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Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights: March 24 | MSNBC


    1. @eruis 313 Loool, well said!!! You are so hilarious, indeed demo crusher is another mental case from q catalogue!!!!

    2. Pretty sure most of those gangs in Chicago where literally dozens of people a week are shot by hand guns (not rifles ) really couldn’t care less about background checks and mental health assessments

    3. @Zen P Agreed. demo crusher is indeed a busy little troll. He’s been at several sites I’ve watched today spreading his bile.

  1. Absolutely, I am a military Vetren, and like shooting (who dosent) but I also think that too many people have guns. It is too easy to get guns. It is way too easy to go crazy and use the guns that you (the crazy person) has. Like Europe only hunting rifles should be allowed, and only with a license and yearly 100$ renewal and course work like other licenses. EVERYONE with a LISENSE has to get a renewal every year — not gun owners.

    1. Do the gang bangers in Chicago have to renew their license also ? I’m sure they’ll be so mad about this

    2. Do you own an AR-15? Just asking since you’re a veteran. You make good points. Do you think we need a semi-automatic for protection?

  2. We are the people
    that we get up early every morning to go to work hard every day
    We the people 🌎🌍 🌏 🌍

    1. @Demo Crusher Joe has no idea “when” he is? So many of you TrumPutin trolls need more ESL classes.

    2. @Demo Crusher Trump’s entire four years of office was just one giant campaign, ending with all the covid-19, I mean Trump virus Rally’s.

  3. I think a lot of those extremists are well aware they’d never pass a psych evaluation, a background check, or even an anger management class.

    1. Swampy Joe can’t handle any issue, his biggest challenge is looking after his Depends…..and walking up stairs

  4. Those who use the second amendments are lacking confidence within themselves. The Republican Party don’t care about the population of America they are only interested in me me me, this attitude is common in conservative people around the world.

    1. @BostonBruins 88 I understand what you’re saying. I think January 6th tells a different story. Do you really need a semi-automatic or an extra magazine? One shot will take off a limb.

    2. That is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard! You don’t understand freedom and will regret that one day. This is sick

    3. @BostonBruins 88 ask Brianna Taylor’s boyfriend, he was a legal gun owner, protecting his home, and the police enter the wrong house with a no-knock warrant, and shoot his fiance? And then he gets arrested?

  5. Lawrence you need to call out that fool who is head of social Security, she didn’t think it was a priority to send the info the IRS needed to send out another 58 million stimulus checks to the most needy, she said it’s tax season and she’s busy but she did it today as you may know under pressure and the only way it went out. She was appointed by Trump, why is she still there?

  6. We must get assault weapons out of peoples hands, we must get background checks and we must make it more difficult for people to buy guns. This is ridiculous! If people feel they need a gun to protect themselves then they have very little imagination.

    1. What about taking hand guns out of peoples hands ? They cause more deaths than any other gun by a very very very large margin . Or doesn’t that matter ?

  7. The Republicans will sent people like marjorie Taylor greene to chase the gun victims and their family instead of protecting innocent human lives.

  8. The best advertisement for the gun manufacturing industry is bad guys with guns. The best long term viability for this tactic is paying for bad guys with congressional seats.

  9. A leader of either Senate should never be a post for life but limit it to serving 4 years tops. Moscow Mitch is there for more years than anyone else.

  10. There is no reason that we should have weapons of war in our society available to every deplorable that is sociopathic and Christian.

  11. Preventing tragedies like this should not be a party issue . Assault weapons need to be outlawed and better security checks are only common sense . People over parties .

  12. It was a stormy and dark night when the Ship of State limed into port and at Pier 13 informed sources made no comment bu to say that “When your out of slats, your out of Pier.”.

  13. Every President has taken advantage of their prerogative to “get rid” of staff who do not support or further the policies of their boss, the President.
    Kinda like most bosses….

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