Angus calls out the Kielburgers: 'Just show up' and 'answer the questions' | WE Charity scandal 1

Angus calls out the Kielburgers: ‘Just show up’ and ‘answer the questions’ | WE Charity scandal


NDP MP Charlie Angus calls on Craig and Marc Kielburger to 'just show up' to a parliamentary committee and 'answer the questions.'


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  1. When the Kielburgers were still very young, I believe there was a degree of honesty and passion in their work. They were too naïve to do otherwise. But as they aged, and as they saw just how much opportunity there was to take advantage, whatever scruples they may have had fell by the wayside. I’m sure any prior employee could easily attest to that.

    1. Nah, they were groomed by someone…their strings are pulled by another,worse human. They like grooming.

  2. Does it really even matter? Blackface oops I mean Trudeau seems to get away with everything like a spoiled brat.

    1. He gets away with it, because we Canadians are all grateful from all the “valuable lessons we can all learn from” every time he effs up. We should all be geniuses by now.

  3. I thought their “WE Day” arena indoctrination presentations were creepy for years, so I feel validated now with all of this!

    1. @Charles B why is everyone talking about the sexual grooming of the kids? I haven’t heard anything of that sort about the WE charity group yet.

  4. An uneducated trust fund baby runs a country into the ground, while financing his friends and family….

  5. As long as the focus is off Trudeau… right? He did try to give these guys a half a BILLION dollars remember?

    1. Not exactly true. The Contribution Agreement was for a max $43m. The other $500m was still coming from CRA. So from how the program was set up, WE would administer getting students to other charities for volunteer work and then when the students reached each milestone they would get money directly from the CRA. WE was never going to see $500m hit their bank accounts. They were just asked to do that admin work.

  6. that would necessarily telling the world about another one of Trudeau’s corruption scandals…So they will never show up to tell the truth.

  7. Charlie Angus trying to hold anybody accountable is ironic. The Kleptoburgers must be held accountable,so must the Trudeau cabal,including Sophie.

  8. Tough questions are fair questions when you are talking about a 900million dollar grant.

  9. You know that saying “If you have nothing to hide – You hide nothing at all” Well there’s an awful lot of hiding going on by the brothers and the Liberals

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