How to Raise Kids in the Digital Age

Technology has advanced at breakneck speed over the past decade. And that’s disrupted our lives — the ways we interact with each other, work, learn, and even grow up. This season looks at the impact all this technology is having on young people. Like many parents, this topic is personal for Dr. Sanjay Gupta. In our first episode, Sanjay speaks with one of the people most directly impacted by it all: his daughter Soleil. Plus, a conversation with Jean Twenge ( ), Professor of Psychology at San Diego State University, about how social media is affecting youth mental health.

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    1. @Isaac M did you watch the video to see what they had to say? I’m just curious I’m not watching it either. I’m just fucking lazy.

    2. @Joey S ha same. I cant be asked to watch it. I’m sure they gave some helpful information. I thought it was funny I wasn’t the only one with a sense of initial distrust of media giving parental advice.

    3. I trust media that reveal fact over fictional fairy tales unlike the right. Even kids don’t believe in werewolves, and JFK JR still being alive while the right does.

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  1. *Be loving but tough. Limit screen time each day! Encourage them to go OUTSIDE! To participate in school sports/activities. Never ever leave teens esp. boys alone in their rooms for hours on end. Be involved in their lives!*

    1. And make sure you let them choose their gender and you the parent don’t assign it for them, trans kids have rights!

  2. I feel sorry for this guy’s daughters. Keep your kids off social media and electronics. Make them go outside and do stuff!

  3. Hey CNN, hopefully your next video is about the catastrophe in Ohio. It’s a disgrace that you refuse to cover it.

  4. Keep your kids away from social media and mainstream news. Show them good sources of information like Tim Pool!

    1. @DarthSailorMoon I truly pity you. You have a lot of issues and feel the need to attempt to drag people down to your level. I hope that changes for you one day in addition to handling your clear issues with projection, an authoritarian mindset, and being in favor of indoctrination over education.
      I wish nothing but the best for you and hope things change 😊

    2. Tim Pool? I like what he does but cmon, he’s still a milquetoast liberal who skateboards and doesn’t really lead a traditional life. Thinks drag shows are ok (just draws the line at drag shows for kids) and hasn’t started a family as far as i know. Can’t be the first recommendation

    3. @An Acc you very clearly don’t listen to his show whatsoever! None of that is true. Dude voted for Trump and hates drag story hours.

  5. Sometimes it feels like we all got brainwashed into only thinking that kids are the important and the old are not. 🕊️

    1. both are important to each other. Those they say young or old are not important to each other do not know what life is and the knowledge and support that can be gained by the child. and the joy and support that can be gained by the old. The key is growing a family. The old are more important in that they can pass down the necessary life skills, protect, and educate the child in unnecessary life risks.

    2. @DarthSailorMoon FALSE. Without the life experiences and knowledge of the old, you bare the worst all experiences which may abruptly end life.

    3. @Mr Rey Without children, life doesn’t move on when the old die. Does it hurt having an IQ of less than 0?

  6. Media Blackout: A massive train wreck by Georgia Southern Train Company (major shareholder is (Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group primarily owned by Bank of America Corporation primarily owned by Berkshire Hathaway Inc and Brian T. Moynihan.) with hundreds of cars with toxic chemicals causing a disaster with animals and fish dying in East Palestine, Ohio. Some of the chemicals broken out of those tanks have been used in chemical warfare in wars.

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