Andrew Yang Reacts To Anti-Asian Crime And His Own Experiences | Deadline | MSNBC

NYC Mayoral candidate and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang speaks with Alex Wagner about the need for AAPI representation in the president’s Cabinet and what is needed to combat the rising number of hate crimes against the Asian American community. Aired on 03/25/2021.
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Andrew Yang: ‘I Do Believe This Is Leading To A Political Awakening For Asian Americans’ | Deadline


  1. I am proud of our younger generation of Asian descents that they are more politically involved as the way it should have been and vocal about their opinions. That is the true American spirit, courageous and optimistic.

  2. Americans don’t have awakenings , they have been trained to wait for the next shiny object , that’s why we’re still dealing with racism , same people get elected for decades , americans let this stuff happen

    1. People learn. People change their minds.
      Pretending that they don’t, is giving them an excuse not to.

  3. All voters need to know that Republicans do not care about them. How much more obvious can they make it?

    1. My Soy Gut, why don’t Democrats support having a ID to vote so voter fraud is harder?? HMMM why would Democrats want it to be easier to cheat a election?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    2. @Bewnie Sandals why would Republican immediately decry fraud and limit absentee voting and drop location after years of that policy used without any murmur of fraud? Oh yea, bc they lost. “Fraud” is fine when they win.

    3. Republicans care about us.. A lot more then we care about them at least. They want voter integrity for everyone – we are not excluded.

  4. AAPI voter participation was up over 90% in Georgia folks, Hispanics up more than 72%. Black men didn’t turn out in historic numbers, but black ladies led the drive to get the vote out.Then there’s the whites like me who know how to vote in our own best interests without trying to deprive someone else. You bet your A. Yang thewre is an Asian political awakening – we are all awake

  5. I’m Filipino American and an Army veteran and I think that it is good for Asians to state that they are patriotic. The AAPI community has made great contributions to our country and deserves respect. I think that the argument that “it is up to the racists to change their opinions” is a faulty argument–racism is simply uneducated, and silence does not educate. It is good for us to be clear and transparent, and not misrepresent what we have done for America.

    1. I agree with what you are saying except your argument against “it’s up to the racist to shed their racist ways”. It is true that a racist has to WANT to do that because racism is not only about being uneducated, but it is also a heart issue. Many racist I am sure don’t realize how much anger and hate they are truly living with inside of themselves and how it affects their judgment.

      Be well :-)!!!

    2. ​@dz7 A My argument isn’t that racists shouldn’t shed their racist ways. My argument is that racism is simply un-American, because inclusiveness and multiculturalism are a critical components of the American narrative.

      As we begin to teach Critical Race Theory in our schools, I fear we’re neglecting to integrate how POC have redefined freedom to a higher standard. We learn about the Underground Railroad, but we don’t teach that during the Civil War Harriet Tubman served as an Army nurse and a spy. During WWII Japanese Americans were put into internment camps, but we don’t teach what happened when those camps were closed two years later, those same Americans fought in that same war as an all-Asian unit called the 442nd Regiment—the most decorated, wounded, and celebrated unit in American history. Racists were raised poorly and will need to grow a heart first: they suppress their hatred and shame because they’re cowards. Be well!

      ​ @ANGEL Thank you!

    3. Some of the greatest minds in history have been racist. It’s not a sign of not being educated… stop giving evil a pass.

      Do you say a pedophile is uneducated and that’s why they do what they do?

      You cant reform evil… you can’t educate it… and evil is not a sickness.

      Evil is being a political figure who pays poor, homeless drug addicts to attack those of his own race. And then plays the hero to win an election to help police get funding.

    4. “it is up to the racists to change their opinions” is a faulty argument…
      It’s an Ivory Tower argument (i.e. from theory instead of from reality). It’s like saying, “It is up to Hitler to change his opinions on Jews.”

  6. I have a lot of respect for Asians, my fiance is a Filipina and I will retire in the Philippines as soon as air travel is possible

  7. There was anti Asian hate before. I experienced it first hand. This hate fueled by Trump, just turned it up

    1. @Shockked well she would vote against asians if he/she vote for republicans so in a sense she would be an anti asian person

    2. @Shockked you really like to repeat the same stupid thing all the time don’t you? Are you aware are you brainwashed or a troll who thinks is funny? Go and study something kid on a book

    3. Racism never went away, trump only made them racists comfortable to crawl out of their basements and live it out in broad daylight – and think it is A-Ok to be a racist.

  8. There is this thing call PREDESTINATION , in other words , when people are born they have no control over where in the world they are born , who their parents are , what do they look like , etc so therefore we need to live people alone respect everybody , LIVE AND LET LIVE ! !

  9. Racism affects everyone. I agree with the previous post :–racism is simply uneducated, and silence does not educate.

  10. I am a latino
    .5 generation USA native.
    I am a forever YangGang NO I Fan.
    I have always and will always love Asian Culture.
    I am very embarrassed what our Country did to Asians during WW2. We were never told in our history classes in school what our country did to Asians in WW2.


    1. @Carlos Carlos i hope so Carlos. It sounds like you know more. About it than I do. My dad was at Pearl Harbor during the attack. WW2. HE CAME OUT OUT-OF IT OK.
      I GUESS WHERE IT REALLY HITS HOME FOR ME IS THE ,” Kids in cages. ” I LIVE IN El Paso Texas. About 10 miles from the building. I was a Film Director who filmed a movie in Columbia. I saw children get shot in the head by soldier’s I had to stop film workforce two weeks. Its something that will live with me the rest of my life. Though I am still a film director. I must tell the story no matter how much it hurts. STEVEN Spielberg went through issues too when he filmed Schindlers List. He had to go through 6 months of therapy after he finished filming. He too needed to tell the story of his people. Painful as it was. Thank you for listening.

    2. @Daniel Lucero he’s talking out of his @ss, interning over 100,000 (majority) American citizens because they happened to have Japanese ethnicity was a war crime. The us government agreed to pay reparations to survivors in 1989 after a commission established by Ronald Reagan (of all presidents) concluded it was because of racism. Incidentally, Hawaii where the attack which started it took place, which had approx 150,000 Japanese Americans only interned less than 2,000.

    3. @Kevak Arden the fact still remains that the pearl harbor attack was set up and coordinated by Japanese American civilians who told the Japanese forces where the American aircraft were being stored so they could drop the bombs on them and instructed the military to attack on Sunday morning when the US was most vulnerable.
      After a attack like that the US government doesn’t have time to sort out the good Japanese from the bad Japanese .
      Very easy for you to play Monday morning quarterback in the luxury of your house 75 years later

    4. @Carlos Carlos so, your argument is because, what, maybe a few dozen spies helped (or even a couple of hundred), it’s OK to put 120,000 people in internment camps? On top of that, how on earth did japanese people in the mainland US help with an attack in Hawaii, maybe they had really big binoculars? I notice you didn’t address the commission finding, under Reagan, that it was racism or that the US government accepted liability and paid reparation to survivors

    5. @Kevak Arden racism ? Since Japanese isn’t a race it can’t be racism , not to mention the fact that German Americans were also put into detention camps .
      The government did what they believed was in the best interest of the country at the time . No need for anyone to feel guilty about it

  11. TY Georgia for flipping BLUE & saving the USA from a terrible downgrade…vote BLUE in 2022 & keep the upward positivity going💙💙💙👍

  12. I might add that I live in a Podunk & *always* must present a *photographic ID* even though everybody knows everybody. There is no way to cheat here; I’m a BLUE wave vote in a red county in a red state…I always vote BLUE…always have always will💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙👍BLUE in 2022

    1. Well even the worst blue es way better than the best racist, homophobic, sexist, anti democratic, terrorist red

  13. Anti-Asian sentiment is when you’re one of the most qualified presidential candidates but they mute your mic because you’re speaking too much truth and the ppl agrees with what you’re saying.

  14. A reminder that white people assigned the colour “Yellow” for my fellow Asians. Hate won’t stop but instruments of death can be banned

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