1. I left campus like an hour before this happened… completely unfathomable why anyone would do this, all my friends that were stuck there had to deal with the lockdowns and I feel for them greatly… idk what I’m even going to do tomorrow and wednesday this is just an absolutely horrid situation

    Its weird internally for me because it could have been me had I ate dinner on campus instead of heading home early today, but regardless my heart goes out to the victims and their families. I’m just utterly appalled that this happened, it doesn’t seem real yet but it is…

    1. I’m glad for you that your safe. But the truth is, is that this is what America votes for. As long as there is no real gun regulation (the ”bipartizan” regulation was a disgrace by birth), these things will keep on happening. It’s the NRA that is ruling the country on this point making people believe that everyone should have a gun, even mentally disturbed people.

    2. @Tele Bubba
      It really isn’t what America is voting for. The GOP has become masters at Gerrymandering and vote suppression, and they have gotten so brazen that in several instances they ignored court orders to draw better districts.

  2. Kids don’t deserve the fear that they experience going to school. We didn’t have such horrible threats when I was growing up. Kids deserve to feel safe.

    1. @Filip dahlberg That’s is a blatant lie.The person that did not follow your direction that had a gun, is alive. That’s a pretty good indicator that if they too had a gun they too would be alive. The only people dead are ones that had no guns because y’all disarmed them with your “stricker” gun laws. Y’all killed them. It’s y’all fault they are dead. Stop micromanage other people’s defense. You all suck at it. Codependency on liberals is clearly a death sentence. Let people take care of their own children and stop trying to do it for them. Your “stricker ” gun laws killed theses people ‘s kids. Leave other people’s kids the f alone. Stay in your lane. People don’t need you to “rescue” them or their kids. You are not “rescuing” them. Your killing them. Stop claiming you can protect them and their kids better than they can because you won’t and you didn’t and now their kid’s are dead. That’s your fault. And stop assuming I have a gun. You think you know everything about everything and you don’t.They died following you and your “stricker” gun laws. The only people that survived were the ones that did not follow you. Don’t micromanage me. It’s none of your gd business if I have a gun or not. Stay in your lane. Leave other people the f alone.

    2. @Eliza Grogan What is it that you do not understand??? Stricter gun laws just make it more difficult for innocent people who feel the need to protect themselves to get guns. Criminals will always find a way to get guns…what don’t you get???

    3. @Aleah Boone And how do you feel about our southern border where illegal immigrants, including criminals from 167 different countries just come right on in for American taxpayers to support while many of these folks come here to harm us?

    4. @OJ’s 94 Bronco And all of the folks from 167 different countries who come here illegally with many from the middle east, China and Africa! If this country why are millions here illegally or here period??? Do you think it’s cause American taxpayers supporting these folks want them here???? Think again.

  3. Such horror. So many lives are affected in so many ways because of shootings like this.
    My heartfelt sympathies to all the families and friends of the victims and the shooter as well as the traumatized witnesses and the community.

    1. Its funny how commenters all the sudden learn propy and readable English grammar when they have to crisis act during another bad news event.

  4. My nephew goes to school here. We are from the west coast, so this is really hard with him being so far away from us. Fortunately his older sister is working on her JD at Michigan, so she’s at least not too far.

  5. It was horrible enough listening on the scanner! These poor kids! Thankfully they had a good description go out, people were watching! Once the call came in the police got there and he immediately shot himself! There was a poor girl who ended up having issues with her heart and needed an ambulance, just what they all had to go through to get her help! My thoughts are with everyone there! ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

  6. May those who lost their loved ones find peace, may the other victims recover well, and good riddens to the bad person. EDIT: This doesn’t come from hate, but from me being a parent of a murder/shooting victim.

    1. @Yooper610  I really do, too, but I’ll accept his passing. There’s still sooo much to learn from the mentally ill.

    2. @LainieLynn Smith If you really want something done thenn vote those that acccept stupid gunlaws instead of smart ones. This is what America wants, what it chooses.

  7. “unique american experience”
    Well put, well put Mr McCabe. Not sure to laugh or cry at that statement honestly …

    1. 🤡 I guess climate change made the “Gun Free Zone” sign impossible for the black shooter to see. Idiot. 📺🐑#LGBFJBPEDO+ 📺🐑

    2. Finally a decent remark. But you’ve got to vote those people out that support this, otherwise it is meaningless.

  8. I’m sure there are plenty of students there that know him. They should also know the motive behind his madness.

  9. My heart is aching for msu. Was tough falling asleep knowing this happened. Just wrong and sad! Schools should be a safe zone to live and grow not to be in fear

  10. I am so numbed! When will this stop! I remember when I went to College in the 1980’s and didn’t have worry about active shooter on campus. I Felt safe. I didn’t have worry about my daughter going to school and an active shooter would be there! To all the victims ‘family members my condolences! The victim’s who died rest in Peace. The ones who survived my they survived and be able to get therapy and be Survivors and not victims. We have to do better!

    1. Vote those that support this out! You have lame gunlaws because some idiots feel that they should be able to get guns without any ristrictions. There is only one reason to have a gun and that is to be able to shoot someone else. It is a murder weapon!

  11. R.I.P to the victims. I hope all those victims who witnessed this heartless shooting gets help and healing.

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