Andrew Sullivan: The Key Is Understanding What You Do Not Know 1

Andrew Sullivan: The Key Is Understanding What You Do Not Know


Writer Andrew Sullivan joins Morning Joe to discuss his new book of essays 'Out on a Limb: Selected Writing 1989-2021.'

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Andrew Sullivan: The Key Is Understanding What You Do Not Know


    1. I’m so sick of all the image laundering tours. In general, I do appreciate the perspective of “I did get things very wrong. We have accountability.” However, he’s still basically saying “we should continue to sacrifice the working class, especially the working poor, to keep our economy going and just pretend there’s not still a pandemic causing life-long illness and death.”

      It’s great that he understands the goal is comprehending what one does not know. Then demonstrates exactly how he absolutely doesn’t have a grasp on what he doesn’t know. Not to the extent that it exemplifies Dunning-Kruger, but he clearly does not understand many things in the society he lives in. Many people “yelled at people” about LGBTQ+ rights, even if he just begged for acceptance. But we should never forget that Stonewall was a riot. And it had to be.

      This is like seeing a man halfway to figuring out the world around him. He gets the goal, but isn’t quite getting there yet.

      He needs to realize he’s still not there about Covid. I think it’s interesting to watch him develop more self-awareness, but it does not make him someone whose opinions should be listened to. Unfortunately. Since he’s on this huge platform.

    2. He doesn’t have children, he hasn’t the empathy to understand how parents feel. And, he’s selfish, because he refuses to acknowledge that his poor choices have a negative effect on others. He’s pushing a book that touts his brilliance, but I don’t see brilliance, I just see a selfish man with no consideration of others.

  1. All we can ask is people look at data and events and admit they were wrong. It is what critical thinking does.

    1. @Brian Jones mouth breather who lives in Midland, Texas. Eschews masks and vaccines. Soon to be on a ventilator.

    2. @Brian Jones
      Keep being negative, don’t add anything useful or intelligent to conversations, and don’t have any new ideas on how to make things better for working people– just continue blaming Democrats for every problem, even Republican’s failures and the problems they’ve created!!! Why, because that’s what the power whores in government and the gluttonous wealthy (both Reps and Dems) want you to do, so they’re the only ones forever winning in America!!!

    1. @melissa cason Promise land is an abstract concept only exists in one’s mind. That is subject to multiple interpretations of different individuals.

    1. “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” (David Rockefeller, Statement to the United Nations Business Council, September 23, 1994.)

    1. Agreed. I have been watching this strategic move of the Right since the 1990s with the rise of Gingrich and Limbaugh and the ideology they espoused were flaming signs of what was to come. The economic theory and trends from the time of Reagan were open door to grift and greed.

  2. I haven’t lost my life during the lockdowns or during this Covid crisis. I do wear a mask, they actually work, I wash my hands. But I also get plenty of fresh air by walking in places like parks, keeping a natural polite distance from others. I bought an e-bike, I grew a vertical garden, make my own sprouts, cook and eat healthy foods. I meditate, and I travel staying overnight in my own tent [I love the privacy} We don’t have to live in fear and worry, which is only a bad choice.

    1. I also have an organic garden, plowed gardens for my elderly friends in the D.C. area last year, wear a mask, got vaccinated, and am doing quite fine. Fear is BS. Have fun!

    2. You are so right! Actually there are roughly three categories of people in the face of the pandemic: those that become overly anxious and insecure and blame fate, would love being back in the womb; those who deny it in one way or another and scream “freedom”(same psychological root cause); those who have learnt to be optimistic and self-sufficient, cope with whatever comes our way, enjoy all opportunities that life presents, even if sometimes limited.

      After all, we are not living in war-torn countries. For me, being grateful every day is the key! (I am a 72-year old woman from Germany).

      BUT for the US I have to add a fourth category: the demagogues and profiteers, out for money or political gain, who prey on the first two categories …

  3. He’s comparing a curable disease to a non curable one and can’t imagine what a parent is going through.
    Yeah….great book.

  4. “A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.” – William Shakespeare

    1. @Delmonico Farquhar This is not about Donald Trump it never was…Trump just exposed those who thought they were safe under rocks and boulders.

    2. @lilly pad I agree with you up to a point, Lilly, but I think, given Trump’s status as the focal point in the cult, he has to be viewed as its titular figurehead, since he is, after their “messenger from God.” That said, he has allowed his Republican co-conspirators to show their true color, and that color is “traitor red.” Take care.

  5. Sadly Andrew does not live in reality.

    I could imagine a situation where two leaders are about to press the nuclear fire buttons, with him saying that we need understanding.

    Right before the flash of light that opens the eyes to reality.

    But too late.

  6. Ok, so the right keeps getting it wrong. At what point are they going to admit that it isn’t just a series of bad decisions, but rather a bad philosophy overall.

    Admitting you were wrong doesn’t mean jack if you just keep repeating the same mistakes.

  7. Watching this blustering doofus make excuses for being so wrong on everything is very frustrating. Can he just go back to being wrong?

  8. Three things lacking across the whole spectrum. Accountability, integrity, and responsibility. Lying is the acceptable goto for e everyone now. Like a big WWE match. I do not expect change in my remaining life to the positive. Decades of hard work ahead.

  9. This was enlightening. An articulate argument for the Republican Agenda. He brings humanity to a narrative I completely disagree with. It gives me hope to hear the word accountable.

  10. Wow the way he described Conservatism back in the day sounds so reasonable and something I could be on board with. But apparently that was over 30 years ago since the modern Conservatives are anything but humble, empathetic or sane.

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