warships just outside the 200 mile coastal limit of the continental USA?

  7. I’m sure a bunch of Cosplayers, Fitness gurus, Dancers, Trends, Memes and Pet vid are a massive threat to America.

    1. I kinda stoped doing that and i waste less money and get better products from western one … 🤗

    2. @Peter Panini try buying your iPhone from other countries if you think this is a waste of money – which to certain extent I agree. There are practically nothing you can buy without any Chinese components in them including made-in-US cars.

  8. China is definitely overtaking USA in trade, development, high speed train, communication, advance technology, etc. However, military power can only project a few hundred miles of their coast.

  9. The Chinese have a clear strategy. Politicians need to decide – votes or national security. (TikTok)

  10. Ok so how could they allow such a leak? It’s done the emails phone numbers pics vids etc it’s already been harvested.

  11. We definitely do not want other countries making efforts to improve their technological standing and economic contribution to the world. Moreover uncovering suppression of Obama’s responsibility for Russian aggression in Ukraine is strikingly awesome. The TikTok angle showcases lower labor costs in Southeast Asia, confirming the oft misunderstood but very real connection between idleness and social media addiction. If threatening balloons are not enough, the Uyghur genocide trumps other trifling justifications for a new arms race. Will someone in the FTC kindly text Xi: Nobody tells the US to calm down their rhetoric. Keep up the great work at the Office of DNI.

  12. The US and EU need to put 100% tariffs on Chinese products and remind China it could be 200%. If China declares they will leave Taiwan alone, quits building military islands in foreign waters despite international tribunal findings etc, then reconsider.

  13. Chinese expansion and growing influence, with a goal of becoming the premier world power is not an intrinsic or direct threat to US national security. The agressive reactionist tone of the American political class really appear as alarmism at having to compete in a situation where they might not prevail. The prospect at being supplanted doesn’t seem like legitimate fear of a threat, but insecurity at not being the biggest, best and most powerful. There is no substantive component to the disagreement, it is just about who gets to be on top, and that seems petty.

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