Anderson Cooper takes apart Trump’s lies about Mueller

CNN's Anderson Cooper breaks down the inaccuracies President Trump presented about former special counsel Robert Mueller in the days leading up to Mueller's testimony. #CNN #News


  1. Donald Trump lied when he said he was unaware of those hush money payments. That has been proven. He became an unindicted co-conspirator in a case involving bank fraud that sent his personal lawyer to prison.

    Trump lied when he said he had no dealings with Russia during his campaign. He was trying to build a Trump Tower in Moscow that required approval from Putin himself. Trump was SEEKING FAVOR FROM RUSSIA WHILE RUSSIA WAS ATTACKING A US ELECTION IN HIS FAVOR. The Russians knew he was lying to us, and could use that to BLACKMAIL him.

    Does anyone really believe Trump was unaware that his son, son-in-law, and campaign chairman were meeting with Russian government surrogates for the purpose of obtaining stolen material on their opponent?

    Trump continues to lie by saying the Mueller Report concluded there was no collusion and no obstruction.

    These are only 4 of the 11,000 lies Trump has told in the last 2 1/2 years. To give this some perspective, Obama lied 148 times in 8 years. Bill Clinton was IMPEACHED over a lie about his personal life, and if you say, “Clinton lied under oath”, I’ll point out that Trump refused to go under oath, and has blocked dozens of his staff from testifying, citing statutes that literally do not exist. What should that tell us?

  2. Mueller found 140 secret contacts between high level Trump campaign officials and the Russians who were illegally helping Trump get elected.

    THAT is the definition of collusion.

    1. @Chela Buford I agree. I was pointing out what the thinking of Pelosi is as to why she is waiting. Everything you say is correct. But I admit that her reasons have some logic to them. And she is the one with the experience to know what works and doesn’t. I’m willing to give her some benefit of doubt, but if this hearing doesn’t result in impeachment hearings, we are screwed.

    1. @Gordon Kahl since you know me so well, what deoderent should I use? What color looks good on me? Oh, and can you show me the right way to think? I’m so stupid I have to ask, you know? You are so smart! I just need to bask in your words of wisdom and I’m healed!!!!!

  3. Donald Trump is essentially running the Trump Organization out of the White House. His daughter, Princess Ivanka, has gotten more business favors from China than Bill Clinton.
    It is an indisputable fact that Trump seeked business favors from Russia during his campaign, because he **SIGNED THE PAPERWORK FOR TRUMP TOWER MOSCOW**
    He will definitely be getting jail time over this😡

    1. The biggest was her securing a patent for voting machine software from China last year.
      That should be of massive concern for everyone concerned about fair, accurate and clean elections.

    2. @William H I fear you are right. We have had so many promises broken. What makes anybody think this is any different

  4. Someone better ask the most important question: If Trump wasn’t President, would he have been indicted?

  5. Let me get this straight… the DOJ is claiming Mueller requested DOJ send him a letter to remind himself not to testify beyond the boundaries of the Mueller report itself? Who buys that nonsense? That’s Trump logic through and through

    1. Trump literally has never lied once in his life. He’s also the least racist person you’ve ever known.

      ^ american people discuss, go!

  6. Systematic peeling away of any shred of trust from all but those who will
    bow to his very image. Just can’t have anyone tell the truth, to say diff version
    of reality than that which he concocts. Very corrupting.

  7. “Testimony must stay within the bounds of the report” is the least problematic part of Barr’s threatening letter. The things listed in the last part of the letter telling Mueller he can’t discuss deliberative process, unindicted 3rd parties, etc. etc. basically shuts down most of what Robert Mueller could tell us. Hope Robert Mueller will see this as the battle of his and America’s life, which it is, and ignore the threats. I also wonder what the orange puppet master will do in the next few days to distract us. Thanks CNN!

  8. watch out for gaslighting during the hearing and it’s discussion and another practical DoS-attack on the news media.

  9. Sophie kyerematen UK 🇬🇧 CNNs international well talking 👍 well Dan good work great job god bless you all and family USA 👌🌹🌎✌️ please 🗺️🌍🙏✌️🌹 from SK London 🇬🇧💖🌹🌹💐

  10. I want to see his evidence! What evidence does he have against Russia and where did he found it!

  11. Coop at one time when you used to do field reporting, I would have listened… but now, you lost the eye of the tiger and are reading from a quick board. Smf.

  12. Putin did a very good Job .. Trump lifted the Lid of the American cesspit .that was always there. Is going to take generations, to flush down those maggots back into the sewers. MAGA arrest paedophile trump and vote 2020. It’s very clear, 1/3 of the US is ready for the 4th Reich, 2/3 must stop these idiots!! “Paedophile trump is a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator.” ~ Stephen Hawking. (T)reasonous (R)epugnant (U)nstable (M)oronic (P)sychopath.

    MAGA arrest paedophile trump and vote paedophile trump out 2020.

  13. Maybe the committee chair should let the Republicans go first? It’s just possible their haranguing and pontificating might annoy Robert Mueller so much that he answers the Democrats more fully. 😉

  14. I want to know did he not investigate any of his tax returns during the two years and where does he get his hair piece I have my popcorn waiting 👀

  15. It’s funny when leftist politicians AREN’T charged in Australia for political corruption they get “exonerated” and then in America the exact same thing gets described as “well I WOULD have charged him, but…..”

    The swamp is bigger than any of us know.

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