Angela Merkel, Kamala Harris On Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women List | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Angela Merkel, Kamala Harris On Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women List | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


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    2. @Timmy Truth That’s you, formerly ‘Tweatles’, isn’t it? As I said to you yesterday, if you’ve come on here to advertise the fact you’re having trouble getting laid on Grindr why don’t you set up your own boys group on Parler and call it ‘A-Holes for Trump’.

    1. @Carter McAfee Responded to COVID based on the best available science. The US top doctor’s kids receive death threats because without good leadership, the information space is poisoned and you end up with the humanitarian crisis the US is seeing. The data speaks for itself. The conspiracy theory stuff is seriously destroying America, you don’t want this.

  1. It is important to realize that in a world that has undervalued woman, that it takes 50+ years for women to rise to prominance!

    1. @UCaLdaFY5HOuUto2pR_seqCg Timmy the TROLL is at it AGAIN 🙄🤥 You really should think about maybe opening another acct. you TROLL so much, that we all know exactly who you are, just another loser tRump TROLL!!! 🤷🏼‍♀️

    2. @Out of Business l take it that you now know what l mean.

      The head post emphasised the “over 50” aspect.

  2. Jacinda is one of the reasons my husband and I have talked about moving to NZ in 2yrs. I’m done with this country not caring about it’s people and those that do are called radical.. That’s the reason this country is at the bottom in almost everything!

    1. @first last it has nothing to do with gender. Here in NZ we have a long history of accepting that women and men are both capable in any role. We look at policies and behavior rather than gender.

    2. @B K The Federal Assault Weapons Ban expired in 2004 and has never been renewed.
      Only 6 States actually ban them…
      Perhaps you better brush up on your own laws before spouting rubbish.

    3. @R Wags I was very precise with my wording. Tell me, smart guy. What the assault weapons ban actually banned that wasn’t before? You can google it, if youd like.

    4. @R Wags I should probably ask you to define “assault weapon” first or else we’ll just end up talking around each other.

    5. @B K I’m not sure why you’re coming to me for US law or lack of it.
      Military style assault weapons are defined as semi-automatic firearms, that fire a round every time the trigger is pulled and are capable of accepting a detachable magazine.
      Presumably, you are being pedantic and narrowing your definition to fully automatic, even though the standard issue to the US military is the M4.
      Both auto and semi-auto are illegal here. We don’t have a gun culture. Armed police are a rarity.
      You’re welcome to your gun-crazed society. You’re welcome to having children be taught “active shooter” drills at school. You’re welcome to the Pavlovian response to every mass shooting…”our thoughts and prayers go to…”.
      The rest of the world look on in horror.

    1. @Färah111015 when you have enough money to live the way you want to live there’s a tendency to do things the way things used to be done.

    1. Trump is the only president in US history to lose the popular vote, get impeached AND lose re-election… and the only president in US history to lose the popular vote twice. So there’s that.

    2. @Joe John If you like dictatorships so much, you should move to Russia, I hear you’re guaranteed a Conservative government every election there.

    1. @B K you actually think the world is at peace. ?

      Kind of Looking like 70+ million are bowing down to practically tyranny at this time

    1. She’s actually in the minority of republicans to take action in the pandemic: by selling 21 million in stock.

    2. Having all the money in the World does not mean You are a powerful, energizing leader! That is Earned Not bought!!!

    1. @Truck Taxi Well, I hate to break it to you, while the US are an important market for the german manufacturers, from 3.9 Million exported cars in 2018, only 470.000 went into the US. 761.000 into the Asian sector, 606.000 (including US) into the Americas. The most important single market for the German car industry up until 2019 is: Great Britain (665.000)

      Also you seem to overlook that Germany is a general export powerhouse. Machinery, Pharmaceutical Products, Plastics, Electronics, just to name the most important.

    2. @Braun30 this is definitely right. Plus everything has to be about America. Even though they can’t tell left from right

  3. You know what’s neat about this list? …those people don’t care about being best. They are dedicated to doing their best.

  4. Such a shame Angela Merkel is leaving just when the world needs her.
    Surprised not to see Jacinta in the top several.
    What about all the Finnish women heading its government?

  5. Of the 4 most powerful women 3 are european and 2 are german…and they are politicians and not CEOs of some asocial tax evading planet polluting corporations

  6. Our beautiful Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern among some great company in the feature shot.

  7. Angela Merkel is not only the Most powerful woman in the world she is the most beautiful soul ,kindness, humanitarian great 👍🏽 leadership

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