Anand: Operation Unifier ‘incredibly important’ for Ukraine forces

Defence Minister Anita Anand discusses the importance of sending Canadian Armed Forces members to help train Ukrainian troops.

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  1. Meanwhile, not a peep about Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen. Oh wait, no, we’re selling him weapons made in London, ON…

    1. @James Skinner surely no other party would do the same….remember conservatives are critical of liberals for not doing enough

    1. @Craig Tucker Afghanistan was not a NATO operation. It was a “coalition of the willing” where the USA merely blamed the Taliban for harbouring OBL while they denied it. You don’t get to simultaneously claim that AQ was both an asymmetrical organization AND representative of the Afghan government.

    2. @Vovin I am not claiming anything while you seem to be doing some revisionist history to suit your beliefs. And the Taliban did allow AQ to operate in their territory, just like they are still doing to this day.

      Please educate yourself…

  2. what about canadian well being? you know, the drug addicts, the mental illness, the gun violence deaths, the still abused elderly in retirement homes, the child poverty, the child abuses (physical, emotional, psychological) experienced in their families and in schools, the homelessness, the unemployed, the ones suffering due to lack of recognition and help from the government regarding unique medical conditions, the violence against indigenous folk at the hands of authorities, etc etc etc? are these canadians afflictions helping ukraine also?

  3. It’s a shame to close your eyes to what’s happening around you ignore your own citizens and focus on another country trying to act like you care. No wonder our economy declining everyday

  4. Funny how my Tax keeps going up and I see new ukanaian families in town with all new things and took me 10 years to get this … Not mad … but how is this fair on existing citizens of Canada… Why not relocate them to province that required low cost … How come all refugees end up in expensive cities like BC … In the name of CoViD and Putin my dollars are running out … Very soon I may have to end up seeing Jesus …

  5. Regime change is long as it’s the regimes we want hey? Cry about war and yet crow about contributing to it..that’s some pretty amusing hypocrisy.

  6. This lady keeps saying Canadian “Armed” Forces, all bragority, but wants to take Canadian’s guns away.

    1. What are you on about? No one is trying to take any “guns” away from the public. Anyone of legal age, without a violent record, can own firearms, after passing a Canadian Firearms Safety Course.

  7. We had 8 years to stop the shelling in Eastern Ukraine. We had 2 Minsk agreements. You failed Ukraine and are playing a game of chicken with a sleeping bear. Take the L. You lost.

  8. Rules based international order delivered peace and prosperity,
    except for areas outside of NATO where wars rage every year

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