1. EARTH IS seriously FLAT
      So hyperbolic , so true , so perfect !

      Straight out baby eating orgies . Course they have new , liberal Democrat VEGAN based FAKE baby substitutes called ;
      ‘ Beyond Babies ‘ and ‘ Impossible Baby ‘ , so Hillary can watch her figure , but still plough through some serious babies !

    2. remember the truth does not evolve. in the seventies we were headed for global cooling. where did the dinosaurs come From? how did they die. who discovered the American continent? who were the first settlers?
      where are people from?

      point being… a general… From a hostile nation was treading our turf. with bombs.

      terrorist travels down freeway with convoy of explosives.

      defend them dems… it’s already over.

    3. EARTH IS seriously FLAT You’re a flat earther. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 let me guess, you’re also a Christian.😂😂 a tRump loving, flat earther ,Christian. The most deplorable of the deplorables. Hahahaha. Get out of your mommys a basement. The air will do you some good 😂😂😂

    4. Truth does not evolve….but truth damn sure hurts sometimes !!! Like it will to about 90% of the democrats, media, and deepstate !!!!

    1. Well you’ll be able to stop looking for Dr. once SC rules against ACA and its protections of preexisting conditions.

    2. TJ hope you don’t have a pre-existing condition. If so, you’re fucked. You’ll have no one to blame but the impeached president.

    3. You lost yours too huh? Didn’t matter for me, Once my insurance tripled I had no use for a doctor. Thanks for nothing Crumbama.

    1. NitroExpress
      Salami called for ‘ room service ‘ but
      Trump heard ‘ BOOM Service ‘ !

      Go home to momma !

  1. Never seen people so mad for killing a killer who killed hundreds of Americans what about This is a bad thing why are people in an outrage

  2. To the brink of war… If I here this garbage one more time, I will know that the drain on the swamp is working!

    1. @peter deed you suffer from TDS. Maybe if your democrat leaders hadn’t ruined health care, you could have had that checked out!

    2. peter deed Alex Mac look mommy I found the brainwashed commies with trump derangement syndrome ! Look at how they squirm !

  3. ” So, if you win, come up, accept your little award, thank your agent, and your God, and fugg off!”   PRICELESS.

    1. J Rob Lol these kids don’t understand war or politics it’s hilarious … they certainly LOVE terrorists though that’s for sure .

  4. Dear liberals,
    I’m getting my license to be a therapist in September. I will be taking clients when trump wins again. Send me a dm for rates!

    1. This isn’t about elections, jackass; it’s about that idiot in the WH lying us into more wars, running off our allies, breaking treaties, and stomping all over the Constitution with his big, muddy, toilet paper dragging clodhoppers.

    1. The Swollen Testicle you’re not the only one eh, many the Andy cooper nude went to my email until Hillary deleted it

  5. Who ever acts against the US is “bad” “evil” or a “terrorist” ,truth is that general was a soldier fighting for his own country

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